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Irvine Dentist Dr Sam Mogari Is Offering 149.00 Teeth Cleaning Special


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/31/2014 -- Irvine Dentist Dr Sam Mogari D.D.S has been a practicing general and cosmetic dentist for nearly 20 years. He has always advocated for more patient access to high-quality dental care and is backing his words by offering a pre-holiday promotion at his clinic.

Irvine Dentist Dr Sam Mogari D.D.S will be provided at $149. The treatment will include polishing, tartar and plague removal, and full-mouth irrigation. Irvine Dentist Dr Sam Mogari D.D.S hopes that with this promotion, patients will not only receive the dental care they require, but find a renewed appreciation for how much care their teeth deserve.

These special treatments will consist of a thorough examination in which the doctor will find and evaluate any unsightly features on the teeth. The next process is the irrigation of the mouth, in which extraneous waste, dirt, tartar, and substances are flushed out. The mouth is then rinsed and dental sealants applied to protect teeth from long-term damage.

Irvine Dentist Dr Sam Mogari D.D.S highlights increased standards of beauty and higher public expectations of oral health as factors in driving people to seek better smiles. He has remained dedicated to his profession, placing all of his efforts into creating a beautiful smile for each of his patients. “Every meeting with a new patient presents an opportunity to improve their oral health,” says Irvine Dentist Dr Sam Mogari D.D.S .

Through his teeth cleaning special, Irvine Dentist Dr Sam Mogari D.D.S makes the benefits of high-quality dental care an affordable reality for more patients than ever.

“We do offer conscious sedation and general anesthesia services for those with high anxiety, extensive treatment, disabilities, or just for the convenience. We use a highly experienced dental anesthesiologist.”

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Dr Sam Mogari D.D.S has been in private practice since 1999. His practice provides cosmetic, general, and emergency dentistry in addition to volunteer services locally and abroad. Dr Sam Mogari D.D.S’s close knit, service-based practice provides comprehensive care services that include—but are not limited to—All on Four, mild to moderate sleep apnea, implants, Invisalign, For more information, please visit