Is Green Coffee Just a Hype Exposes the Truth

Green coffee has been at the center of a media frenzy off late. finds out if it is all hype or does it actually work to lose weight.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/28/2013 -- Green coffee has been the media favorite for almost a year now. Ever since Dr. OZ has hailed green coffee on his show, reviews seem to have cropped up left, right and center. There is no doubt Dr. OZ has a large following and people take his word seriously but do all green coffee supplements work is what has been trying to find out.

In their research, was able to ascertain that green coffee is indeed a powerful fat burner because of Chlorogenic acid in it. Green coffee beans are heated at almost 475 degrees Fahrenheit to obtain normal coffee and in this process almost 95% of chlorogenic acid is lost.

Under clinical trial, subjects are reported to have lost 17.7 lbs each within 6 weeks of green coffee supplementation. They were under strict instructions not to change their diet or level of physical activity during the trial. Thus, it has been concluded that green coffee can lead to weight loss even without exercise or a change in the diet.

According to, green coffee is no doubt a good fat burner and weight loss supplement. It is definitely not just hype. However, people who suffer with conditions like hypertension or high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety and sleep apnea must not have it before consulting their physician. This is because green coffee supplements contain traces of caffeine that can lead to problems in people who suffer with the above mentioned problems.

“Otherwise, green coffee is a safe and effective fat burner that can make you lose weight quick and fast without side effects. GCB MAX is one of the finest brands available online that has been getting amazing reviews from both the users as well as independent review sites. It contains an optimum dose of pure green coffee extract in each pill without any additives or other ingredients” says a spokesperson.

GCB MAX Review lists some of the following key points;

- Pure green coffee bean extract of potency 800 mg with at least 50% Chlorogenic acid

- No additives or other ingredients

- Ensures quick and natural weight loss

- Positive user feedback

- No known side effects

- Complete money back guarantee

“GCB MAX is not just a weight loss supplement that actually works. It also help get rid of toxins and other harmful chemicals since it is rich in antioxidants. Besides this, it is also known to neutralize free radicals that are responsible for damaging cells and tissues in the body. It offers unmatched anti aging benefits for the body” says a spokesperson.

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