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Jazz Guitar Video MasterClass Volume 2 Review: Important Information

Longing to play the jazz guitar like some of the world's greatest Chord Melody Players? Today's announcement provides details on how those dreams can be realized - in step-by-step detail!


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/14/2014 -- Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But when it comes to learning how to master the jazz guitar to play it flawlessly in Chord Melody Style, imitation is also the best way to learn! And that's exactly what veteran jazz musician, recording artist and professional guitarist Chris Standring has set out to do with "Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass Volume 2". This highly effective video training course enables students to learn how to play while imitating the trainers every move in step-by-step fashion.

Hot on the heels of the tremendously successful Volume#1 of this highly acclaimed video-based jazz guitar tutorial, Standring has now come out with a brand new, cutting edge program that is guaranteed to jazz-up any students' guitar playing skills. This latest volume in the "Masterclass" series not only builds upon a solid foundation created by the previous volume, but it introduces learners to a playing style - Chord Melody Style - mastered only by a select few jazz greats.

The internet is filled with "freebees" that purport to teach various styles of guitar picking. But eager learners won't find any credible resources on the Chord Melody Style - which is a unique approach to using the guitar to play a melody along with harmonized accompaniment. Getting to grips with the Chord Melody Style isn't as simple as it is made out to look in these videos. But today's Press Release confirms the use of Standring's signature "watch what I do…then play like I do" style of teaching that guarantees that his students will gain in confidence in no time at all.

"Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass Volume 2" contains a brand new set of video training lessons that have been put together as a 2-part learning exercise comprising:

- Lesson 1: Warm Up Exercises
- Lesson 2: Three Simple Chords.
- Lesson 3: The Two Chord.
- Lesson 4: The Five Chord.
- Lesson 5: The One Chord.
- Lesson 6: 2-5-1 examples.
- Lesson 7: Altered dominants.
- Lesson 8: Relative minor 2-5-1.

Which demonstrates the use of all of the above through on-camera performance of three songs, including:
- Lesson 9: Body & Soul
- Lesson 10: What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life
- Lesson 11: Days Of Wine & Roses

But what really makes today's offering unique is the loads of play-along tracks at different tempos that the author has included throughout the course. Using the flexible training program students can stream these tracks (and loop them) for the most effective learning outcome. And unlike most other jazz guitar learning resources available online, "Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass Volume 2" offers learners the unique ability to print all of the lessons in hard copy form, which allows students to follow notation (and TAB) even when practicing away from their computers.

All of this, coupled with the author's use of cutting edge technologies like streaming video, crispy flash audio and click-and-play techniques throughout the course make this an ideal training course for individuals looking to enhance their jazz playing skills to include the rare form of Chord Melody Style.

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About Chris Standring
Chris Standring has done it again! After producing the hugely successful "Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass Volume 1", this 20-year veteran of the jazz guitar now brings "Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass Volume 2" for his audience of eager jazz guitar learners. This time, Chris brings his 15+ years of musical instructional excellence to bear to teach the jazz guitar - Chord Melody Style! And who better to teach students across the world through these technologically masterful video lessons than someone who has "…been there, done that!" From recording sessions in Hollywood, to playing with conductors - Broadway style, to playing live before packed crowds of eager music fans - students will greatly benefit from all that experience.