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Jeffrey Tucker Featured on Dennis Tubbergen's Radio Show

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Grand Rapids, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/06/2014 -- Financial advisor Dennis Tubbergen can usually be found helping his own clients. When he has a little free time he is busy writing his daily blog or interviewing his next guest expert for his weekly radio show.

Tubbergen's next guest is Jeffrey Albert Tucker, the executive editor of Laissez Faire Books. Tucker is a past editorial vice president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and past editor for the Institute's website,

Tucker is also an adjunct scholar with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and a faculty member at Acton University. He is the author of It's a Jetsons World: Private Miracles and Public Crimes and Bourbon for Breakfast: Living Outside the Status Quo.

Tubbergen, who is an author, radio show host, and CEO of PLP Advisors, LLC, spends a lot of time giving his opinions on the economy in his online financial blog. On December 18, 2013 his blog was titled BlackRock: U.S. Stock Market Rally Nearing Exhaustion.

"Blackrock, according to an article in The Telegraph, is advising clients to proceed with caution in global equity markets."

Below he quotes from the December 9, 2013 article.

BlackRock, the world’s biggest investor, has warned that central banks are poised to tighten monetary policy in the Anglo-Saxon countries and China, advising clients to be ready to pull out of global stock markets at any sign of serious trouble.

“2014 is the year to squeeze more juice out of risk assets. But investors should be ready to discard the fruit when it starts running dry,” said Ewen Cameron Watt, chief strategist for the BlackRock Investment Institute.

The group said in its 2014 Investment Outlook that investors have “jumped on the momentum train, effectively betting yesterday’s strategy will win again tomorrow”, but vanishing liquidity could leave them trapped if the mood changes. “Beware of traffic jams: easy to get into, hard to get out of,” it said.

BlackRock, which manages funds worth $4.1 trillion, said the global system is still in the doldrums and far from achieving sustainable recovery. “The eurozone, Japan and emerging markets are all trying to export their way out of trouble. Who is going to buy all this stuff? The math does not work. Not everybody’s currency can fall at once,” it said.

While the report states Wall Street is not yet in a bubble, read why Tubbergen disagrees with that statement by going to and selecting his December 18, 2013 entry.

Tubbergen’s syndicated radio show can be heard on metro Michigan stations WTKG 1230 AM and WOOD Newsradio1300 AM and 106.9 FM.

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