Kamy Nanny Takes Childcare Into the 21st Century


Paris, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/23/2014 -- An established online babysitting service has expanded its offerings to help busy parents in multiple localities across France. Kamy Nanny offers hassle free online booking of professional and trustworthy babysitters.

The trusted online garde enfants ponctuelle lets parents book babysitters around the clock. The service uses extensive measures to vet applicants to ensure babysitters are professional, safe, and reliable.

With Kamy Nanny, parents in and around France get access to an immediate and affordable nounou in emergencies or for preplanned occasions. Parents love their children more than anything, but it’s not possible to be with them all time.

Date nights, anniversary celebrations, business dinners, birthday celebrations are all occasions where a dependable sitter is most valuable. When relatives and friends live far away, a nounou is the obvious alternative. Kamy Nanny’s garde bébé ponctuelle takes the guesswork and worries out of finding and choosing the right person.

The founder and administrators of the service are parents themselves and understand firsthand the frustrations of finding reliable childcare in the city. There are countless stories of babysitting gone wrong published in the news – almost daily. Parents sometimes skip important events or resort to expensive monitoring systems to protect their childcare from rogue sitters.

In the absence of dependable family members, the nounous at Kamy Nanny provide a welcome relief to overwhelmed parents. The agency performs a series of interviews and checks on all applicants before they’re hired. These steps make it convenient for parents who may not have the time or resources to perform extensive background checks.

Justine Sheppard, a senior employee at Kamy Nanny, says, “There’s a growing need for flexible childcare. Currently, the demand is greater than supply primarily because good help is hard to find. Every day we weed out suspect applicants simply due to lack of experience or insufficient information. If we cannot trust applicants with our own children, we won’t recommend them to our customers. Our goal is to match families with the perfect reliable and trustworthy caretaker.”

Apart from providing reliable and trustworthy sitters for planned occasions, Kamy Nanny also removes the stress of last minute sitter cancellations by providing an equally reliable replacement. Babies, toddlers, and children have different needs, so the custom designed service takes those needs into consideration and makes recommendations based on the family’s unique circumstances. For all-day, overnight or garde enfant soirée, Kamy Nanny is an affordable and convenient round the clock solution.

About Kamy Nanny
Our services cover any needs you may have. Knowing that all needs are different, Kamy Nanny has implemented a wide range of basic benefits of babysitting.