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Katy Perry Makeup Secrets Revealed at 2012 Billboard Music Awards, Reports MakeUpMinutes.com

Reporting live from the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, innovative Makeup artist Brianna Thompson uncovers Katy Perry makeup technique for her reader’s at MakeUpMinutes.com.


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/01/2012 -- Katy Perry, who is known for her glamorous makeup looks, appeared at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, in a "goth" inspired look. Makeup artist Brianna Thompson, reporting live from the event, was analyzing standout makeup styles of the evening for her readers.

According to Thompson, "this striking look is really simple to achieve because it is mostly in the eye and lip color choices, eyebrow, and eyeliner application."

On her popular makeup tips and tricks blog, MakeUpMinutes.com, Brianna Thompson has outlined a simple 5 step technique for helping reader’s create their very own Katy Perry “Goth-Glam” look:

1. Start with a full coverage, matte foundation.

2. Don’t forget the brows! “Bold brows are on trend!” said Thompson.

3. Matte eyeshadow shades in the nude family for the eyes. “Make sure one is a light brown shade, for the crease.”

4. Go light on blush with a soft, rosy shade.

5. And finally, Brianna Thompson encourages readers to “Layer on the lipstick!”

Thompson also suggests combining the Karty Perry Makeup look with a glam sparkly dress and a pair of heels. “You will instantly have your own edgy Katy Perry Inspired Goth-Glam makeup look!” she said.

Perry was just one of several glamorous singers attending with Brandi, Miley Cyrus, and Kelly Clarkson among the other attendees Brianna Thompson writes about at MakeupMinutes.com.

To read the Katty Perry Makeup technique in full, visit http://makeupminutes.com/katy-perry-makeup-a-goth-glam-approach/

About Brianna Thompson of Makeupminutes.com
Brianna Thompson is an exiting and innovative makeup artist who is known for making those hot celebrity looks easy to try for everyone. Thompson recently reported from the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, using her expertise to reveal the standout makeup tricks and techniques used by attending A-List celebrities. Brianna Thompson was also recently introduced on the Dr. Steve show as “the hottest makeup artist in the USA”. For more information, visit her blog at http://makeupminutes.com/