Superman Stamina Review: The REAL Truth Exposed


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/25/2013 -- Guys, have you ever "finished" outside before you've even gone inside a woman? It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's a condition called PME or Premature Ejaculation, and more than 65% of men just like you have it. You fantasize about having wild sex with the woman you lust for in every which way. But on the night (or day!) of reckoning, it all falls apart. Your plans end embarrassingly because you couldn't last the distance. The moment you start making out... and it's all over!

Well, renowned porn star legend Keni Styles is here to tell you it's not over - not by a long shot! And through today's Press Release Keni is sharing the secrets of how to beat PME and instead enjoy long and passionate penetration sex! And why is it called "penetration sex" - because a woman needs to be penetrated to have an orgasm. And if you can't last when penetrating her, then you have a problem.

Keni learned these secrets of lasting longer the hard way (no pun intended!), and has been using them both on and off camera. And guess what: his legendary success is living proof that they work! Gorgeous smoking hot women are forever in Keni's company - and he never leaves alone! And in Superman Stamina, Keni shows ordinary men like you how you can last way longer inside your woman, treating her to toe-curling sex, and giving her endless orgasms before you fire even a single round. And that's what Superman Stamina is all about!

Through countless bouts of practice, Keni has learned:

- Oral sex won't work - Your tongue is no substitute for your real manhood!
- Come in, don't just play outside - Women need to be penetrated to enjoy sex. Nothing else works!
- Penetrate to attract - If you can't deliver, she'll never be attracted to you and she'll find someone else!
- It's not that hard - Getting hard and staying that way isn't rocket science!

In Keni's Superman Stamina series, you get to explore all these secrets and much... much... more!

After many years of suffering humiliation from friends and peers alike, Keni finally learned how to last longer - not just 10 minutes, not 20 minutes or 30, but long enough to give a woman awesome penetration sex and then some! And now, he doesn't want other men in the same situation to suffer like he did. That's why today's Press Release doesn't just come with "good news"; it comes as a 3-part video series including:

- Program#1: Secrets Of Superman Stamina Revealed
- Program#2: Superman Stamina In Action!; and
- Program#3: The Superman Stamina Interactive Trainer

And each successive part of this informative series builds on the knowledge, tricks and techniques taught in the previous segment. By the time you're done, you'll know how to last longer in bed, how to control your PME, how to stimulate a woman into endless orgasms while not having one yourself until the time is right, the "positions", "patterns", "thrusts" and "gyrations" that send a woman over the top but help preserve your stamina…and much, much more.

The real treat for men with PME will probably be Program#3 which features smoking hot adult starlet Tori Black in a series of interactive training exercises that will teach you to "come on demand". This one of a kind series makes it easy for men to learn discretely the real secrets to taming PME right in your home. And while this is all serious stuff, Tori makes it intimate, personal and fun to learn with her.

And guys, now you can invite Keni and Tori into your bedroom for a discrete one-on-one coaching session through Superman Stamina. And today's Press Release comes with a special Bonus offer too:
- Bonus Program: Oral Sex Magic

Get all the inside scoop on how to last longer inside a woman, and how to give her mind-blowing penetration orgasms by lasting longer. And learn how to also please her with your mouth, your lips, and your tongue!

But wait... there's much more to today's announcement. The best is yet to come (pardon the pun!) If you invite Keni and Tori into your bedroom today, by going to the Superman Stamina website and ordering your copy of this amazing, life-changing program, you won't pay the full retail price of $350 for the 3-part program plus Bonus offer. You won't even pay $200, or $150!

Guys, for just $97, you can now turn your sex life around, last longer, and give women what they really, really, really want: Mind blowing, toe-curling, hip-grinding, bed-pounding penetration sex!

Since this is a limited time offer, you need to act now to get you Superman Stamina package and change your sex life forever.

About Keni Styles
Keni Styles is the creator of the Superman Stamina educational program.