KikSnapMe Offers a New and Innovative Platform for Sharing Kik and SnapChat Usernames, Privately and Easily

KikSnapMe.Com acts as an open social media platform for users to share their Kik and SnapChat usernames.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/01/2014 -- provides a unique opportunity for Kik and SnapChat messenger users to share their usernames in an open social media platform, to connect with different people, make new friends and explore the strength of social media actively.

KikSnapMe is one of its kind social media platforms that enables Kik and SnapChat users to share their username in a platform where others can have easy and free access to their usernames and vice versa. This allows the users to add new friends and connect with different users, sharing same interest profiles. KikSnapMe is a dedicated online venue where users can access the Kik and SnapChat usernames without any hiccups. With hundreds and thousands of Kik Friends and usernames available - it has become a social media site that helps people to make new friends with the help of popular instant messaging services like Kik and SnapChat, which has millions of active users. has a user-friendly interface and basically caters to the young generation. At the site, one can easily filter the available profiles according to their personal preferences. The filter available at the site helps the users to look for active users in SnapChat and Kik that are of the same age group, location and share the same interests. If the users wish to submit their profile and Kik or SnapChat username for other users to access and connect with them, it is very much possible.

KikSnapMe aims to bridge the gap present in the Kik and SnapChat messengers that allows easy connect with the people in the friend list, but doesn’t allow making new friends randomly. With the help of KikSnapMe, users now have access to hundreds and thousands of Kik and SnapChat usernames of both male and female users, from various part of the world. Finding a suitable chat mate is now possible with the help of KikSnapMe. Chatting has taken over other forms of social media as it is quick, private and allows sharing of media in a very discreet manner. KikSnapMe connects people from all the corners of the globe, so that users can share their personal and professional experiences while making friends for life, in a very private and discreet manner.

About KikSnapMe
KikSnapMe.Com acts as an open social media platform for users to share their Kik and SnapChat usernames. The company aims to provide users with usernames of other active users, who are looking for suitable chat mates, thereby connecting people with the same mindset and interest. Contact the company by filling a contact form on their website or visit for more details.

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