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Kingston to Release "Windows to Go" USB Flash Drives by Disk Doctors

Kingston is offering its DTU30 Flash Drive which is specially designed to be used as a bootable USB drive for Microsoft Windows 8 feature "Windows To Go”.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/03/2012 -- Kingston is releasing its new USB Flash drive, DTU30. This customized USB can be used with Windows 8 to provide bootable Windows. It is a Beta version released for trial purposes. The Windows 8 GA is set to be released in October. With the launch of Windows 8 GA, Kingston will release its new drive, DataTraveler Workspace. This drive will substitute the DTU30. DataTraveler Workspace will be certified by Microsoft to use with Windows 8, Windows To Go feature. It will be available in different capacities of 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB.

Kingstons DataTraveler Workspace USB Flash Drive will enable Windows 8 to be used on different devices from a single source. The London USB flash drive recovery services think it’s a very good step towards providing round the clock access to users to operate their enterprise system from the USB. This bootable operating system feature will help many organizations and professionals. Another very good use of this USB drive will be in case of disaster and data loss. It will help in easy recovery of lost data.

USBs are a means to provide data portability. It can also be used as back up for your data. USB flash drives are helpful in data safety. Kingstons DataTraveler Workspace USB Flash Drive will enhance the productivity of users. But so much information on a USB means that extra care should be taken to keep it safe from any theft or damage. USBs are small in size and it is very easy to lose them. You may drop it down or someone might pick it up without you even noticing. Sometimes USBs are exchanged by mistake as well, since most USBs look alike. Try to keep your USB safe by attaching a key chain and using different case colors. Another problem with USB flash drives is that they can easily catch virus and malware because of use with different external devices. This puts the data in danger of loss and corruption.

In case of data corruption or loss, contact USB flash drive recovery Croydon services. These data recovery specialists will analyze the corrupt USB and extract your data from it. Disk Doctors is a recovery service provider which specializes in Data Recovery Services. They have decades of experience. Their state-of-the-art labs and talented Engineers have the capability to restore your data from any sort of disaster.

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