LaMarCo Systems

LaMarCo Attended the Sammy Awards in Las Vegas


Northbrook, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2014 -- LaMarCo Systems went to Vegas! No, this was not a vacation, rather, we attended the Sammy Awards. This is the security industry’s award ceremony, short for Sales and Marketing awards, or the SaM, and the award trophies themselves are known as Sammy’s. The prestigious awards have a great effect on companies as they all strive to be the best in their categories. Security and Sales Integration Magazine facilitates the awards process.

The annual presence at this event leads to great collaboration and an opportunity to be the leading innovator for a small and medium sized business model. Just being in the company of all these different bodies is good for the industry, it is good for all the participants and it is good for the security and home monitoring our customers rely on.

LaMarCo participated in the conference to bring experience, knowledge, and trade secrets to the open floor to help security and home monitoring across the nation’s providers. It was an excellent opportunity for small and medium size businesses, as SSI’s Editor in Chief, Scott Goldfine said “Winning a SAMMY is not only outstanding for company morale, it is also a fantastic sales and marketing tool in its own right. Of course, just being named as a finalist was nearly as sweet. A majestic SAMMY trophy prominently exhibited in an office serves as a powerful testimonial to potential customers of that company’s commitment to quality. And the exposure in SSI can be shown to prospects.”

One interesting category was ‘Best Vehicle Design,’ of which LaMarCo sister company Exeq Control is nominated for. As SSI’s Ashley Willis said: “Installing security company owners and operators use their vehicles as a way to advertise their businesses to the masses. Think about how many times you have been on the road and read the name or contact information for a business from its truck, car or van.” It is a relevant aspect in the industry which can have legitimate consequences. A noticeable vehicle can turn heads and increase business in a variety of ways. This category is ironically enough one that can celebrate innovative and conceptual means of marketing.