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Lavender Plants Can Thrive in Any Type of Garden Says Lavender World

Lavender plants can grow and energise one's garden in many ways, here's a few to consider from Lavenderworld.


York, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/30/2012 -- There are so many different types of lavender in a full spectrum of colours that it would be quite easy to fill a garden with this perennial alone and still create an interesting fragrant paradise.

However, lavender is so versatile it also works brilliantly with bedding plant, herbs and evergreens adding a contemporary or classic look that is always a feast for the senses.

No European garden is complete without the scent of lavender, be it English or French, this plant is now making a huge comeback as cooks and therapists realise its unique properties are timeless and unmatched by any other plant.

When considering lavender plants for the garden, there truly isn’t a wrong place to plant it, however with a little planning one can pair it with favourites making it stand out amongst the crowd.

The Herb Garden
Whether one own a window box of chives, rosemary and sage, or one have a full patch dedicated to herbs; no herb garden is complete without the addition of lavender. Now used frequently in a myriad of savoury and sweet dishes, this adds colour and fragrance with the benefit of being useful in the kitchen.

Pots and troughs work brilliantly with lavender as most varieties thrive in a well-drained soil. For a wonderful display of blue hues and violets try pairing in a pot with chives, rosemary and purple sage. This also works brilliantly in a patch, as when each one flowers, the blue blooms of the rosemary complement the colours of the lavender perfectly. One can also add seasonal colour with low growing bedding plants to enhance the overall design, such as violas, pansies and trailing lobelia.

The Flower Garden
Lavender excels in a border, as the wide variety of plants ensures that one can place low growing varieties at the front and tall growing varieties at the back. Paired with other perennials one will always enjoy the display and if cut back properly in the autumn lavender will thrive again the following spring.

Colours depend on taste, one can choose white lavender that blends amazingly with lilies, Gypsophilia and Camellia, red lavender that pairs perfectly with Lupins, gladioli or even roses, or the blues and purples that look stunning with any border plant especially Lupins, Delphiniums and Buddleias.

The Front Garden
When we envisage a country cottage garden, most of us dream of visitors that will gently brush past flowers releasing a calming fragrance as they make their way to the front door. Lavender is absolutely perfect for this, whether planted in a line down the drive, used as hedging, or dotted around in pots. Lavender Munstead is a favourite for creating tall plants that are hardy and withstand lots of traffic, whereas French lavender can be used to create a Technicolor row of whites, reds, blues, pinks and purples.

In the House
Although not used often if carefully looked after lavender also makes a wonderful houseplant, with light available and regular watering, it will thrive as it adds a natural fragrance to the home without the need for synthetic air fresheners.

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