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Lean Body Guide New Fitness Program - the Lean Body Guide Review Examining Jason Klein

Lean Body Guide brings detailed information about the fat burning program that reveals real secrets of getting fat loss method. This step-by-step video program can burn up to 800% more fat from workouts.


Istanbul, Turkey -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/17/2014 -- Jason Klein’s new fitness program, Lean Body Guide is now available. Lean Body Guide brings detailed review of the program that burns up to 800% more fat from workouts.

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The review explains how the Lean Body Guide program can help in getting great shape by burning more fat without getting into long cardio activities, which actually destroy chances of a good physique. The program is based on Excess post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) that increases rate of oxygen intake after strenuous activity, which is effective to get fat loss says Jason.

He adds, “In Lean Body Guide, you will learn about the right techniques that make exercises to work effectively to provide perfect abs shape. I have tried long hours into the gym doing varied exercises including 1000 cardios and sit ups, but instead of getting fat loss, my belly started to bulge out. This happened because such exercises only push fat out, which results in larger belly. With Lean Body Guide, I have revealed a few key secrets that help you to do the right exercises that lead to those amazing six packs.”

The review stresses on each aspect of the Lean Body Guide program and provide specific details of the steps. It explains why losing fat is essential than losing weight and how most people do not understand the difference between these two.

The reviewer at Lean Body Guide informs that the program also includes vital tips about right nutrition. He says, “It guides users about their exact nutrition needs and how it should be customized according to the requirements.”

The new Lean Body Guide™ method used by military elite.

The Lean Body Guide program also includes an additional bonus pack, which works like a calculator to help users know their exact nutrition requirements and the fat they are burning. This will help the users to keep track of what exactly he or she needs to do to get those perfect abs.

“I have been training under Jason for long time and he knows exactly what takes to get those six packs. It’s great that he has now released Lean Body Guide that includes his vital tips,” says Roger M, Michigan.

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Lean Body Guide is a video program developed by Jason Klein, a fitness trainer and nutritionist. The Lean Body Guide program reveals step-by-step details on how to get fat loss. for more information visit