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The All-Rite Group of Companies Launches an Energy Efficiency Campaign

Companies looking to reduce energy costs often turn to their heating and air conditioning systems to achieve this goal, yet there are many other ways one can save in this area. As All-Rite Doors explains, the various All-Rite dock and door systems are designed to lower heating and cooling costs while keeping the interior climate of the facility stable. Subsidies and incentive programs help companies make the switch to energy efficient solutions, and All-Rite Doors recommends various products for those looking to begin working toward an energy efficient facility.

Kitchen Kreators Ltd. Partners with BizIQ

Kitchen Kreators Ltd., a company specializing in the design of custom kitchens and bathrooms located in Jackson, MS, has formed a marketing partnership with BizIQ, a firm specializing in small business web optimization.

Western Fireplace Supply, A Renowned Fireplace Store in Colorado Springs, Offers Exclusively Designed Fireplaces

LogoWestern Fireplace Supply, a renowned fireplace store in Colorado Springs, offers exclusively designed fireplaces at the most competitive prices. The company’s highly-trained professionals work methodically with their customers to help them choose the right gas, wood or pellet fireplace or stove to suit their budget. They offer only the finest products from the top manufacturers, like Heat & Glo, Fireplace Xtrordinair, Lopi, Mason-Lite & Sentinel, who have years of experience being highly professional and reliable.

Furniture Repair Firm Bats for Sofa Restoration in Wake of Expected Increase in Sofa Prices

With the average 6.1 per cent spike in the prices of furniture and household equipment in the United Kingdom, furniture repair specialists Furni Tech is encouraging homeowners to avail of sofa restoration services instead of buying new sofa.

Reviewed: Ted's Woodworking Plans - 16,000 Home Woodworking Plans by Ted McGrath Shares Woodworking Plans for the Novice

Ted McGrath who is the most advanced and skilled woodworker has been in the woodworking business for several years. He has come up with "Ted's woodworking" plan which has taken the web by a storm. This plan contains numerous woodworking projects people can do by themselves. The reason why he came up with this wonderful guide is because he wanted to teach people the most easiest ways to make woodworking projects. All the learning and growing a woodworker does comes through the woodworking projects a person completes.

Harley & Lola Launch Exciting New Online Home Furnishings Store

Harley & Lola are excited to announce the launch of our new highly anticipated online store, offering carefully selected, stunning furniture and beautiful home furnishings. Harley & Lola are strongly committed to the environment, sourcing ethically produced products; using sustainable wood and recycled packaging wherever possible.

Hydroponics Simplified Review Reveals How to Built a Highly Productive Hydro Garden

Inside Stella's Hydroponics Simplified users will get detailed parts and supplies lists so they can start building their garden right away. According to this Hydroponics Simplified Review, users will learn where to buy the necessary supplies and the tools that they might need to get the job done. Users will also get access to complete step-by-step construction guides, with lots of full color photos and diagrams. The info in this e-book is easy-to-understand and simple-to-apply so they won't get confused and have a hard time building their gardens.

Recently Released Market Study: Away-from-Home Tissue and Hygiene in the United Arab Emirates

LogoIn 2013 the number of shops opening in malls with mall expansion by one of the leading retailing businesses, Majid Al Futtaim, led to positive growth within the AFH sector. The company's most recent mall opened in April 2013 in Fujairah. Another player, Nakheel, planned to open a mall in The Palm in 2013, also contributing to the growth within this sector. The first travel mall opened in Dubai in April 2013 with retail outlets. Plans for the expansion of Ibn Battuta mall in Dubai by Nakheel in...

Report Published: "Away-from-Home Tissue and Hygiene in Guatemala"

LogoAFH tissue and hygiene products sales continue to grow in Guatemala as more companies are purchasing institutional products both for their employees and customers. In 2013, the area recorded current retail value growth of 7%, with sales reaching GTQ291 million.

Away-from-Home Tissue and Hygiene in Norway - New Report Available

LogoSales of away-from-home products continued to grow in 2013, with slightly-higher growth than in 2012. This is due to the fact that the economy in Norway continued to perform well and consumers were quite optimistic about their finances and felt confident about making purchases. In addition, the growing population of Norway, including a boost from immigration, is having a positive effect on the economy. This helped to increase growth of AFH products in 2013.

Instant Access to 16,000 Woodworking Plans and Endeavors - Teds Woodworking Plans Review by Rebates-Hut

Aspiring wood workers are still referring to Teds Woodworking Plans when building anything from a cupboard to a book shelf and even a wooden pony to ride on! The fact that these plans are so easy to comprehend and quick to follow as compared to the expensive DIY magazines that serve the same purpose, has got the carpenters hooked. Unlike these magazines, Teds Woodworking Plans do not skip vital steps and do not at all contain drawings that are unclear, complicated and difficult to decipher.

New Market Report: Home Insecticides in Mexico

LogoDuring 2012 and 2013 growth in home insecticides remained stable due to a lack of product innovation and low penetration amongst consumers. This led to a vicious circle, as companies were not willing to invest in new product development in a category with weak growth, and the lack of product innovation discouraged new consumers from beginning to purchase home insecticides.

Rooting for the Best Roofing Services: Blue Ribbon Roofing Does the Work for You

LogoStatistics show that thirty- three percent (33%) in the pitfalls in construction are roof-related cases, which is the most vital part of the entire house. Other construction problems are from ladder, scaffold and staging. Therefore, roof problems, obvious or unforeseen, are always a pain, undeniably a significant expense and may even cause death.

Gates Manchester Maker Warns People Not to Be Complacent Amidst Falling Crime Rates

Even with the falling crime rates in the country, a gates Manchester manufacturer warns Britons not to be complacent and to continue installing the latest in security equipment to avoid being the next victim of offenders.

San Bernardino Hot Tubs Opens for Business, Sets Sights High

The principals behind San Bernardino Hot Tubs announced that their new venture is now open to the public. Drawing on the combined experience and resources of a number of industry veterans, the business will offer the best hot tub products to residents of the San Bernardino area. After having identified a need in the market for such a purveyor of top-quality hot tubs and related goods, the owners of the new business set about creating an organization which could offer the best service and prices in the area.

New Market Report: Away-from-Home Tissue and Hygiene in Poland

LogoAlongside the growing hygiene consciousness in Poland, the frequency of use of AFH tissue and hygiene is rising. In addition, the growing number of such establishments as offices, hotels, fast food outlets and healthcare institutions is also propelling sales. The environment sees an increasing interest in such product categories as napkins, paper towels and toilet paper with demand for better-quality products rising as well.

Somerville Aluminum Offering Seasonal Specials on Home Improvement Projects

Somerville Aluminum, a leading home-improvement company in NJ, is proud to announce a springtime sales spectacular. For a limited time, customers can take advantage of two amazing offers: 15 percent off of any deck project or a free upgrade on Great Lakes window and door products.

Houston Window Cleaning Expands Services Now Offering Industrial Pressure Washing

Finding a commercial window cleaning company in the Houston area that guarantees clean, streak free windows and prompt, personal, dependable service is no easy task. Houston Window Cleaning is now providing area businesses with an array of sought after industrial, commercial, corporate, as well as residential, services. Commercial enterprises will benefit from Houston Window Cleaning's range of industrial cleaning services, knowledgeable staff. Even high rise glass buildings are easily accommodated by this professional cleaning organization's expertise and glass cleaning equipment.

New Report Available: 100% Home Delivery/Takeaway in the Czech Republic

LogoThe year 2012 was not favourable for 100% home delivery/takeaway in the Czech Republic. Czech consumers used less services from players in the category due to continued weak purchasing power. 100% home delivery/takeaway outlets were more successful in large towns and cities with stronger purchasing power. The number of 100% home delivery/ takeaway outlets grew only from 155 in 2011 to 157 in 2012.

New Mattress IQ Quiz from Sleep Junkie Tests Shoppers' Bed Knowledge

LogoSleep Junkie, a blog that writes on sleep news and beds, recently produced a quiz designed to test consumers’ mattress knowledge, along with an informational introduction to buying a new bed to celebrate Better Sleep Month. Published May 5, the quiz and article “What is Your Mattress IQ?” is available on Sleep Junkie’s website and open to all readers and visitors.

New Market Report: Home Video in Hungary

LogoDigital TVs increased in volume by 9% in 2012, fuelled by the 10% increase in volume sales of LCD TVs, following the 13% volume growth recorded in the category during 2011. Demand for plasma TVs has been declining for at least the duration of the review period and this trend continued to build throughout 2013 as well. The declining popularity of plasma TVs can be explained by their higher than average unit prices, which makes them affordable only for a small pool of particularly affluent...

Report Published: "Away-from-Home Tissue and Hygiene in Kenya"

LogoDemand for AFH tissue and hygiene is limited in Kenya. Many smaller consumer foodservice outlets such as bars and cafes and many budget hotels do not supply toilet paper, due to offering squat toilets. Those consumer foodservice and hotel outlets that do offer toilet paper meanwhile typically purchase these products via retail channels. Many businesses similarly rely on squat toilets or purchase toilet paper from retail outlets, with a similar situation seen in hospitals/healthcare and public...

"Away-from-Home Tissue and Hygiene in Latvia" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoThe demand for AFH tissue and hygiene products is heavily dependent on overall economic activity, especially within the catering industry and thus is also sensitive to shifts in the strength of consumer purchasing power. In 2013, the Latvian economy showed signs of stable and healthy recovery for a third year in a row. As a result, consumer optimism improved substantially and encouraged them to visit catering venues more often, which in turn resulted in higher demand for AFH tissue and hygiene...

Ted's Woodworking Plans: Rebates-Hut Website Reveals the Review of the Top Rated Woodworking Plans by Ted McGrath

Part of the allure of working with wood is unique projects that can be created with little effort. Speaking of little effort, check out this news article on woodworking for beginners. The world’s top furniture makers have pioneered faster and easier ways to construct furniture that is sold around the world for huge profits. “The average person might not know that most of what they buy is marked up several hundred percent,” said Ted McGrath. “Part of the reason that I created my in-depth woodworking course was to teach average people just how easy it is to construct thousands of wood projects for very little money,” McGrath said. “A misconception about carpentry is that you have to be a master builder just to be able to read blueprints and plans but you don’t,” McGrath added.

AC Repair Orlando Specialist Offers Irresistible Offers

Air conditioning repair Orlando company AC4Life now offers two irresistible offers for AC repair Orlando residents. This is part of the air conditioning Orlando company’s ongoing campaign to make sure that Orlando residents are protected by the coming summer.