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Lion Recovery from Corrupted USB Drive Made Possible by Disk Doctors

Apple’s Lion OS X can be reinstalled using USB Drive. Recovery Disk Assistant helps creating a bootable OS X recovery drive for backup.


Cincinnati, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/18/2012 -- Apple’s new OS X Lion has gained a lot of recognition amongst Mac lovers. This operating system for your desktop provides a single platform to connect iPad and iPhone with Mac. The key feature of this OS X is that it can be saved on a USB to create a backup for your system foreseeing any chances of system crash. Creating a backup USB drive is very easy. The Lion OS X can be later reinstalled on your Mac using the flash drive without requiring downloading it again.

Mac enables its OS X for easy recovery via Recovery Disk Assistant. You don’t need internet for OS X recovery any more. A bootable OSX recovery drive can be created using your own flash drive. This recovery drive can help you recover Mac and reinstall OS X from Apple servers. The recovered OS X has all capabilities similar to the original OS X. it can reinstall Lion or Mountain Lion, repairs disk by using Disk Utility, restores from Time Machine backup, and browses the web with Safari.

OS X recovery disk can be created following easy instruction process which guides you step by step. To recover your OS X, reboot your system while holding “option” key and then select recovery HD from the Startup Manager. Flash drives provide an easy way to back up your data. The removable drives help you in times of crisis and can prove to be life savior. Always keep a USB drive back up for your system. But flash drives are also prone to corruption and data loss. It is advised to handle the USB flash drive with care and precaution.

Many times flash drives are corrupted resulting in loss of backup files. These failures occur due to mishandling of USB, manufacturing problems or virus attacks. There are several options available to recover USB data. Internet is flooding with Flash Drive recovery softwares. One of such website providing USB data recovery is Disk Doctors. They offer flash drive recovery for almost all types of USBs by Kingston, SanDisk, iOmega, LG and, Seagate etc. USB Flash recovery software is available at www.diskdoctors.com/usb-drive-recovery.asp which can recover deleted, lost, corrupted, formatted data from USB Drives. The corrupted USB can be sent to Disk Doctors Labs for damage analysis. After a thorough examination of effected media, Disk Doctors will retrieve the lost data for you.

For further guidance, Disk Doctors can be contacted for USB Drive recovery at any time through their website www.diskdoctors.com.

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