Livingreen - Speaks Eco-Friendly Retailing Locally

Eco Lifestyle Retailing in Culver City & Carpinteria California


Culver City, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/22/2013 -- Livingreen, a premier Eco-friendly lifestyle retailer offers only the healthiest “green” products to consumers who have been inundated with unhealthy products in an increasingly homogenized world. Livingreen is a one-of-a-kind business with a unique and distinctive character by holding true to their commitment to provide products to foster a healthier lifestyle.

Locally owned businesses build strong communities and Livingreen played a significant role at this years’ LA Green Festival at LA Mart by educating the trades, neighboring businesses and retail consumers on how to create healthier environments by the product choices they make. Demonstrators for AFM Safecoat, Lullaby & Ecos paints educated attendees on product application, the hazards of VOC’s and why glycol and solvent free paint options are healthier choices. Livingreen also showcased Eco-friendly building materials, flooring, mattresses, furniture, children’s and pet items, personal care and home cleaning products at the event.

All products endorsed and sold by Livingreen, Culver City and Carpinteria and at are rated by source-resource, manufacture, transportation, health & environmental impact, lifespan & lifecycle.

Ellen Strickland, President and Owner states, “We are committed to our local community.

It is our duty to educate and inform our clients and customers on how to make healthier product choices. Interfacing with our local community is an ongoing focus. We work diligently to get the word out on our products and services and how they impact our environment. Livingreen works hard to contribute positively to our community and planet at large”.

For more information about the Livingreen website, visit htt:// or call 310-838.8442 for more information.