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Software to Optimize Landing Pages & Purls Used to Create Integrated Print, Email & Web Marketing Campaigns

eMarketer recently released a report indicating that the opportunity for behavioral marketing will nearly quadruple over the next five years to nearly four billion dollars. With this in mind, PURLManager was borne!

Software to Optimize Landing Pages & Purls Used to Create Integrated Print, Email & Web Marketing Campaigns

eMarketer recently released a report indicating that the opportunity for behavioral marketing will nearly quadruple over the next five years to nearly four billion dollars. With this in mind, PURLManager was borne!

M&A News on ASPZ – Entering Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Industry

Henan Zhongtuo Petroleum Engineering Technology Co. Ltd., member of Sinopec Group and China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Committee, owns subsidiaries in Sudan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Chad and so on. Henan Zhongtuo Petroleum Engineering Technology Co. Ltd., rewarded as national high-tech enterprise in 2010, is specialized in pipeline and equipment flushing by using physical and chemical cleaning techniques, including intercrossing method, reversing method, coating method, CHC strengthening and repairing technology, pipeline pigging, pipeline pressure testing, pipeline drying and replacement, pipeline inspection, pipeline anticorrosion and insulation. In 2012, its stainless steel inner lining repairing technique passed the national scientific and technological evaluation and wrote in "Law of the PRC on Promoting the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements". Introduces High-Low Range Charts for Complete Breadth Sentiment Analysis has recently introduced a new tool on their website that can analyze Breadth sentiment of market indexes and Exchanges. The tool is called High-Low Range Charts with a main purpose of filling an informational gap in majority of Breadth indicators and show where exactly stocks are listed in a market index or where an Exchange are traded. The High-Low Range Charts were developed by Victor Kalitowski.

Bellingham Attorney Michael J. Tario Receives Perfect 10.0 Rating on AVVO

Attorneys, more so than any other vocation, have their reputation defined by their success. The image the word attorney conjures in the minds of most people is a split one- the upstanding seeker of justice and the sleazy, in-it-for-the-money opportunist. While the profession actually has many more shades of grey, all Attorneys no doubt wish to be viewed in the former category. Fortunately, even in today’s cynical age it is possible to find such people in the profession and as his reputation proves Michael Tario is one that helps clients get results. He has just been awarded an almost unheard of perfect 10.0 rating on legal services review site AVVO, based on reviews from former clients. Publishes Indicators Rating Table for Research Convenience has just published the results of their new collaborative research results completed last July 31, 2014. The research is dedicated to scanning popular indicator performance while conducting technical analysis in the stocks market. Number one research goal is to set a standard rating table of the most frequently used technical indicators according to performance which in turn becomes a convenient resource for most traders, beginner or not. The team is headed by Victor Kalitowski.

Foot & Ankle Center of Washington Increase Accessibility of Resources for Foot Problems

LogoSeattle's premier podiatry practice, The Foot and Ankle Center of Washington, announces the launch of an all-new client centric website. Visitors to will be treated to a mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, cleanly designed site that will make it simpler for existing and potential clients to interact with the practice, find free information on treating a variety of foot and ankle issues, make appointments and ask questions. Releases Comprehensive Technical Analysis of Stock Market Study, one of the industries’s leading providers of educational and subscription based technical analysis of US Stocks and trading systems, has just recently released a full-scale Volatility Analysis study to help predict stock market crashes. The published results tackle different periods of high and low volatility in the stock market, as early as 1981. Announces the Addition of Video Testimonials

Save On Tapestries, a world leader in the online sale of quality hand woven European tapestries announces the addition of video testimonials to its popular website. With a large number of satisfied customers, this premier provider of beautiful and elegant wall tapestries is proud to announce that it will be adding the video testimonials to its main website. This serves to help new customers understand how helpful customer service is with regard to purchasing tapestries online. Few other companies in the industry compare in terms of providing quality customer service and deep discounts on custom wall tapestries from Europe. Because more people than ever before are purchasing wall tapestries to enhance their home interior, this is the perfect time to shop online with Announces New Interior Design Video

Save On Tapestries, one of the world’s largest online specialty retailers of high-end wall tapestries, wall art and oil paintings announces its latest tapestry video designed to inspire and enlighten those wishing to create a unique and beautiful interior space. This recent addition of a high definition video that showcases some of the most beautiful interiors and wall tapestries is one more example of how is leading the way online with regard to high-quality wall art and wall tapestries from Europe that are made available to online shoppers at deeply discounted pricing. The company has a long and proven history for delivering top-quality at budget minded prices. Saving consumers the necessity of having to travel to Europe to find some of the finest tapestries that are hand woven and handmade, Save On Tapestries is quickly becoming the online retailer of choice. Announces Soaring Wall Tapestry Sales

Save On Tapestries, is proud to announce stellar sales performance with regard to its wide selection of wall tapestries. The company reports record sales continuing throughout the holidays and well into the new-year. This is encouraging news for a company that has continued to provide some of the finest European tapestries found anywhere online. From interior designers to home improvement professionals and a wide range of others requiring quality interior art, there is literally something for everyone when visiting The company is excited about recent soaring wall tapestry sales even after holiday season buying typically decreases. Announces End of Year Sales Results

Save On Tapestries, an industry leader in the online sales of quality fine European wall tapestries announces its end of year sales results. The company has experienced outstanding sales performance throughout 2013 and expects a banner year in 2014. Offering beautiful hand-woven fabric art that expresses a genuine look and feel of old world Europe, these pieces have grown in popularity in recent years. The company spokesperson, Charlotte reported that is very excited and optimistic about where the company is going in 2014. She commented that the company continues to offer a wide selection of Floral Tapestries, Medieval Tapestries, Landscape Tapestries and a host of new additions in the coming year.

Canadian Musician Kaden Harris Releases New Electronica EP "The Tao of Chaos" on Schtum Logic Records

Vancouver British Columbia musician Kaden Harris has released his first Eccentric Genius EP on the Brazilian label Schtum Logic Records. The six-track EP “The Tao of Chaos” features a compilation of tribal dark ambient tracks produced since 2000, representing Harris’ diverse and extensive body of work. Announces Holiday Savings for Shoppers

Save On Tapestries is an industry leader in the online retail sales of European tapestries, Belgian tapestries, French tapestries, and a host of other wall art, as well as oil paintings. The company is proud to announce its ongoing commitment to offering shoppers the best prices on wall art offered anywhere on the Internet. After years of outstanding service to the online art buyer’s community, the company continues to deliver savings and value of those that appreciate quality art and design. Featuring some of the most attractive and beautiful wall tapestries from Europe, is forging new ground with regard to affordable wall art. Announces Record Breaking Holiday Sales announces record-breaking holiday sales exceeding last year’s excellent sales metrics. The company has met this surprising demand with its great fervor and dedication to quality customer service. By working closely with European manufacturers, the company has secured increased product supply as a way to ensure that customers get the , European wall tapestries they are in search of on the company website. Tapestry Catalogue has worked with manufacturers over the years and developed solid business relationships with these purveyors of quality interior art. This has enabled Tapestry Catalogue to pass along savings to its online buyers. Announces Increased Sales as Holidays Approach, a popular online e-commerce site dedicated to a wide variety of wall art, wall tapestries and canvas art as well as oil paintings announces steady increases in online sales as the holiday season approaches. As one of the leading online distributors of art intended for interior design purposes, Tapestry Catalogue is preparing for anticipated substantial increases in online traffic and online sales as the holiday season quickly comes into view. Measuring a wide range of e-commerce metrics, the company has reported month over month increases in both traffic and revenue. Announces Growing Interest in Bayeux Tapestries, a progressive online distributor of high quality woven wall tapestries, proudly announces a marked increase in customer interest with regard to the Bayeux Tapestry collection. The company has shipped literally thousands of high quality replica wall tapestries to satisfied customers across the country and throughout the world. No other online distributor of wall art provides such an extensive selection of beautiful interior décor wall art than Save On Tapestries. The company has experienced steadily traffic increases to their website located online at Much of this increased traffic has been attributed to a growing consumer interest in beautiful Bayeux Tapestry. Announces Its Recent Efforts Geared Towards Expanding Quality Customer Service is an innovative and forward-looking online e-commerce site that has built a reputation for high quality customer service and unsurpassed customer satisfaction. Moving forward with a long list of satisfied customers, has recently taken the initiative to redouble its efforts to deliver the absolute best in customer service and customer satisfaction for those eager to purchase wall tapestries. Designers seeking the finest wall art and tapestries in the world turn to this popular website for a huge selection of products. No other online tapestry outlet offers such a comprehensive selection of wall hanging tapestries combined with excellent customer service.

Modern Office Collection Now Introduces Executive Office Chairs for Offices

Modern Office Collection, a top notch online office furniture portal, now introduces executive office chairs for modern offices. These chairs are durable, stylish and available at economical prices. They improve the work efficiency of the office staff as they encompass all the required comfort features.

Modern Office Collection Now Brings Executive Leather Office Chairs for Clients

Modern Office Collection an acclaimed online office furniture store now brings executive leather office chairs for clients. Their furniture is quite stylish yet affordable as these are designed to impart a complete comfort to the employee.

Modern Office Collection Now Offers Most Comfortable Computer Chairs at Competitive Prices

Modern Office Collection, a renowned online store for office furniture now offers the most comfortable computer chairs for clients. These chairs are very stylish and comfortable and not only offer the required features an office employee needs but also give an edge to the company by beautifying the office look.

Highlight Investments Inc Is Now Offering an Innovative Stock Market Charting Solution for Free

Good news for stock market traders, as you can now get an excellent charting solution to analyze ETFs, stocks and indexes for free. Highlight Investments Inc., a world leader in developing stock market charts, has released a patented and unique technology that delivers superior performance. Of all the stock market charting solutions available today, Highlight Investments Inc’s is by far the best and most efficient. By using their new charting solution, traders can make informed, smart and wise investment options. To know more about this stock market charting solution, visit them at Releases Updated Version of Their "MV Charts"

The website which is the leader in volume and advance decline technical analysis, trading systems, quotes and charts for major US indexes and exchanges has announced a new updated version of their “MV Charts” android application. This application is available for download on the Google Play feature on Android phones and tablets.

Modern Office Collection Now Offers Ergonomically Designed Office Chairs at Economical Prices

Modern Office Collection offers the most durable and stylish ergonomic office chairs at economical prices. These stylish and contemporary chairs not only add beauty to the office but also sure to improve the work efficiency of the office staff. The widest range of cheap office chairs for sale at modern office collection is of huge demand among the modern arena of office environment.

HARNN's All Natural Asian Inspired Home Spa Products Ahead in Beauty Trends

LogoNo matter what current beauty trends report about the top skin concerns for today, one thing will remain a constant: to maintain healthy, youthful looking skin. With HARNN’s all natural, Asian inspired hair and skin care products, men and women alike provide themselves with top of the line care that helps maintain a more youthful, healthy appearance from the inside out. Since its beginning in 1999, HARNN has chosen all natural, plant-based essential oils and extracts known for their moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-aging properties as the base for all of their coveted home spa products. In fact, these ingredients have been used for hundreds of years in Thailand, Japan, India, China--all for the same reasons HARNN has hand-selected them for use in their unique collection of body, hair and skin care products.

Poort Counter Tablet May Be the First Internet Appliance

LogoNo matter how much a tablet costs, its tiny speakers are always awful for listening to music. As with cellphones, external audio devices have to be engaged for acceptable sound - until now.

The Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review - Kyle Leon's Muscle Building Program

The majority of people invest years in the fitness centers and hundreds of bucks on supplements that don't work. Instead, the answer is as basic as discovering the ideal combination of diet plan and exercise. The Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer will help you find that perfect balance.