Press Releases For SC - Charleston-North Charleston-Summerville (US)

Melondipity Now Introduces Its New Range of Baptism Hats for Toddlers

Melondipity, a renowned baby hats manufacturer, introduced a new range of toddler hats for baby’s baptism. The hats are beautiful and are designed exclusively for this occasion.'s South Carolina Consumer Resource Section Has Arrived is proud to make available the web's number one site for South Carolina payday loan customers. As part of’s continuing efforts to ensure customers are informed and updated on all the issues related to cash advances, the South Carolina Consumer Resource has been launched so state residents can have easy access to all relevant information regarding cash advances, all at their own convenience.

Carolina Dancesport Announces Students Competing in National Shag Dance Championships

LogoCarolina Dancesport announces The Old Spanish Galleon is the site for this year's National Shag Dance Championships where two students of Carolina Dancesport will be making a run for gold. The event is scheduled for January 30-31, 2015. Jaime Emerine has danced the shag for only two months. However, he is partnering with a seasoned expert, Pam Jones, to add to the unparalleled success record for students of Carolina Dancesport.

Home Improvement Loan Pros Now Offers All Types of Home Improvement Loans, Services and Financing

LogoHome Improvement Loan Pros is now offering different types of home improvement loans, services and financing. The financial firm provides easy home improvement loans to their clients. Now, one can get a home improvement loan to upgrade their existing home. Home Improvement Loan Pros provides excellent home loan programs to clients even if they have a bad credit score. Bad credit scores are usually a deterrent in getting a home loan, but with Home Improvement Loan Pros, one can get different home loan programs to improve their home or add an existing room or some other feature to their home. Home Improvement Loan Pros even approves loans for those clients who have previously filed for bankruptcy or have bad credit scores.

AMS Financial Now Offers Easy and Fast Closing Cost Loan for Both Commercial and Residential Property

LogoAMS Financial is now offering easy and fast closing cost loan for both commercial and residential properties. Now, one can settle all of their additional costs with easy closing cost loans from AMS Financial. Their attractive closing cost loans are available for residential, commercial or any vacant land. Their closing cost loan covers all the expenses that are required for buying a new property. They provide a variety of closing cost loans to suit the varied needs of their clients. Their closing loan includes a low rate, 0% to 18 months credit card program with flexible monthly repayment and fixed term unsecured loans. Their closing cost loans are also available for minor and major home improvements that one may require for their existing home. Their loan application process is very simple and fast. They provide their customers with 30 second approvals in most cases and the money is transferred to the customer's account within a week.

AMS Financial Now Offers Easy and Fast Swimming Pool Loan and Financing at Low Interest Rates

LogoAMS Financial is now offering easy and fast swimming pool loan and financing at low interest rates. The firm truly understands the need for swimming pool incorporation or the repair of existing pools, and therefore presents the best pool loans which are suited to customers' needs. With them, one will get all types of pool loans which include short Crete, fiberglass swimming pool loans, vinyl liner, above ground pools and many more. They also offer loans or funds to repair or remodel an existing pool. Being a leading swimming pool financing company in the US, AMS financial ardently helps their clients get prompt and hassle-free pool loans.

Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David Rodwell, Launches Brand New Website and Practice in Charleston

David W. Rodwell III, MD, board certified facial plastic surgeon and founder of Charleston Facial Plastic Surgery is proud to announce the launch of his new website for his facial plastic and reconstructive surgery practice in Charleston, SC. Dr. Rodwell sought out ABM, a medical website design firm, to create a website that not only matched his practice in technology but also matched in aesthetics. Dr. Rodwell wanted to create a website for his patients that was not only educational but also patient and user-friendly. This easy-to-navigate website design reflects Dr. Rodwell's state-of-the-art facility with a clean look and classic style.

Houses by Heather Now Offering Free Home Evaluations

When looking to sell a property, everyone wants top dollar for their house. However, determining the right value for a home can be a challenging process, especially for those with a limited knowledge of the real estate market in their area. To help individuals get the best resale value on their house, Houses by Heather is now offering free home evaluations. With over a decade of experience, Heather Condron knows the ins and outs of the Hanahan real estate market.

AMS Financial Now Offers Home Improvement Loans and Financing Even with Bad Credit

LogoAs a leading provider of fast and hassle-free loans, AMS Financial is now offering Home Improvement Loans and Financing even for those with a bad credit record. Getting home loans with other companies can be difficult for those with bad credit scores. Credit scores have a lot of impact on getting a home or other type of loan. But with AMS Financial, one can overcome this problem as they provide easy home loans to people with bad credit scores. Now, one can get a loan to improve their home or update their existing home with the help of fast and easy home loans, even if one has filed for bankruptcy in the past. AMS Financial also provides a home improvement calculator to calculate home improvement loan rates and to decide their repayment amount.

AMS Financial Now Offer Speedy Swimming Pool Loans and Financing

LogoAMS Financial is now offering speedy and hassle-free swimming pool loans and financing. The firm offers pool loans for in-ground concrete swimming pools and many more. Clients can get pool loans from AMS Financial for constructing an entirely new in-ground pool made of any material such as vinyl, fiberglass, shotcrete and others. One can get loans for constructing custom-designed pools and also for constructing pools from eminent pool builder companies like Sylvan Pool, Anthony, Blue Heaven Pools and other national pool companies.

AMS Financial Now Offers Franchise Loan and Financing

LogoAMS Financial, a well-known name for easy and fast financing, now offers franchise loan and financing with bad credit to customers. This is one of the easiest ways to get into business. For those who have no idea of how to start their own, they can buy a franchise and own the business. Such established brands are easy to run as they are already widespread with pre-existing customers. People applying for franchise loans can borrow up to $100,000. Since AMS Financial handles loans quickly, the borrower will easily receive their money hassle-free.

Revolutions Medical Donates 50,000 RevVac(TM) Auto-Retractable Vacuum Safety Syringes to the AmeriCares Foundation

LogoRevolutions Medical Corporation (RMCP) announces that it has donated 50,000 RevVac™ safety syringes to the AmeriCares Foundation. AmeriCares U.S. network is comprised of approximately 700 safety net health centers that serve uninsured or underinsured patients at more than 200% below the federal poverty level. The Medical Outreach program support teams of doctors who set up temporary medical/surgical clinics in areas that lack quality health care. Any teams traveling to West Africa to help fight the Ebola outbreak would have the RevVac™ safety syringes available for selection for their use. The RevVac™ safety syringes will also be used in the AmeriCares safety net heath centers.

Houses by Heather Announces the Launch of a New Website

With countless real estate agents to choose from, finding the right one can be a difficult process. When looking at the cost of a house, people want to know the realtor has their best interests in mind and not just the commission. Setting herself apart from the crowd, Heather Condron announces the launch of her new website, Houses by Heather. The site offers resources for buyers and sellers, as well links to local listings.

AMS Financial Now Offers Easy and Fast Pool Loans

LogoWith an aim to provide prompt and hassle-free pool loans, AMS Financial is now offering my pool Loan and finances for constructing a new pool or for adding new features to an existing pool. The company is the most trusted pool financing company in the USA and to date has catered to the pool loan needs of more than 100,000 customers. Their pool loan application process is prompt and easy. Customers just need to complete their 30 second loan application form, located on their website. AMS Financial will provide the customer with all the best possible pool options. The customers get their pool loan within a week or earlier, no other company can provide this quick turnaround. The company also guides and assists customers in finding the right pool loan for them, which is in sync with their requirements.

AMS Financial Now Offers Fast and Hassle-Free Unsecured Loans for Home Improvement Projects

LogoPositioning themselves as the leading provider of easy home improvement loans, AMS Financial is now offering unsecured loans for home improvement projects. For Unsecured loans, the creditor simply relies on the premises of the borrower to pay back the amount without any delays. These loans are available for short term, such as for a time span of five years. There are different types of unsecured home loans available. A homeowner can choose the type of unsecured loan which suits their requirements. Borrowers can use unsecured loans for a variety of home improvement work such as home remodeling, bathroom renovation, kitchen update, adding a new pool, cabinets, and much more. Unsecured loans depend heavily on the borrower’s credit rating and score.

AMS Financial Now Offers Great Opportunities to Get Loans for Funeral Expenses

LogoProviding great opportunities, AMS Financial now offers the best loans for funeral expenses that are specifically designed to help customers during their most difficult times. When a person is dealing with the loss of a love one, lack of funds can bring on unnecessary tension. At AMS Financial, their sole aim to help people in these situations. For those with low incomes, getting an approval for a funeral loan can spell big trouble.

Report Reveals Why Snore Guard or Puresleep Snoring Aids Might Not Work

MedReviews, a consumer reviews website published out a report titled "Top 3 reasons your snoring mouthpiece will not work for you".

Charlotte Howard to Launch Anthology Book 'Success in Beauty: The Secrets to Effortless Fulfillment and Happiness' on October 24

Charlotte Howard, women life mentor, outstanding hair artist and five times International Best Selling Author will be launching her new anthology book titled ‘Success in Beauty: The Secrets to Effortless Fulfillment and Happiness’ on October 24, 2014. As the name suggests, the book speaks about women empowerment, while discovering their fulfillment and happiness.

Canopies Outlet Now Offers Party Canopy at Cost-Effective Prices

LogoPositioning themselves as the most trustworthy provider of canopies, Canopies Outlet is now offering party canopies at cost-effective prices. The company stocks some of the finest-quality, most highly-durable canopies. They are currently offering the spur max party canopy at discounted prices, available in a white or tan cover. This is the perfect canopy for providing a protective shield as this cover is 100% waterproof. The polyethylene cover of the canopy is UV treated inside and it is embedded with fade blockers on the top of the canopy. In order to make this canopy durable and effective, it also has anti-aging and anti-fungal features. This canopy has the ability to combat even the harshest weather conditions.

Canopies Outlet Offers Best in Class Functionality Party Canopies at Best Prices Possible

LogoWith an aim to provide protective shelter to customers, Canopies Outlet now offers a versatile range of party canopies at cost-effective prices. The company stores party canopies which are suitable for meeting the varied needs of different customers. Their Super Max Canopy 18x40 is perfectly suitable for providing effective shelter during an ongoing party. This heavy duty canopy is 100% waterproof and its polyethylene cover is UV treated on both the inside and the outer surface with added fade blockers, which also has anti-aging and anti-fungal agents. Its special features make it a canopy which can combat even the most harsh weather conditions.

Storage Sheds Outlet Now Offers Exquisitely Designed and Top-Notch Quality Metal Garden Sheds

LogoStorage Sheds Outlet now offers exquisitely designed and top-notch quality metal garden sheds. These garden sheds are a great place for keeping tools, equipment, and other valuable items. Now, customers can make the most of their outdoor living area and can beautify their garden. The Metal Garden Shed Storage is available in various sizes and materials that are offered at the most competitive prices.

AMS Financial Now Offers Speedy and Hassle-Free Student Loans for Personal Expenses with 0% Card Program

LogoAMS Financial, well-known for its simple, straightforward, hassle-free loans, now offers Student Loans for Personal Expenses. Their student personal expense loans get approved within 30 seconds and that too, with their 0% card program. AMS intends to help students with their growing educational expenses which can, at times, be difficult to tackle. Their student loans are available for meeting expenses like buying books, accommodations, health insurance, and lots more. They provide the best student expense loans that are beneficial both for students as well as parents. To make things simpler for the borrower, they provide a school expenses loan calculator which gives a clear picture of the expected interest rates they will have to pay.

AMS Financial Now Offers Different Programs for Swimming Pool Loan and Financing

LogoBeing the most trusted name for swimming pool loan and financing, AMS Financial now offers fast and hassle-free pool loan programs. Their inground pool loans and financing can be obtained for constructing a new inground pool which can consist of any material such as concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, gunite and shotcrete. Their flexible loan programs allow an individual to obtain pool loans both for custom-designed pools as well as for constructing pools from eminent pool builder companies like Blue Haven Pools, Anthony and Sylvan Pools, and all other national pool companies. AMS Financial provides good and bad credit concrete pool loans.

Get Market Leading Home Improvement Loans and Financing Only with AMS Financial Solutions

LogoAMS Financial Solutions is an easy-to-use loan search portal now offering assistance to people in getting the home improvement of their dreams by enabling them to compare and select rewarding Home Improvement Loans and Financing options. The market is full of various home improvement loan options, but to get the best results, it’s crucial to choose a program that is pertinent to the individual’s demands and is free from any complications.

Storage Sheds Outlet Now Offers Durable and Effective Greenhouses

LogoStorage Sheds Outlet now offers a wide range of exceptional greenhouses to enhance their clients’ gardening experience. Their greenhouses provide abundant light which is crucial to plant and sapling needs. These attractive and highly-effective greenhouse solutions provide more than enough storage capacity. This company also sells the Monticello line of greenhouses by Riverstone Industries which is made in the USA. These greenhouses are manufactured from superior-quality extruded aluminum as per US grade, which is not thin or brittle like foreign aluminum. Their greenhouses are made from 40 lbs or more aluminum, much more than average imported greenhouses. These greenhouses consume less electric energy, helping customers to save on costs.

Storage Sheds Outlet Now Offers Metal Sheds at Cost-Effective Prices

LogoStorage Sheds Outlet has now announced the availability of metal sheds at the most affordable prices. Their metal sheds are robust enough to be used for any commercial purpose, as well as for any residential purposes like for use in a back yard. This climate-resistant metal shed comes in a myriad of designs and patterns. They give customers many choices when it comes to shape and size. This metal garden shed is easy to maintain and doesn’t require painting. Furthermore, all Storage Sheds Outlet products come with a manufacturer’s warranty. In addition to metal sheds, the company also offers storage shed accessories, Plastic Storage Buildings Shed, greenhouses, deck boxes, utility storage sheds, outdoor canopies, and many other similar items.

Canopies Outlet Now Announces the Availability of a Wide Range of Party Canopies

LogoCanopies Outlet now announces the availability of a wide range of party canopies at the most cost-competitive prices. The company is known for their versatility and reliable products. Adding to their party canopy cart, Canopies Outlet is launching the Celebration II Canopy 10x20 which is perfect as a party canopy and can be used for a myriad of purposes. This heavy-duty canopy is blue with an eight leg frame.