Press Releases For TX - Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown (US)

President Padma McCord Owner of Padma McCord Enterprises LLC Great Recognition Awards Winner

Greatly beautiful & talented in multiple fields Padma McCord is Greatly Honored & Greatly Respected one of the most exciting woman in business in Houston – Texas & U.S. with multiple talents & variety of highly successful careers & business life President Padma McCord is President of Padma McCord Enterprises LLC has established reputable company & spectrum of career covering a range of interests & fields. Some of the Great Talents & in Greatly Successful Padma mccord's career cap include films and media work, & fruitful career in New Homes Builders Director President real estate investments & shining Star career Ranking number 1# Padma mccord Business consultant for more than decade in the Houston & Katy &U.S. Padma McCord was listed in the 2011-2012 Cambridge Book of Who's Who VIP members and has been honored with 100's Top Business & Top New Homes Highest Recognition Real Estate Awards.

Pressure Washing America, LLC Receives 2014 Houston Award

Pressure Washing America, LLC was recently selected and awarded the 2014 Houston Award in the Specialty Trade Contractors category by the Houston Award Program.

Houston Plastic Surgeon Featured on eHealth Radio Network

A new podcast on eHealth Radio Network featuring Dr. Erika Sato of Houston Plastic & Craniofacial Surgery is now available on

The Cute Bouncy Bunny: After Rekindling a Childhood Writing Passion, U.S. Author Releases Nature-Inspired, Enchanting Children's Book

While most children come home from school, throw down their backpack and avoid picking up a pen for as long as possible, Jessica Bryant spent her childhood moonlighting as a poet. This unique creative talent not only drove demand for her verses and illustrations among family, but also saw her win an award for her endeavors.

Fabulous Granite and Marble Assists Homeowners in Getting Top Dollar for Their Homes

According to recent industry estimates, on average, granite countertops add 25% of its cost an overall home's value. Experts claim that when you couple this with the cost saving fact that homeowners almost never have to replace the surface, and it becomes a clear economic advantage to have these types of countertops. According to Peter Simon, spokesperson for Fabulous Granite and Marble of Houston, TX, installing granite or stone countertops in your home also increases the resale ability of one's home.

GraceSoft Online Hotel Management Software Is Now Compatible with iPad

LogoGreat news for hotel management professionals, Popular GraceSoft web based hotel management software Easy InnKeeping is now compatible with iPad & other smartphone devices.

Houston-Based Businessman Partners with Hip-Hop Artists

LogoAndre Bramwell might be considered a bit ingenious, but by today's standards, he's definitely unconventional. Usually when it comes to being a part of the Hip Hop industry, thoughts of rapping, producing, starting a record label or even a clothing line, are most likely the first choices when one thinks of capitalizing on a culture with immense buying power. But that wasn't the case for the Houston-based businessman who decided to be more creative and partner with Hip Hop artists such as Riff Raff and Krayzie Bone to launch custom-wrapped candy vending machines and ATMS.

ASAP AIR AC and Heating Announces Furnace Tuneup At Slashed Prices

Wear and tear is normal for the furnace, and regular usage can take its toll on an appliance. Whether the equipment is performing inconsistently or has stopped working altogether, it's best to contact a professional who knows how to handle the problem. ASAP AIR A/c and Heating announces the maintenance and repair of the furnace at a low price of $69.95.

National Branding and PR Experts to Share Advice to Increase Exposure and Revenue for Local Business Owners

The Brand Masters Tour will bring Houston business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs together for 5 life changing hours with leading PR and marketing thought leaders to share inspirational approaches to brand building that drive sales, profitability, and return on investment. Top industry experts will reveal how they navigate through professional setbacks, an ever changing marketplace and introduce tools to engage customers and grow their businesses. Attendees will have the opportunity to network and walk away with actionable tips to take back to their organizations on Sat, February 21st, from 1-6pm at Change Happens at 3353 Elgin St in midtown Houston for $100.

Affordable Moonwalks Etc Launches Multiple Item Discounts

Moonwalks, or bouncy castles as they are commonly called, are inflatable playgrounds that allow children to feel weightless while having the time of their lives bouncing around on a cushion of air. They offer an unforgettable opportunity for great memories at outdoor events. However inflatables are not the only option available in the 21st century. Affordable Moonwalks Etc LLC has acquired a huge range of amusements, from mechanical bulls to climbing walls, from slides of all sizes and shapes to obstacle courses in all lengths. And to top it off, they are now offering multi-item discounts on bookings made before the end of March. They want to help make their customers events a huge success.

DWI Charges Against Appeals Judge Dropped

LogoIn July of 2014, South Texas Appeals Judge Nora Longoria was stopped by officers and arrested for a driving while impaired – DWI – charge in McAllen, Texas. The arrest occurred early in the morning on a Saturday, and according to reports, was based on the fact that Longoria was swaying from side to side, had slurred speech, smelled of alcohol, and had red, glossy eyes. Longoria had worked "had for 25 years," according to a quote from Longoria herself, to have the career that she had, and asked the officer to release her, stating that the arrest would "ruin" her life.

Man Convicted for Crime He Committed at Age 13

LogoIn 1998, when he was 13 years old, Don Collins poured gasoline on an eight-year-old boy, and then set him on fire. The boy, Robert Middleton, lived, but not without severe and permanent injuries rendering him physically disabled. For years, Middleton required intensive physical therapy to treat the injuries, and in 2011, 13 years after the incident, Middleton died shortly before his 21st birthday from skin cancer caused by the burn injuries. In February of 2015, Collins was sentenced to 40 years in prison for a capital murder charge from the childhood attack, as reported by a CBS News story.

Lottery Sued for Misprinting Ticket

LogoIn an unusual case against justice, the New Mexico Lottery is – according to the plaintiff's lawyer – wrongfully denying a man the right to his winnings. The New Mexico Lottery has stated that the winnings, which total $500,625, will not be paid to the ticket holder, John Wines, due to a ticket misprint. Taking matters into his own hands after attempting to contact the New Mexico Lottery, Wines has hired civil action attorney Sam Bregman to help him sue the lottery. A KRQE News Story tells the tale of the lottery lawsuit of 2015 – the following provides a brief summary:

Padma McCord, President of Padma McCord Enterprises LLC Has Been Named as One of the Most Exciting Business Woman in Houston

Padma McCord, President of Padma McCord Enterprises is pleased to announce that her career covers a range of interests, including films and media work, as well as participating in a real estate investment and business consultant for more than a decade in the Houston area.

Living Nutrilicious Founder Gina Eubank Advocates H.E.A.L. Strategy

Gina Eubank, the founder of Living Nutrilicious and "America's Favorite Pharmacist," is recognized as an expert in the area of healthy living. She advocates the H.E.A.L. strategy for safely handling alcohol consumption, especially during holiday celebrations.

Houston Locksmith Company Offers Round the Clock Residential and Commercial Repair and Service

Having locks around the house or office protects personal assets and wards off threat to personal safety. That said locks can be a nuisance and can disrupt a person's routine when they start acting out.

Lube Oil Sales Now Offering Motor Oils for Recreational Vehicles

LogoNow that snow has blanketed most of the northern states, many have taken their ATVs and snowmobiles out of storage for fun, as well as general transportation. As these vehicles are often left to sit unused for an extended period, it is imperative to check all of their oil levels and the quality of the stored liquids. Helping engines power through any snowdrifts, Lube Oil Sales is now offering motor oils for recreational vehicles. These products have been specially formulated to get the most from 4-stroke motors used in ATVs and snowmobiles.

Realwealth Inc. Offers Luxury Properties for Buying in Houston South Area

LogoHouston's subdivision of Sagemeadow with great schools, shopping, and only a short distance to downtown Houston is now up for sale.

Brand Masters Tour to Feature Houston's Top Pr, Marketing and Media Mavens

Celebrated entrepreneurs, multimedia, PR and branding leaders Velma Trayham (Houston), Trea Davenport (Los Angeles) and Alex Green (Houston) are teaming up as producers of the 2015 BRAND MASTERS TOUR, a value-packed, educational, business-building event taking place in ten US cities beginning on February 21st in Houston, TX. The one of a kind super-sized seminar, open to the public will welcome Houston-area panelists; Kelly Hodges, Sr. Director of Health and Equity at the American Heart Association; Nikki Woods, Sr. Producer of the Tom Joyner Morning Show; and Judy Foston, international communications expert. Offering 30-Day Complimentary Live Chat Service Trials to Prospective Clients is a website that provides live-chat services to websites worldwide. This coming winter, they are offering a special, 30-day complimentary trial in order to attract new customers and show them what WebsiteAlive has to offer their website. Announces They Now Service Customers Across Texas

Shaw Defense proudly announces they are now expanding operations to assist clients throughout the state of Texas who are looking to avoid bankruptcy. This viable alternative to bankruptcy pulls from the unique laws of Texas, offering a legal, ethical alternative to obtain debt relief. Many believe the Shaw Defense ( is similar to chapter 7, chapter 13, or debt settlement, yet it is completely different. Anyone considering bankruptcy should look into this option before proceeding.

Newly Acquired Pallet Racks Now Available at

LogoIn an effort to meet customers growing needs, has recently acquired 2,000 sections of used Advanced Mfr. pallet racks. This new product offering brings additional warehouse organization solutions to the growing inventory.

DLA Editors & Proofers Helps the Connecticut Women's Consortium Edify Communities Through Holistic, Trauma-Informed and Gender-Responsive Care

Not everyone who suffers a tragic life event can find a healthy means to cope. To them, the world no longer feels safe, and they struggle to get through the day. Individuals that experience trauma and traumatic events often don't know where to turn for help. In Connecticut and nationally, behavioral health care systems are in the process of incorporating an understanding of trauma into the way in which they deliver behavioral health services. In addition, organizations and systems of care are offering specific services and treatment to address the differences in which men and women may respond to trauma and overwhelming life events.

Cy-Fair Mechanical Earns Esteemed 2014 Angie's List Super Service Award

Cy-Fair Mechanical has earned the service industry's coveted Angie's List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of service provided to members of the local services marketplace and consumer review site in 2014.

Dr. Sato Creates Educational Visuals to Better Serve Her Patients

Dr. Erika Sato created this visual infographic on different types of breast procedures to give her patients an easy way to digest educational information on breast procedures. Realizing information for some of her patients are better digested visually; Dr. Sato has decided to create a series of infographics to support the educational information on her site. Out of this cosmetic surgery series, this infographic is focused specifically on breast procedures.

Whiting Online Marketing Services, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Patio Heating and Cooling

LogoDavid Whiting is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of temperature control systems for outdoor porches and patios including fire pits, patio heaters, and cooling fans. Whiting was inspired to start his website by his own love of the outdoors. He has always enjoyed cooking, entertaining, and relaxing outdoors and wanted to provide his customers with ways to continue to enjoy their outdoor areas even when the weather was too hot or too cold.

Catamount Funding Now Offers Cost-Effective Invoice Factoring Services at the Most Competitive Price

LogoCatamount Financing, a factoring company in the U.S., now offers cost-effective invoice factoring services at the most competitive prices. With their headquarters in Houston, the company provides services in various regions in the U.S. Their factoring services are an easy, quick and affordable method by which cash flow can be improved. There are various benefits to these services. Invoice factoring helps turn invoices into cash. With factoring, a person involved in a business will experience the benefit of a sale, as they won't have to wait for the client to pay. These services also help increase cash flow as well as capital, while equity remains the same.