Press Releases For TX - Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown (US)

Maritime Attorney Matthew Shaffer to Represent Wife of Tugboat Captain Killed in New Orleans Accident

Attorney Matthew Shaffer has been retained to represent the wife of a tugboat captain who was killed August 14 in an accident on the Industrial Canal.

Alchem Hires Tom Schrier as V.P. of Business Development & Sales

Alchem International has hired Tom Schrier as V.P. of business development and sales. Schrier will lead Alchem’s presence in the U.S. as it continues to expand its footprint in the dietary supplement, cosmetic and e-cigarette industries.

Montgomery Collision Repair of Texas Inc. Partners with BizIQ

Montgomery Collision Repair of Texas Inc., an auto body repair shop and collision repair expert in Montgomery, TX, has formed an online marketing partnership with BizIQ, a firm specializing in small business local web optimization.

Fetch Breeds of Dogs Now with Conceptual Wall Art

When it comes to loving dogs, there is no limit. Many pet owners understand that true love begins with the process of getting to know more about their pet. Only when an owner can read his pet inside and out, will he be able to take better care of him. is here to give owners the chance to get to know their pets better and to show why their dog's breed is unique. The website features conceptual art about breeds of dogs illustrations.

Breeds of Dogs Made Simple for Selection

Dog owners are some of the happiest people on the planet. It is true that keeping a pet at home calls for a lot of work but, at the end of the day it also gives immense happiness as dogs have the innate quality of helping their owners unwind and forget their worries for a while. Dogs are indeed interesting creatures and what is more interesting about them is that there are hundreds perhaps even more number of breeds of dogs found in different corners of the world.

Sentient Science Wins Contract with Air Force for Computational Life Extension

LogoToday, Sentient Science announced they were awarded a contract with the Air Force (FA8650-14-M-2499) to develop an add on to their DigitalClone® family of software tools that computationally predict the final stages of material, component, and system life for small and long crack effects for both fixed wing and rotorcraft vehicles.

Talon Tax Here to Solve Tricky Tax Situations

Paying taxes can be a daunting affair. First, there are deadlines to take care of and then there is the elaborate exercise of putting aside a lump sum amount of hard earned money to honor the payments. In all, it can be taxing, stressful and very demanding. Talon Tax, providing long term tax relief solutions is now here to put the agony to rest. This professional tax solutions provider is the perfect choice to address unique tax situations where the individual needs expert help to get through the modalities of tax payment.

Houston Retirement Community Focuses on Assisted Living and Memory Care

LogoHouston senior living community The Village of Meyerland uses experienced staff and amenities to meet the needs of residents who require intensive memory care and assisted living. The Village of Meyerland is stationed among the West University Place, Bellaire, and Meyerland neighborhoods, offering a convenient proximity to local attractions, events and resources. The Village cultivates a thriving existence in the community, helping enrich the lives of its residents by staying closely connected to the life of the neighborhood surrounding it, and enabling residents to be a part of the community and enjoy the culture while receiving the specific, intensive care they require.

Catamount Funding Offers Invoice Factoring Services & Turns Invoices Into Immediate Cash

LogoCatamount Funding offers invoice factoring services that can turn invoices into immediate cash. The most interesting part of factoring financing is that businesses can earn a profit from the sale without waiting for the client to pay. Indeed, it is true that factoring accounts are an easy, speedy and reasonable way to improve the cash flow, plus factoring financing is a great substitute for loans.

Tanglewood Smiles' Dr. Wolfson Named Official Dentist for the Miss Texas 2014-15 Pageant

The Miss Texas 2014-15 pageant is one of the most anticipated events of the year in Texas, and three of its winners have gone on to become Miss America, and more importantly, to represent a generation. Of those winners who went on to become Miss America, one gained a PhD, one became a sportscaster and first lady of Kentucky, and one became a movie star after helping the war effort. To help such extraordinary women have the best chance at representing themselves well, the Miss Texas 2014-15 pageant has again named Dr. Steven Wolfson as the official dentist for the competition.

New Book Release-a Peace in Time, by Author Herschel Waller

LogoHerschel Waller’s, A Peace in Time is an intimate tale of love and hate across a century and a half and of the meting out of justice for a vicious murder.

Bathroom Remodeling: The Woodlands TX Company Introduces New Design Concepts

Bathrooms have come a long way from being a part of the home, to being ‘The’ part of the home that can speak volumes about the market value of the home. A simple look at the bathroom and a potential buyer can decide whether or not he is interested in the property. Such is the level of importance, bathroom spaces have gained over time. To this end, bathroom remodeling the Woodlands TX Company, Amazing Renovations has truly paved the way for elevated design and convenience in a home.

Baker, Bloomberg & Associates Offering Comprehensive Debt Collection Services at Reasonable Rates

With the base of operations in Texas, USA, Baker, Bloomberg & Associates has emerged as the leading debt recovery firm that offers viable and feasible debt recovery solutions to its clients scattered all across the US. The debt recovery firm constitutes a nationwide network of attorneys that are coordinated through BBA. The attorneys of the firm are all creditor and collection attorneys that specialize in commercial collections and litigation. Collectively they offer comprehensive and professional debt recovery solutions that comply with the law of the specified state.

Baker Lien Solutions Offering a Range of Lien Filling Services

Baker Lien Solutions, a Houston, Texas based provider of business, legal and financial services has carved itself a special niche for providing quality lien filling solutions to its clients. Over the years, the company has been catering to myriad lien management and delinquent accounts receivables related requirements of its clients. The company offers a range of innovative and productive lien filling solutions to ensure that clients do not have to worry about this aspect of their business. In doing so, Baker Lien Solutions is offering the much-needed helping hand to clients so that they may utilize their workforce and other resources in other things, such as strategizing, staffing, coordinating, planning, organizing, directing, budgeting, and so on.

GM Ignition Switch Recall, Lawsuits and Wrongful Death Claims Rising

LogoThe multinational corporation is facing lawsuits claiming the defective ignition switches caused serious injuries and deaths. GM revealed in a statement on Monday that the switches could rotate out of "run" if the key has excess weight and the car "experiences some jarring event," such as hitting a pothole or crossing a railroad track. That can shut off the engines and disable power steering, causing drivers to lose control. Also, the air bags are deactivated. The recall affects seven cars with model years ranging from 2000 to 2014. GM admitted that the death toll could be greater than the 54 crashes and 13 deaths it attributed to ignition switch-related air bag failures. According to trial lawyers suing GM, the death number is closer to 60. The auto-manufacturer company stated publicly that it would "do the right thing by victims."

Danziger & De Llano, LLP Announces Launch of Its New Autism Law Firm Website

Danziger & De Llano, LLP, a law firm whose main focus is to obtain justice for injured victims and their families, recently announced the launch of its new website, The law firm’s latest site aims to provide help to children diagnosed with autism as well as mothers who were prescribed antidepressants and anti-seizure medications during pregnancy.

Amazing Renovations Offers Dignified and Upscale Bathrooms That Need Minimum Maintenance

Homeowners spend a lot of time and money on hiring cleaning maids or for bathroom maintenance. Why bathroom remodeling is the smartest thing to do is because the newly designed bathrooms are not only easy to maintain but also offer energy efficiency thereby helping homeowners reduce on their monthly utility bills. Amazing Renovations is one such company that offers high quality, affordable and stylish bathroom remodeling Conroe TX services. They can work on a complete bathroom remodeling or small repairs such as broken tiles, replacement of cabinets or fixtures and so on.

Summer Fun and Great Care for Seniors at the Village at the Woodlands Waterway

LogoThe Village at The Woodlands Waterway offers residents a full selection of amenities and activities that enhance the enjoyment of the sunny summer weather in Central Texas. For residents who enjoy an independent lifestyle, The Village provides a full-range of seasonal activities and outings. Exercise and mobility are key focal points of life at The Village and seniors who want to enjoy the outdoors this summer can find healthy meals, attentive care and local culture at their disposal. The combination of a brand new, top-of-the-line facility and a gorgeous waterfront setting creates a peaceful, fun and invigorating place to enjoy retirement.

Spouse Tax Relief Myths Debunked by Talon Tax

Tax debts are not easy to deal with. Those who are affected by tax debt can be under immense pressure of IRS. They have to take immediate steps to avoid that pressure and approach a professional Tax Relief Firm so as to get timely assistance. Talon Tax is one such professional and reputable tax relief firm that had dealt with a variety of tax debt cases and offered timely solutions. Some of the most common cases they have come across are that of spouse tax debt wherein a wife is held responsible of her husband’s tax liability or vice versa. Many clients have come to Talon Tax seeking advice but most of them are unaware of the Innocent Spouse Relief option from IRS.

HPD Understaffing Means Many Crimes Go Uninvestigated and Unsolved

"We work violent crimes first. If someone steals your trash can or your lawn mower out of your garage, there are no witnesses, there's no evidence, there's nothing for a detective to follow up on, it's not assigned," McClelland stated during a budget hearing.However, a city-commissioned study revealed that the department did not investigate 20,000 crimes with leads in 2013, a direct contradiction with the Chief’s statement. Furthermore, of the uninvestigated cases, a majority were violent crimes, including assault and hit-and-runs.

Mesothelioma Law Firm Danziger & De Llano Posts New Information and Videos to Its Website

Danziger & De Llano, a mesothelioma law firm with offices in Texas and Florida, has just posted new and helpful articles and videos on its website, For clients who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, the new information will provide them with helpful and reassuring information about what the lawsuit process is like.

Houts Web Design Launches Professional Logo Design Packages at Reasonable Rates

Houts Web Design is one of the leading web design and SEO firms based in Texas, United States, offering website designing services, graphic designing, logo designing, SEO services, photo editing and touch-ups, and more. The firm has now introduced incredibly reasonably-priced packages for all its professional logo design packages, which can be customized to meet individual client requirements.

Designer Bathrooms - Now Just a Phone Call Away

If there is one place where people want to relax at the end of hard day’s work then most people would vote for their bathrooms. A glass of wine and a bathtub with hot water and scented candles around!!! Homeowners can now get this spa like experience right in their own bathrooms at home. Amazing Renovations offers bathroom remodeling Conroe services for all those who are looking at a bathroom revamp. An upgraded bathroom has its own benefits. The new fixtures and fittings available these days are designed to save electricity and water. They not only enhance the look of the bathrooms but also help homeowners save energy and ultimately reduce the utility bills.

There's a New Home Remodeling Company in Fulshear, TX - Performance Construction

Everyone wants to have a home that is beautiful – both inside and out. The problem has been, until now, there aren’t really any local home remodeling contractors in Fulshear that you can trust. Performance Construction has stepped in to fill the gap and offer high quality home renovations from a company you can trust and at a price you can afford.

Omnipotech Launches Campaign Stressing Importance and Value of Personalized IT

Information technology (IT) specialist Omnipotech, Ltd. announced the commencement of a campaign aimed at raising industry awareness of the benefits of more personal IT support and services. The company's studies into the matter have revealed that an increasing number of consumers of IT services report dissatisfaction with the suitability of the products they are recommended and receive. By studying the problem intensively, Omnipotech has discovered that satisfaction rates and the overall usefulness of outside IT services can be greatly enhanced through the cultivating of more personal relationships between vendor and customer. As a result, the company has committed to a new campaign which will make these findings more widely known.

John K. Zaid Launches New Website Geared to Personal Injury Cases

John K. Zaid announces the launch of his new website, a website dedicated to those injured through the actions of another. The injured party experiences a great deal after being injured in this manner, all in a short period of time, and he or she doesn't need to search for information on what to expect during the legal process or whether or not he or she has a case. The site helps to answer these and many other questions so the injured party remains focused on the recovery process and returning to normal.

Roofing4Houston Launches Campaign to Simplify Roofing Contractor Choices

Roofing4Houston understands the concerns of home and business owners when it comes to hiring a roofing contractor to handle work on their property. The company strongly supports the work of state legislators looking to improve the quality of roofing services within the state. One bill proposes roofing registration requirements for all contractors within the roofing industry, and the other requires all roofing contractors be licensed and regulated. As most homeowners in the area place roofing houston as one of their top concerns, these bills help to move the industry forward.