Press Releases For AZ - Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale (US)

Local Internet Marketing Company Hosting Bottom Line Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs

Loud Rumor, an Internet marketing company in Phoenix, is hosting a Bottom Line Bootcamp. This two day event brings together the best marketing and financial people in the business. Each of the days will focus on an important aspect of business ownership from marketing tactics to converting leads to customers. Each featured speaker will give industry information to help business owners succeed in their industry.

Sol D'Licious Combines with Indiegogo to Seek Funding

Local business Sol D’Licious Café is turning to a new forward way of funding; Indiegogo. Using social media to support a dream. Crowd funding is the practice of aiding a venture by raising many small donations from a large number of people.

Arizona Company Launches Indiegogo for the Bitcoin Card

It's an online payment system that works via peer-to-peer exchange. This decentralized cryptocurrency or virtual currency is called Bitcoin and was first introduced to the world in 2008. One Scottsdale, Arizona company led by Christopher Wirth believes they can 'change the face of currency forever' by offering a Bitcoin Debit/Credit Card based on a private label Visa Credit Card and they've launched an Indiegogo campaign to get the funding to make it a reality.

UPTICK NEWSWIRE Slated to Launch Integrated Newsroom

LogoUPTICK Newswire is in the top 9,000 most visited websites in America, according to The company will be opening their 24/7 Micro-Cap newsroom by the end of October 2014. This news resource will meet Sec, Reg., and fair disclosure regulations, and allow small cap firms to manage their own news platform.

Expert Palmist Fredrique Herel to Join "Empowering Your Soul with Lisa Ouellet" on the 7th Wave Channel, September 26th at 9AM PST

Logo"I am so very excited to be doing a show on Palmistry with such a knowledgable guest as Frederique and find it fascinating since the lines on our own hands can be used as a self improvement tool and a way to further Empower our Souls" said host Lisa Ouellet.

Sergeant Keni Thomas, Decorated War Hero, Award Winning Country Music Artist and Acclaimed Speaker to Join Dr. Paula Joyce on Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit

LogoVoice America Talk Radio Network, Internet broadcasting pioneer, producing and syndicating online audio and video, today announced that decorated war hero, military analyst, award winning country music recording artist and acclaimed speaker, Sergeant Keni Thomas, will join Dr. Paula Joyce host of Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit radio program on the VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel Thursday, July 10 at 8 AM Pacific Time.

Dr. Brown and Recon Mission Team Excited for Barbells for Boobs

LogoThe countdown is on! In less than a month, Richard J. Brown and his office staff, along with friends and family, are participating in Barbells for Boobs. On October 4th, Dr. Brown’s Recon Mission’ team will gather at Crossfit Blur in Scottsdale, exercising to raise money for the early detection of breast cancer.

All You Need to Know About Navigating Washington, DC

LogoExplore and experience with Chuck Brooks the operational world of Washington which consists of four pillars: the government (executive, judicial and legislative branches); the commercial (national and global business); the policy (academic as well as think tanks and associations); and the media (old and the new).

Boydco Plumbing, Inc. Shares Tips for Dealing with a Flooded Kitchen

LogoBoydco Plumbing, Inc., a Phoenix plumbing company, knows that a flooded kitchen can be a huge headache for homeowners. To help relieve homeowners’ stress, Boydco Plumbing is offering up their best tips for dealing with a flooded kitchen.

Xocai BUTCH GUYS Webinar to Review BUILDING-the-BIZ Car Hood Presentation: Will Compare SMITH Dental Success to XO-Lifestyle Skincare

LogoAs the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the true vision of Xoçai is to transform and improve individual lives worldwide through its exclusive and healthy chocolate products. One such unique element is XoVita™, a proprietary high-antioxidant blend of cacao, açaí berries and blueberries, an ingredient combination exclusive to Xoçai. This proprietary and exclusive high-antioxidant blend is utilized in all of Xoçai products and provides a wide-ranging class of nutrients, vitamins and health benefits. XoVita™ consistently contributes to the findings that all of Xocai’s products contain the highest ORAC (antioxidant-measuring test) and flavonoid rich products available today. (

VoiceAmerica Announces Launch: Version 3.0 of Promotional E-Card

LogoThe new innovative design will increase the reach and scope of live and on-demand episodes as well as increase visibility and SEO online to support VoiceAmerica hosts connecting with new guests, their distribution channels, as well as help listeners connect with the new talk content. The new design and technology enables delivery to mobile and desktop destinations and contains the most requested features by hosts and listeners. Some of the highlights include a new streamlined look and feel, direct share support for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, plus an “Add This” function which allows listeners and hosts to share e-card 3.0 with over 300 of the world’s social media networks. Additional features to e-card 3.0 include:

The SEO Company Dedicated to Helping Small Businesses Launches Halloween Special During October a low cost SEO company who are dedicated in helping small businesses improve their search engine ranking and increase traffic will be offering special pricing for customers throughout the month of October. The search engine optimization company will be offering a pricing package special at $299 per month. The affordable search engine optimization pricing will be vital to small businesses who need to build their customer base and improve their website traffic.

Seeking the Help of a Tax Debt Attorney: A Must to Prevent Debts from Taking over One's Life

LogoWhen a taxpayer finds out that he is facing tax debt issues, he may instantly feel overwhelmed. Undergoing through these issues is very stressful, when the debts are piled and may seem like it’s impossible to pay. There are instances that a taxpayer loses all his assets just to pay the declared amount he owed, in worst cases, loses his sanity. One cannot simply escape his tax debt issues with the IRS. The IRS will do whatever it takes to get what they are owed.

Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney Releases Tips on How to Avoid Bankruptcy

LogoBankruptcy filing is often perceived as an easy way out to escape debt. While it is true that it will eliminate one’s debt, U.S. residents may find that what they get in return may be more than they bargained for, credits to legal changes enacted in 2005. In connection to this, Arizona bankruptcy attorney releases some useful tips to avoid all these hassles and advises the public to do everything they can to avoid the filing for bankruptcy.

BtS Radio's Special Guest: Wonkette Publisher Rebecca Schoenkopf

LogoWonkette owner and Editor Rebecca Schoenkopf will appear on Between the Synapse Radio on Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 1 pm ET to discuss her publication described as an, “American online magazine of topical satire and political gossip … lilting markedly to a side that some cultures refer to as left.” ( Schoenkopf, formerly of OC Weekly and author of Commie Girl in the O. C. (Verso, 2008), bought The Wonkette from Ken Layne in 2012.

Phoenix Immigration Lawyers Help Clients with Their Visas, Green Cards, Deportation Defense, Asylum and Other Immigration Document Problems

Phoenix immigration lawyers are helping clients with their visas, green cards, deportation defense, asylum and other immigration document problems that they would encounter as they stay in Arizona. People who immigrate to the area may in one way or another encounter problem in regards with their papers and other documents that would prove that their stay in the state is legal. But these people do not have to fret on these problems as the professional phoenix immigration lawyers from Ariano & Reppucci, PLLC are sure to help anyone out of these issues.

Phoenix Divorce and Family Law Attorneys Help the Residents of Arizona with Their Problems

Family and divorce law attorneys in Phoenix are pursuing their mission, which is to help all residents of Arizona with their problems related to divorce, child support, child custody, parenting time, separation and many more. These professionals are indeed a great help for most families particularly to couples who are experiencing challenges involving their relationships.

Woolp Publish New Promo Video Promising $100 Incentive to Try Their Money Making Technique

With many people having to take on extra work to make ends meet, most have confronted the reality of a marketing scam at some point in their lives. As a result, people are naturally cautious of new ways to make money effectively online without people having to give up their lives to achieve it. Woolp has been getting a lot of attention for allowing people to make a full time income with part time effort. To help alleviate the fears of some who may think its bold claims to success are spurious, the company has created a video outlining their approach, and making a bold promise to give anyone who can’t make money with their techniques $100 in return.

Local Marketing Company Ready for September 25th Networking Event

LogoOn Thursday, September 25, 2014, Loud Rumor will be hosting its 1 5th Quarterly Event at Degree 270 on the 14th floor of Talking Stick Resort. Local businessmen and women are invited to put on their party shoes, mingle with other entrepreneurs from around the Valley, and enjoy an evening of spirited banter.

Hacker Accounting Reminds Self-Employed Tax Payers of Third-Quarter Estimates

LogoHacker Accounting is reminding self-employed people that their third-quarter income, which requires quarterly estimated taxes, are coming up. Third-quarter payment needs to be postmarked on or before September 16, 2014.

Tips from Printing Solutions on How to Create a Memorable Event

LogoPrinting Solutions, a print company in Scottsdale, AZ is sharing their expert tips with business owners to help them create a memorable event worth talking about.

Scottsdale Plumbing Company Shares Tips for Unclogging a Bathroom Sink

LogoTammy Wadina from On My Way (OMW) Plumbing is back to share her expert tips on all things plumbing related.

SEO Company Is Helping Small Businesses Save Money by Launching Halloween Special Offers During October a low cost SEO company who are dedicated in helping small businesses improve their search engine ranking and increase traffic will be offering special pricing for customers throughout the month of October. The search engine optimization company will be offering a pricing package special at $299 per month. The affordable search engine optimization pricing will be vital to small businesses who need to build their customer base and improve their website traffic.

Dr. Richard J. Brown Is Reaching out to Men with Gynecomastia

LogoDr. Richard J. Brown treats many gynecomastia patients in the Phoenix area. He’s seen the toll it can take on someone emotionally and wants to help anyone affected by the condition by offering the best treatment for gynecomastia possible.

Blason Mobile Accessory Store Introduces Attractive Iphone 6 Cases in Online Market

Blason has launched in the online market an easy to buy mobile accessories with lots of option to choose from. They are aiming to supply the finest quality mobile device accessories. The products that are found in this store are reasonably priced and they cater free home delivery to the given address at the earliest.

Lawrence Law Offices Launches Student Loans 911 Borrower Education Site

Lawrence Law Offices announced the launch of Student Loans 911, a new online destination aimed at those looking for ways to ease or better manage their student loan debt burdens. The new site collects in a single place a range of resources that can be of use to borrowers in a wide variety of situations, from those who remain in good standing on their student loans to others who are already deeply in default. The newly revealed Student Loans 911 is already one of the most in-depth and extensive sites of its kind and will be updated with new information on an ongoing basis.

Seed to Sell, Total Vertical Integration of American Green

LogoAmerican Green, Inc. (OTC: ERBB), headquartered in Tempe, Arizona is a technology based company that operates in the medical marijuana space. ERBB is dedicated to the renewal of the American economy by developing and growing vertical retail supply chain technologies, systems, and investments. The Company, formerly known as Tranzbyte Corporation; employs an integrated model of “Seed to Sell”. In an exclusive sit-down interview with Stephen Shearin the company’s President and COO, UPTICK Newswire has gained an extensive understanding of American Green’s model of “vertical integration”.