Press Releases For AZ - Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale (US)

The 3rd Annual Gift of Exoneration Series with Francie Koehler on PI's Declassified

Voice America Talk Radio Network, Internet broadcasting pioneer, producing and syndicating online audio and video, today announced a series featuring five wrongfully convicted individuals are joining Francie Koehler, host of PI's Declassified! radio program on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel ( December 4 through January 15, 2015, every Thursday, at 9 a.m. Pacific Time.

UPTICK NEWSWIRE Slated to Launch Integrated Newsroom

UPTICK Newswire is in the top 9,000 most visited websites in America, according to The company will be opening their 24/7 Micro-Cap newsroom by the end of October 2014. This news resource will meet Sec, Reg., and fair disclosure regulations, and allow small cap firms to manage their own news platform.

Arizona Mom Launches Kickstarter Campaign Healthy Snack Box for Kids

An Arizona mom wants to make it as easy as possible for parents to introduce unique and delicious snacks to their kids and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to deliver snacks to anyone's door once a month.

Gilbert's Always Professional in Moving Collects Cans and Raises Soldiers Spirits During December

LogoAlways Professional in Moving, a local moving company in Gilbert, has continued their charitable efforts by collecting canned food donations this month. Not only did they exceed their collection from last year, but they surpassed their own expectations with a grand total of 6,500 cans. The cans joined donations from across the valley as part of KNIX Ben & Matt's Million Can Crusade. All donations go to St. Vincent de Paul's Food Reclamation Center to help families in need this holiday season.

Famous Family Mediator Forrest Mosten Will Answer Your Questions on Family Matters VoiceAmerica Show

LogoListeners can get their questions about family mediation answered by famous mediator Forrest Mosten Dec. 16, 2015, on Family mediators help people negotiate constructively and create their own solutions for separation, divorce, pre-marital agreements, property distribution, spousal support, child support, parenting issues after divorce, and other tough family decisions.

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon Richard J. Brown Opens Up About Breast Augmentation Scars

LogoIt can be difficult to decide which type of breast augmentation surgery to have. One thing to consider is the type of scar that will be left following surgery. Some procedures can be completed with only minor incisions in places that are easy to hide, such as in the armpit. Incisions around the areola typically heal in a way that prevents noticeable scarring.

Quality Janitorial Services of Phoenix Gives Tips on Taking Care of Porcelain

LogoQuality Janitorial Services, a Phoenix commercial and residential cleaning company, knows how hard it is to keep porcelain clean without damaging the surface. Here are some insider tips to make sure porcelain fixtures are spotless and in great shape.

Announcing New Mommy Makeover and Med Spa

Many women are more then ready to for a mommy makeover to reclaim their pre-baby body. Every mother gets bogged down with chores, caring for the kids, and other household demands. There comes a time to stop chasing kids from behind and time for everyone to check out their behind!

Guide to Finding a Green, Healthy Mattress Released by the Sleepy Shopper

LogoChemicals in household products prove a growing concern for many consumers who seek to keep their homes healthy. Other people are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of traditional household goods, aiming to reduce their families' carbon footprint.

Mendelson Med Spa in Phoenix Offers Alternative Acne Treatment

LogoThe great part of going to a med spa is that a variety of conditions can be treated all in the same place. There are also new and evolving treatments that many people don't know about. At Mendelson Med Spa, we have a few different ways to treat acne, all here in one office!

Mendelson Dermatology of Phoenix Reminds Residents to Wear SPF During the Winter

LogoThe beauty of Phoenix is having sun year-round, but that can wreak havoc on our skin. That's why it's so important to use SPF and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Don't think that sun block isn't as important during the winter! For the best skin care, it should be worn year round and even when it's overcast.

Metro Movers of Phoenix Offers Tips on How to Keep Hardware Safe During a Move

LogoDuring a move, while taking down curtain rods, disassembling furniture and removing pictures from the walls, there will be a lot of hardware that needs to be kept safe during the move. There's nothing worse than putting furniture back together only to realize hardware is missing.

ATR's Grover Norquist, CFTC's Christopher Giancarlo, and CNBC Legend Larry Kudlow to Be Interviewed on Engage with Andy Busch on the Business Channel

LogoEngage with Andy Busch, the radio show that covers the intersection of politics and money, will feature three very special guests this week to cover all things tax reform and government regulation.

Kristin Beck Discusses Transgender Visibility, True Liberty, and Becoming Lady Valor on Sex out Loud, Hosted by Tristan Taormino on

LogoAuthor, activist, and veteran Kristin Beck joins the show to discuss her work as a US Navy Seal, transitioning after her military, and coming out as transgender to a worldwide audience with Anderson Cooper on CNN. We'll discuss her documentary "Lady Valor" which has found success at film festivals across the country and her commitment to achieving true liberty throughout the Department of Defense.

The Soul of Enterprise: Business in the Knowledge Economy Will Feature Jody Thompson

LogoBusiness in the Knowledge Economy will feature a guest, Jody Thompson, Co-Founder of CultureRx® and Co-Creator of the Results-Only Work Environment™ (ROWE™), along with Cali Ressler.

Craters & Freighters Phoenix Offers Packaging Advice for Santa

LogoFrom delivering historical artifacts to Dubai to safely shipping a vintage carousel to the Philippines, Craters & Freighters Phoenix has tackled some of the world's toughest overseas packing and shipping assignments. There is one job, however, that might be slightly beyond their professional capabilities--being Santa Claus. Craters & Freighters Phoenix understands the magnitude of this endeavor and has shared a few packaging tips for their friends at the North Pole.

OpalCoin Enlightens Readers on How Opal Revolutionizes Cryptocurrency

OpalCoin, from the Opal development team, is a revolutionary alternative to Bitcoin that is turning heads. Have you heard the latest news about the growing altcoin platform?

Competition Projected to Kill 87 Mexico Dental Clinics in 2015

Dental clinics in Mexico are dropping like flies according to a new study published in September. IMTJ, a leading medical travel journal states that dental tourism is quickly moving toward a commodity driven market. Price wars, competition, and confusion may have put as many as 5 to 9% of clinics out of business in the last 12 months - with no sign of this trend slowing down for 2015.

Jones Moving & Storage Remind Phoenix Residents What Can and Cannot Be Moved

While Jones Moving & Storage is willing to take the majority of items to a new home, there are some things moving companies don't recommend putting in a moving truck. It's important to check with each specific moving company to get to know their policies better, but as a general rule these are the items moving companies generally advise their customers to move themselves.

The Gritty Side of Marriage from an Experienced Private Detective

LogoLori Jae will be interviewing, George Eleftheriou, Experienced Private Detective, on Her Show, "Contract For Love", Wednesday, at 1 p.m. Arizona Time, December 10, 2014, titled: " The Gritty Side of Marriage From an Experienced Private Detective"

UPTICK Newswire: A Newsroom for the Future

LogoThe world is ever changing and growing. As markets tend to dictate the future, those who remain steeped in tradition determine the past. On a daily basis, news flashes across the screens of every device while more often than not, sources and content are rarely questioned. With standard channels of distribution, Micro-Cap companies have no means of getting their news to their intended audience. In Penny Land, it is often a challenge in determining which companies will most likely succeed within the confines of a highly competitive market. But at the end of the day, it is the company's news which holds the key in providing transparency and higher liquidity in the overall tradability of the stock.

Kellan Fluckiger Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for the Tightrope of Depression: From Despair & Death to Love & Life

LogoDepression is a silent killer and Kellan Fluckiger wants to do something about it. He's writing a book, creating a website, composing music and rendering art to chronicle his own journey through depression towards good health. The resources he's creating will help others who suffer from depression to find their own way out of a maze not of their own making.

Join Drs. Jim & Janine as They Talk with Dr. Michael Zeligs About Safer Estrogen with Phytonutrition - LIVE on the Health & Wellness Channel, Dec. 9th

LogoNatural ingredients of certain plants in the Brassica cruciferous family, including cabbage, broccoli and others, provide increase adaptive responses regulating hormone metabolism and cell behavior. The most active of these phytochemicals with regard to estrogen is the dietary indole, diindolylmethane (DIM).

Glorifying Reviews, Consistent Approach Places Transparent Merchant Services Among the Top Tier of Merchant Service Providers in the U.S.

LogoThe no-nonsense approach taken by Transparent Merchant Services (, in delivering hassle-free merchant services with no-strings-attached, has resulted in glowing reviews coming in from around the web. These reviews effectively rank the Scottsdale, Arizona, based provider in the upper echelon of POS services providers nationwide.

Todd Durkin ' Impacts Your Life' an Amazing Exclusive Interview on Tom Matt's "Boomers Rock" Radio Talk Show with the Founder of 'Fitness Quest 10'

LogoTodd Durkin, MA, CSCS, is an internationally recognized performance-enhancement coach, personal trainer, massage therapist, author, and speaker who motivates, educates and inspires people worldwide.

Nigel Risner Speaks with Chris Cooper About Some of the Key Principles of His Very Successful Book 'The Impact Code'

LogoNigel Risner (author, television presenter and a prolific speaker) will join Chris Cooper on a continuing series, "Be More.Achieve More. - Inspiration for the Entrepreneurial Mind", streamed on 5th December 2014, from 8am(PST)/pm 11am (EST) on VoiceAmerica's Business Channel.

Dr. Steven Greer Talks About Peaceful ET Contact and Higher Consciousness on Conscious Evolution Radio

LogoDuring his more than two decades of work to educate governments and the general public regarding our history of peaceful Extraterrestrial visitation, Dr. Steven Greer has seen disclosure of ET visitation and contact spread around the world.