Press Releases For CA - Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario (US)

California Company Launches Indiegogo for Privacy Protection

Everyone these days has heard or seen the ALS Ice bucket challenge. The best bucket challenge actually occurred in 1755 when Benjamin Franklin electrified a metal pail and lowered a cork ball inside. Famous for his observations, Franklin was able to observe that the cork ball was NOT electrified or in any way touched by the electrical current which remained observable outside the pail. Nearly 90 years later, in 1843, electrochemist Michael Faraday used a pewter ice bucket to confirm Franklin's theory and essentially created what is now known as the hollow conductor or a Faraday cage. Using the principles of the Faraday cage, an American company, POD (Privacy on Demand) has created what amounts to a Faraday cage for one's cell phone and has launched an Indiegogo campaign to bring about awareness of the product as they bring it to market.

Elite Custom Glass Acquires 10,000 Square Foot Facility

A recent article in Decorative Glass Magazine reports decorative glass products continue to be hot ticket items for interior design. Glass is being used extensively in projects that range from walls to floors. With this in mind, Elite Custom Glass has acquired a 10,000 square foot warehouse, which will allow them to offer industry-leading products and customer service.

Western Case, Inc. Announces Expanded Facility for Blow Molded Products and Production

With over 35 years of experience among blow molding manufacturers, Western Case, Inc. is expanding its influence in the market of custom and blower-mold plastics. Originally based out of Southern California with a 20,000-square-foot facility, Western Case has big plans to expand their operations by 2.5 times its original size. This expansion means good things for their current and future customers. Launches 30 Days Property Purchase Promise in Southern California

The real estate industry was one of the first dominoes to fall in the global economic downturn, and there are still people struggling to pay their mortgages to this day. Equally, many people wish to sell their homes as soon as possible to move to a place that better suits their needs, but there is so much sand in the wheels of the industry that they cannot sell for months, sometimes even years. Fortunately, Southern California Home Buyers is a Real Estate Investment Company set up by Doug and Andrea a husband and wife team that is designed to help people sell their homes in a hurry.

San Diego Web Design Firm Your Design World Launches Dynamic New Lotus Elixirs Website

LogoFinding the right website design company can be a very challenging experience.  The industry is, unfortunately, clogged with under performing and dishonest services that don't come close to fulfilling the promises they make.  Enter the San Diego web design company Your Design World , who are one of the exception to the rule – always striving to deliver premium quality work at an affordable price point.  Recently, Your Design World announced their finishing an astonishingly well executed project, the new website of Lotus Elixirs, a company that presents a new all-natural spin on the energy drink concept.  The feedback on the new site has been remarkably positive.

Riverside Attorney Julian Fox Reviews State of Translators in Civil and Family Law Courts

Non-English speaking litigants in criminal courts have long had the right to translators in their hearings and trials. But that has not been the case in civil court. These litigants have had to bring or hire their own translators.

Free List Building Teleclass from Coach Donna Laree

For entrepreneurs, professionals, and small businesses who want to improve their presence online through building an email list, but do not really know how and where to start, worry no more because Donna L. Ward is now offering a Free List Building Teleclass that will start this coming December 4 and Every First Thursday of Each Month, 9 AM Pacific Time and 12 Noon Eastern Time.

SBEMP Announces New Partners in Labor and Employment Law and Additional San Diego Law Firm Office

LogoSlovak, Baron, Empey, Murphy & Pinkney LLP (SBEMP), a Southern California law firm,, has served the Coachella valley since 1994 by solving unique legal needs in businesses, communities, and government. Now, with the addition of partners, Steve Schultz and Mark Bennett, whose expertise in labor, employment, and commercial law expands the firm's practice in San Diego. Existing SBEMP law offices include Palm Springs, Orange County, and Princeton NJ.

eBook-Writing from Idea to Best Seller: Join Free Live Interview, Tele-Class and Q&A with the eBook Coach, Ellen Violette

Ellen Violette is CEO of one of the leading Digital Publishing/Online Business Coaching Companies in the world, Create a Splash LLC and she was the very first eBook coach online. Join Ellen Violette with host, Coach Donna Ward and tackle some of the issues surrounding How To Take Your eBook from Idea to Best-Seller. An ebook gives you credibility and expert status that you can’t get from your other products. The event will be on December 4, Thursday, at 2 PM Pacific, 5 ET.

Stolen Tujunga T-Ball Artificial Turf Field to Be Donated by Artificial Grass Liquidators

LogoOn December 3rd, 2014, hundreds of young, aspiring athletes from the Tujunga Little League will get to “play ball” again, thanks in large part to the donation and installation of a new artificial turf T-Ball field by Artificial Grass Liquidators, a Southern California based artificial turf retail chain.

Nationally Sought-After Real Estates Sales Coach, Fred Wilson, Launches New Website to Seek out a Wider Market

Fred Wilson, author of "The Third Law of Success™" and creator of, "Sales Production Secrets™" launches new website ( and real estate sales coaching platform on October 20, 2014. The site will feature all Fred Wilson Coaching products, as well as from the SPS [Sales Production Secrets] to Self-Government websites.

New Drug Breakthrough: A (Conditionally) Federally Legal Alternative to Medical Marijuana

With the legalization of medical marijuana (cannabis) in an increasing number of states, there is a movement afoot to provide the benefits of marijuana as a synthetically produced drug.

America's Best Property Management Launches Services Aimed to Ease Landlord Duties

The prevalence of rental properties owned by the average homeowner is increasing as more people realize that being a landlord can provide excellent residual income. In many cases, however, these people soon find themselves facing more work than they expected. This is because like all houses, rental properties need repairs that often do not come with any warnings. Prospective tenants also need to be vetted to ensure that they have sufficiently-stable incomes, will be good neighbors, and basically be good customers. Finally, there can be a surprising number of customer service calls.

Spearmint Rhino Entertainer of the Year 2015

LogoSpearmint Rhino Showgirls from Around the US Compete for Title, Crown, Cash and Diamonds

Partners in Leadership Honored for #1 Industry-Leading Content

LogoPartners In Leadership (PIL) announced today that its off-the-shelf and custom training content received the #1 ranking in the training and development industry for Excellence in Content. The company received this esteemed Learning in Practice Award from Chief Learning Officer magazine for its accomplishments in partnering with organizations to teach employees about key business issues. The company’s off-the-shelf and custom content for all three of its training tracks were evaluated and considered.

Sovereign Health of Palm Springs Launches Mental Health Program

LogoMental health is a major factor in many drug abuse cases, with half of those suffering from a severe mental illness while also developing a substance dependency at some point in their lives. Despite various mental health clinics and rehab centers in the Coachella Valley area, none are as committed to the integration of mental and behavioral health treatment as Sovereign Health. Keeping in line with their philosophy, The Sovereign Way, their Palm Springs treatment center is pleased to inaugurate its Mental Health Program, providing dual diagnosis treatment for the mental health issues that often underlie addiction.

Maxco Auto Body Shop in Montclair CA Announces New Car Body Repair Website

LogoThe new website reflects Maxco’s commitment to providing fast and professional service for consumers who need expert collision repair, dent repair and car body repair in Montclair CA.

HelioPower Solar Is Growing and Holding a Local Job Fair for Murrieta Branch

HelioPower, Inc., an integrated energy solutions provider based in Murrieta, CA has announced it will be hosting a local hiring event for its Inland Empire location. The on-site event will occur at 25747 Jefferson Avenue, Murrieta, CA 92562 on Thursday October 9th between the hours of 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Rough Hand Repair Ointment Is Now Made Available to the US Armed Forces, Owing to the Purchases by the Public

In the wake of the tremendous response received by customers, John Fraser has announced the shipping of a tube of his coveted product to the servicemen and women in the US armed forces, for every tube purchased by the populace of California. Rough Hand Repair has been specifically designed to heal excessively cracked hands and feet that are caused by a number of reasons; working in the construction and mechanical fields, gardening, farming, working with chemicals, working in the medical field that requires regular washing of the hands, extreme climates or just naturally dry skin. It also works in the case of skin problems like eczema as many customers have reported.

Retractable Banner Stands US Offers New Pop Up Displays and Table Throws for Trade Events

Brand identity is one of the most important strategic elements of a growing business, and the easiest way to increase the visibility of a brand is by catching the eye of those who pass by a business, no matter the location. Branded signage is one thing, but established businesses put their brand on everything from the pens to the table cloths, especially when trying to impress at trade shows and other events. Retractable Banner Stands US specializes in creating affordable branded stands, flags, pop up signs and more, and has just released a new range of affordable displays and table throws.

"The Wisdom of Oz" Lands on New York Times Bestseller List

LogoRoger Connors and Tom Smith, co-founders of Partners In Leadership, are pleased to announce their newest book, "The Wisdom of Oz: Using Personal Accountability to Succeed in Everything You Do," made the influential New York Times bestseller list in its first week of publication. The book, released September 4, 2014, presents the powerful yet practical principles of personal accountability in simple, down-to-earth terms that anyone can apply in their home, school, workplace, or community.

Rough Hand Repair Moisturizer and Cotton Gloves Help People Who Work with Their Hands

There are countless lotions on the market that claim to heal dry, cracked skin - but for people who work with their hands every day, many of these remedies fall short. Fortunately a brand new moisturizer is now for sale that is designed for people whose skin suffers from severe dryness because of their working conditions.

Wrechware Is Calling out Possible Dealers for Their Raved About Gift Items for Men

Wrenchware is actively looking to get dealers for their unique, one-of-a-kind specialty store that features unlimited gift options for every man. The site geared for men also has 2 new product addition to their already cool lineup of unusual gifts. They call it the Knuckle Cup retailing at $14.95 and the Gear Bowl priced at $18.95.

New York Times Bestsellers Release New Life-Changing Book

LogoThree-time New York Times bestselling authors, Roger Connors and Tom Smith, are pleased to announce their newly published book, "The Wisdom of Oz: Using Personal Accountability to Succeed in Everything You Do." In the book Connors and Smith present the practical and powerful principles of personal accountability in simple, down-to-earth terms that you can apply in your home, school, workplace, or community. The book will help strengthen family relationships, improve friendships, motivate children, increase value on the job, and improve health and financial well-being.

Display Wholesale Launches Sale on Advertising Flags with Three Day Turnaround

No business can succeed without advertising. This is so true that the forms of advertising are more varied than perhaps any other media. Advertising on the internet, on TV, in the cinema and on billboards is one thing, but sometimes businesses need to attract a more local customer base by flagging up immediate benefits to passers-by. Display Wholesale allows them to do just that, no matter the environment, with amazing custom signage for unbeatable prices. Their latest deal is a sale on advertising flags that create maximum visibility while taking up minimal space.

Solaris Power Cells Releases "Kutula" Vapor Mod (Modified Large Cell E-Cigarettes)

LogoSolaris Power Cells, Inc. the creators of the Solaris PESATM “Passive Electron Storage Array” ™, (the “Company”) OTCQB: SPCL - Germany WKN: A1W9W5 - Solaris Power Cells has released its first Vapor-Mod product featuring the Solaris Battery-Free PESA™ “Passive-Electron-Storage-Array” storage solution. As stated in prior Solaris previous press releases, a vapor mod is a customizable large cell e-cigarette that can be used for flavored nicotine juices. Business journals and trade groups have projected the vapor industry to be over $10 billion by 2017.

K-9 Companions Introduces Methods to Stop Biting and Barking

K-9 Companions offers training for dogs that bark and bite as well as help for their owners to understand the causes of these behaviors. When owners understand why dogs misbehave, they are much more likely to be able to control them.