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Crème De La Crème Preschool Vice President Jody Martin Honored with Prestigious 'Bammy Award' by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International in Washington,D.C.

The Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International recently awarded a prestigious Bammy Award to Jody Martin, Vice President of Education at Crème de la Crème Preschool, for her contributions to early childhood education. The Bammy Award is a cross-discipline honor created in 2012 to identify the good work being done in the field of education today.

November 2014: 15 Email Marketing and Social Media Training Seminars to Be Presented by the Countess Group

With the holiday season just weeks away, The Countess Group, a strategic marketing and communications consultancy, will present a series of email marketing and social media marketing workshops and seminars open to the public in November.

Coast to Coast Tickets Provides Personalized Ticket Selling Solutions to Event Organizers

Coast To Coast Tickets is one of the leading online brokers in United States, offering genuine tickets to customers at highly affordably prices. The online dealer sells tickets to some big time live events taking place in various cities of the US. Being in the business for several years, the company has gained a great reputation by offering lucrative deals and discounts to customers on their ticket purchase. If you wish to buy tickets for an upcoming major event, you can rely on the services offered by the company. Coast To Coast Tickets is now offering personalized ticket selling solutions to event organizers in United States. If you are looking forward to sell your tickets, you can create an account by filling in an application form available on the company’s website. The form requires you to fill your personal information including your first name, last name, email address, phone number, username and password.

New South Florida Entertainment Company Lucre Media Group Signs Rising Hip Hop Music Artist Pre'T Boi Huss

South Florida has a new Entertainment company on the scene, Lucre Media Group, who have announced they are now representing hot Hollywood, Florida hip hop star Pre'T Boi Huss.

E Cig Reviews UK Publishes Top Five Countdown of the Best Electronic Cigarettes

Cigarette smoking looked to be a dying art- the combination of public smoking bans, advertising restrictions and grim packaging have combined to stigmatize smoking to the point where smokers must huddle together outdoors to enjoy a cigarette. Being ostracized has naturally made many attempt to give up smoking, but technology has provided an answer that solves all these issues. The electronic cigarette provides a means for people to smoke indoors using nicotine rich water vapor, and E Cig Reviews UK has published a list of the best E cigarettes on the market.

unSpirituality: Provocative New Book Calls for Humans to Drop Religion and Shed 'Spiritual Story'

In a topical and complex new book by Christopher Loren, readers are invited through the confusion and chaos of religion, to the peace on the other side. Entitled ‘unSpirituality - Permission to be Human’, the text challenges conventional worldviews on religion and spirituality, and examines the role of childhood emotional wounds in indoctrination.

How Nutrex Lipo-6 Black Is Different From Other Weight Loss Supplements

LogoWeight loss supplements have been rampant all over the world for many years now, yet the proven effects of any brand in particular have not yet been discovered. As many weight loss supplements, techniques, and methods as there are, there still isn’t one that can successfully effect in weight loss no matter who takes it. This hereby means that there isn’t a set supplement compatible with everyone. It might be thought that with all the research done, all the new labs open, and all the pharmaceutical manufacturers, there might be at least ‘one size fits all’ supplement for the every growing problem of an increased weight.

Talking to Toddlers Review Exposes Revolutionary and Inspired Parenting Course

According to this Talking to Toddlers Review, Chris Thompson shares with other parents his expertise and knowledge when it comes to dealing with toddler or child which are not behaving the way they want in Talking to Toddlers. This Talking to Toddlers Review reveals that parents and caregivers will learn valuable tips and explain where they are probably going wrong. This is not any kind of gimmick or trick. These techniques really do work and there is real science to back it up. According to this Talking to Toddlers Review, this eBook is a great resource for people who are a frustrated parent these are the tips that they really need to understand.

Paid Social Media Jobs Review Reveals How to Find Hundreds of Easy Social Media Jobs

This Paid Social Media Jobs Review introduces a unique service because it allows users to choose the jobs they like, whenever they feel like working. Users basically just need to sign up at Paid Social Media Jobs, apply for one of the many jobs that are on the list, and if they are accepted, they will start working.

Easy-Does-It Diet Review Reveals How to Create Delicious, Easy Frozen Diet Meals

According to this Easy-Does-It Diet Review, this new revised guide provides all the convenience and portion-control of expensive frozen diet meals that users can make themselves and eat the food they love, feel completely satisfied, spend less money and still lose weight. The Easy-Does-It-Diet shows people that anyone can create nutritious and flavorful frozen diet meals without spending a fortune. This e-book includes more than a dozen recipes for frozen diet meals developed with the guidance of top nutritional experts. It makes losing weight easy and delicious.

7 Day Goddess Juice Feast Review Reveals the Ultimate Secret to a Healthy and Vibrant Life

According to this 7 Day Goddess Juice Feast Review, this revolutionary guide is the right choice for those people worldwide who are trying to lose weight and they want to get fit and achieve the body of their dreams. Also, this 7 Day Goddess Juice Feast Review reveals that woman can get fit and fabulous even if they are over 40, out-of-shape, hormones raging, out of control.

Fast Psoriasis Cure Review Reveals Unique Tips to Cure Psoriasis Permanently

According to this Fast Psoriasis Cure Review that readers can find on, psoriasis is a common condition, diagnosed in numerous individuals from all over the world. Now, all these patients can benefit of this great new program that promises to cure psoriasis in just 12 hours. The method was created by Anthony Tyler, a renowned medical researcher, nutritionist, health consultant and also a person who knows very well what patients have to go through when they are battling this disease and offers some simple and unique tips to cure it faster.

Clip's Party Store Announces the Arrival of Top of the Line Variable Volt E-Cigarettes and E-Liquid

LogoCLIP’S PARTY STORE would like to inform everyone that they launched the top of the line variable Volt e-cigarettes and e-liquid recently in order to give fun and excitement for all men and women who often spend their leisure time in smoking, drinking and partying.

Ted's Woodworking Review: Woodworking Plans Guide by Ted McGrath Gets Worldwide Applause

Ted's Woodworking plans and projects are one of the most searched for phrases in Google although most people are unaware of it. Carpentry is one of the oldest hobbies and one of the simplest businesses to start. The plans and blueprints that are often assembled in magazines or reprinted on blogs can be hard to understand, not practical for a beginner and not advanced enough for an experienced woodworker.

The Venus Factor Reviews: Discover John Barban's Weight Loss Tips & Techniques for Women in This Venus Factor Review

Every other woman is conscious of excess weight and adopts imprecise methods to get rid of the fats permanently but the weight gain tends to rebound causing the efforts in vain. One of the best ways to lose the excess weight and to achieve a well-toned body is to follow a program. Planning a diet and exercise strategy mean accounting for all of these factors and making adjustments accordingly. “The Venus Factor” is a well-formulated program by John Barban, which is the most talked product in the recent times.

Venus Factor Reviews - John Barban Reveals Secrets to a Perfect Female Body

The Venus Factor is a fitness program which contains great workout routines, workout plans and exercises for obese women. Their workouts are perfect for the home or gym. It consists of a Venus Index which takes a woman’s hip, waist and height measurement information and it accommodates the diet to a woman’s needs. It is more than just a weight loss or fitness program. The program has been created to make a woman’s body slimmer, firmer and healthier.

Get Rid of Herpes Review: Scam or Legit? Should People Trust This Herpes Remedy by Sarah Wilcox?

Get Rid of Herpes program was created by a former herpes patient Sarah Wilcox. She suffered herpes in a better part of her life and only recently did she get her hands on this effective treatment method. She no longer needs any medication and is living a herpes free life without having any outbreaks or symptoms. Having herpes is an all too common story. Doctors usually call it an allergy and provide some antibiotic or antiviral which doesn’t help at all. The overdose of those dangerous chemicals leads to very severe consequences multiplying the misery.

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review - Hidden Truth Exposed

Ultimate Herpes Protocol program is a brand new program that helps you eliminate herpes effectively. Melanie Addington – the author believes that the program based on American Herpes Foundation will help people remove herpes virus from their body so quickly. Ultimate Herpes Protocol includes step-by-step guides that are easier for people to follow. It is stated that the program is really creative and effectual when it helps many people get rid of herpes both type I and type II quickly and naturally.

Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review: Herpes Cure Blueprint Finally Revealed by Melanie Addington

Ultimate Herpes Protocol by Melanie Addington - Herpes is still considered an incurable disease by the medical community. But by using the methods explained in the e-book the painful symptoms of the disease can be relieved by all-natural means. Many customers who bought the e-book and followed the natural cure for herpes explained in it gave positive feedbacks and reviews. Melanie Addington had belief in the effectiveness of natural products over artificial ones. This is what made her reveal the natural remedies she had tried to get relief herself. As long as there are true stories associated with any product, people start believing in the reliability of that product.

Lenders Introduce a $5,000 Cash Limit on Guaranteed Personal Loans

LogoPeople are really feeling the wrath of the current harsh economic times and most of them are finding it very challenging fulfilling their financial obligations with their small paychecks. now has some good news for those who have been using guaranteed offers for easy financing since there are lenders who have agreed to raise the maximum offer on the package.

The Venus Factor Reviews - Weight Loss System by John Barban: Venus Factor Introduces New Revolutionary System for Weight Loss (Only for Women)

John Barban launches The Venus Factor that is a complete fat loss program, specially designed for women who want a perfect figure in just a little time. It has been attracting considerable attention from both house wives and working women all over the world. They offer tips, presentations and manuals regarding weight loss program, and promise to deliver excellence in customer support and services.

Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review: Herpes Virus Can Be Treated Now - Find out How

Ultimate Herpes Protocol - The Herpes simplex virus has become a worldwide concern where people are being affected by this monstrous kind of STD every now and then. Herpes is a very common infection that is caused by one of two different types of viruses: Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) or herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2). The outer effects develop into cold sores flawing the physical appearance of the victimized people.

Capture His Heart 2.0 by Claire Casey: Capture His Heart Review Finally Reveals the Secret Behind the Success

There are certain times in life when people become so crazy and obsessed with a person that they can’t see anything else besides them. This case is mostly encountered in women because they are more sensitive and more emotional. When guys are ignorant, women usually do silly things to grab their attention which sometimes ends up badly. Well, there is now no need to go through mental torture by thinking of ways to go out with guys because the secrets and shortcuts to a man’s heart are now revealed and compressed in a relationship guide "Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever" by Michael Fiore and Claire Casey.

What to Consider when Buying a Personal Blender

Personal blenders are an effective way to easily blend, grind and chop up coffee, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Making smoothies is now easier than ever before and cleaning up is a breeze. For anyone who likes freshly ground coffee beans but doesn't want to have another gadget to do the job, then the Cuisinart CPB-300 Blender is the ideal addition to any kitchen.

Secret Millionaires' Club Review - Scam or Truth? Find out in This Review

The Secret Millionaires' Club is one of the current binary options program which has been attaining high momentum online and has taken the world by a storm since it is launched in the market. Secret Millionaires Club is one moneymaking system which is stationed around automated binary options trading business. Discuss Where to Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract in 2014

Green coffee bean extract weight loss supplements are now hugely popular with dieters after they were proven to boost weight loss results in clinical studies. Nevertheless there are obviously some that are more effective than others, which is why have just been discussing where to buy the best green coffee bean extract supplements in 2014.

Easy Money Machines Review - Is It a SCAM or a Real Deal? Find Out

Michael Fox has created a system called "Easy Money Machines" which is emerging to be one of the top systems to be ever launched in the market. It is basically a video-oriented internet marketing training program. The central aim of this program is to teach people how to earn money promptly and effortlessly.