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Los Angeles Filmmakers Launch Indiegogo to Make Zombie Thriller

What if the only one who knew there was a zombie apocalypse was the first person ever attacked by a zombie? That's the premise for a new film, Nathaniel Screaming, celebrating the zombie thriller genre by a team of Los Angeles filmmakers for which they've launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a December shoot. This is a story about before the Zombie apocalypse. About IF there even will be an apocalypse. About paranoia. The faith and trust we have in our loved ones. And the fear many people have that the world as we know it, could change for the worse in the blink of an eye Members Flood Site with Testimonials After Success in the Executive Job Market

Job opportunities can be hard to come by in a slow economy, but as individuals near the summit of the power pyramid in a company, the opportunities become fewer and farther between. This can be a real problem for ambitious executives looking to step up, who are traditionally underserved by jobs websites that focus on entry-level and mid-level positions. is a job search website that focuses explicitly on executive-level positions, and has been overwhelmed with testimonials from CEO’s, VPs and Executive Recruiters themselves after a recent update to the site was published.

Colon Cleanse, Dual Weight Loss and More Energy - Garcinia Cambogia Pure and Detox Plus Combo Pack Has Many Benefits

Garcinia Cambogia is a unique weight loss supplement that can help lose weight very quickly. One of its most unique features is that it can help lose weight even without any changes in diet or exercise routine. One of the best ways to enhance its weight loss effects even further is by combining it with a detox supplement.

Crazystack by Crazy Mass Gets Hailed as the Ultimate Stack with 6 Legal Steroids for Quick Bulking and Cutting - No Side Effects

Stacking certain supplements can help boost growth and ensure quick results as far as gaining lean muscle and cutting are concerned. A lot of bodybuilders are known to stack various supplements in order to speed up results.

SJ-MOSFET (Super Junction MOSFET) Market Is Projected to Cross $2.20 Billion by 2020

LogoAccording to the new market research report "Super Junction Mosfet Market by FAB Technology (Multiple-Epitaxy, Deep-Trench), Packaging Technology Material (Substrate, Transition Layer, Electrode), Application (Power Supply, Display, Lighting, EV/HEV, Industrial) & by Geography- Global Trends & Forecasts to 2013 - 2020", the SJ-MOSFET market is projected to cross $2.20 Billion by 2020, growing at a high CAGR from 2013 to 2020.

The Last True Crowdfunding Opportunity: Capturing the e-Commerce Hispanic Market

LogoEntrepreneurs everywhere ask, "How can I successfully promote my Spanish blog or online store?" Well now offers a new answer for generating the most suitable SEO positioning on a case by case basis and enter the Hispanic Market Opportunity

Edinburgh Kitchen & Bathroom Company Set to Extend Local Showroom

LogoEdinburgh based Kitchen & Bathroom specialists Fair Price Kitchens & Bathrooms today announced that they are set to extend their local showroom within the next few weeks and invite local residents along to their opening day due to be announced soon.

Property Investing Courses Reveal the True Secrets of the Property Market

LogoProperty Investing Courses teach people the secret strategies that help investors retire soon through investment in Below Market Value Properties. The profits will be seen in the next 10 or less years due to the invisible connections that form the current market.

HRC Hamm: Vouchers as Unfair Competition - Competition Law

LogoGRP Rainer Lawyers and Tax Advisors in Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and London – conclude: This kind of advertising constitutes unfair competition, according to the Higher Regional Court (HRC) of Hamm in its judgment of November 12, 2013 (Az.: 4 U 31/13). The HRC stated that this kind of vouchers would mislead the customer into breaching his contract with his insurer.

BeYouthful Releases Latest Product in Self-Titled Health and Beauty Line, 5-HTP Supplements

LogoBeYouthful, an all around anti aging site has just released a new product in their self-titled health and beauty line, 5-HTP serotonin boosting supplement.

YESCiGS Releases New Range of Ego E-Cigarettes with Latest Technology and Features

E-cigarettes are catching on quickly, and as traditional cigarette use continues its steady decline, e-cigarettes have grown exponentially in popularity. This is not surprising to early adopters, who recognised immediately the value of carrying more than a pack of cigarettes worth of smoking into a single cigarette sized device and being able to smoke it indoors and in public. YESCiGS were one of the first distributors to actively promote their use, and has now released the next generation of Ego electronic cigarette for sale to help more users than ever get the best smoking experience.

Cutlery Sets by Studio William - Serving People with Elegance and Quality

Flatware can be considered a clever and useful gift for somebody who's setting up a brand new home, and is also a pleasant and traditional wedding present. Settingthe dinner table with stunning cutlery for a unique event like a social gathering, birthday or perhaps a holiday like Christmas can create a huge difference. As an integrated section of dining or celebration serve ware, one can buy flatware sets that are exceptionally stylish, beautiful and adds to the versatility at the same time.

Tarun Gupta, Business Speaker and Serial Entrepreneur, Shares His Strategic Insights to India's Booming Economy

LogoThe global economy continues to expand throughout the world and India is fast becoming a central hub for both technology and large consumer brands. For those looking to have an inside look at the successful Indian companies, Tarun Gupta, a speaker and strategy consultant discusses his insights on how global businesses can position themselves for success for India’s growing economy.

Powering the Future of Flight: Aeronautical Department of MVJCE Organized a Guest Lecture Session at Bangalore Campus

LogoAeronautical department of MVJCE is well known for its curiosity of getting information of new techniques in their field. On 2nd April, 2014 they organized a guest lecture in the seminar hall of MVJCE.

Durable Paper Cup Machines Presented by Guangzhou Feng Da Machinery

Every baker requires paper muffin cups which are ideal for cupcakes or muffins and also eliminates the requirement for greasing the pan. Guangzhou Feng Da Machinery Co.,Ltd is a company based in China that specializes in the manufacture of semi-automatic and automatic muffin cup machine along with other paper products machine. They have been involved in this business for quite a period of time and well aware of what it takes to provide clients with top quality paper products machine. The Lotus muffin cup machine is a unique product from the company that can semi-automatically feed paper and discharge. Different types of papers can be used in the machine which includes PE coated paper, greaseproof paper and more.

ZWSOFT Releases Video Tutorials Explaining How to Make a 3D Model Using Modeling and Simulation Software

ZWSOFT plays an important role in helping 3D CAD software users to gain more efficiency and enrich their skills. This is the reason why the company has published video tutorials and announces regular webinars for its users. Designers can access the videos for free and learn how to make a 3D model based on a 2D drawing. There are several videos which bring important insights with respect to 3D drawing and model developments.

Get Leawo iPhone Data Recovery Software in the Bundle Deal on

LogoLeawo Software Co., Ltd, a professional solution provider that focuses on multimedia conversions, Blu-ray/DVD conversions and playing issue, data transfers and recoveries of iOS devices, officially announced the cooperation with today, and the gave out its best-selling iPad/iPod touch/iPhone data recovery software, Leawo iPhone Data Recovery for Mac, to the big deal of the bundle for Mac apps on

IGXE News: Getting Close to EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup

On April 15, EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil will be launched. Only can be played on Xbox 360 and PS3. Players are available to head start and try to win the Cup. Before players can join in the World Cup, they need to use some fifa 14 coins to get their FUT team to the highest level.

Singapore SEO & PPC Services Company Now Certified as Google Partner

LogoIf you are looking for a company to handle your online advertising and marketing needs, NeoRanking Pte Ltd provides effective digital advertising services, like PPC, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media and SEO in Singapore. NeoRanking is a digital advertising agency based in Singapore specializing in display, mobile and search advertising, catering to several industries across the Asia-Pacific region.

Just Experience Different PVP in the Elder Scrolls Online

The emergence of the online edition of the elder scrolls allow players on Tamriel continent is no longer lonely, they are eager to team up with other players and PvP dream will be realized. How The Elder scrolls OL would carry up to play family's dream, cannot be old roll brand reputation? But there is a true fact, that players with ESO CDKey can enjoy different PVP in the new game. Players can buy cheapest and safest ESO CDKey at IGXE..

High Fashion Indian Women Dresses & Accessories Available at

Countless online storefronts these days are offering clothing as well as accessories for both men as well as women. In order to find the best clothing stores online, individuals are highly recommended to indulge in some online research beforehand. is one of the most well-known and notable online stores that are now offering ethnic Indian dresses for women at the most reasonable prices.

Astro Worldwide Movers Offers Moving and Storage Services at Highly Affordable Prices

Astro Worldwide Movers is one-stop resource for government agencies, business, corporate, families, locals, individuals and many more to avail themselves the expert, reliable, efficient and economic local, national and international moving services. The moving service provider aims for customer satisfaction and does every little bit possible to ensure that their moving experience is as convenient, stress free and pleasant as possible.

LOPO Ranks NO.1 in Chinese Terracotta Panel Market in 2013

LOPO announced today it has reached a remarkable result in its terracotta panel business in China region for Year 2013, with 250,000 square meters of terracotta panel and 150,000 square meters of terracotta louver in total. In the context of the annual sales volume of the whole Chinese terracotta panel market being 1,200,000 square meters last year, LOPO accounts for 20% Chinese market share and ranks No.1 in sales volume in China.

Love Biz Brings an Exciting Range of False Eyelashes with FREE Global Shipping

Eyelashes can significantly enhance the beauty of a woman. This is the reason why there is a great demand of false eyelashes among the gorgeous women across the world. Now, one can choose from a great range of eyelash designs available with Love Biz. The leading eyelash extension supplier offers the best quality eyelashes made of 100% human hair and ships them to the global shoppers at cost-effective prices and with free shipping.

Subliminals Work Promotes a Healthy and Positive Lifestyle

Subliminal stimuli refer to communication directed at the unconscious mind, which bypasses an individual's conscious perception. In order to understand the possibilities of subliminal stimuli, recognizing the difference between the conscious and unconscious mind is a must. Your conscious mind is responsible for the way you learn – through repeated experience and actions. New information is stored deep within the mind on an unconscious level.

Quality E-Cigarettes, Vaporizers and More at Competitive Prices

The rise of public awareness regarding the harmful effects of smoking has led to inception of different alternatives which include gum, nicotine patches, etc. E-cigarettes are the latest invention that promises to deliver the same feel as that of real cigarettes without any type of side-effects. Ecigs Mall Limited is one of the leading producers of ecigs of different varieties along with other products. The company has founded in the year 2008 and since then it has been delivering quality e-cigarettes as well as vaporizers to clients all over the world. With the sale of e-cigarettes on the rise, the company aims towards introducing more innovative products for its clients.

Crazystack by Crazy Mass Is the Most Preferred Stack Comprising of 6 Legal Steroids for Quick Bulking and Cutting

Stacking certain supplements can help boost growth and ensure quick results as far as gaining lean muscle and cutting are concerned. A lot of bodybuilders are known to stack various supplements in order to speed up results.