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N2O Comedy Troupe Announces Its Debut Performance at Donny's Skybox Theater

N2O, a new sketch-comedy troupe from Chicago, announces its debut performance, Passive Regressive, at Donny's Skybox Theater located at 1608 N. Wells St, 4th Floor, Chicago. Passive Regressive will run every Friday from February 6-27, 2015 at 10:30 p.m.

Wellness Center Celebration Event - Completion of Phase 1 of Fitness Park and Trail

Phase 1 of the project converted approximately 2 acres of exterior space at the historic Los Angeles County University of Southern California Medical Center into an innovative outdoor Wellness Park and Fitness Trail with support and funding from and Los Angeles County Open Space District, First 5 Los Angeles, and California State Parks.

Baker, Bloomberg & Associates Offering Reliable Debt Recovery Solutions for Businesses

Baker, Bloomberg & Associates has now become a one-stop destination for businesses, which want to get rid of their credit management and debt recovery related woes with ease and confidence. The leading US based network of creditor and collection attorneys have been doing commendable job in catering to businesses and credit granting companies for several years now. The company now offers a range of debt recovery solutions to businesses at the best rates.

PA Dog Bite Lawyer Files Dog Attack Lawsuit in Williamsport, PA

LogoOn May 23, 2014, PA dog bite lawyer, Thomas J. Newell, filed a dog attack lawsuit in Williamsport, PA. The 13 page Complaint was presented to the Lycoming County Court of Common Pleas and indexed to #14-01374. The defendant dog owners reside in Cogan Station, PA.

Hypnotherapist Is Giving Away $250 Worth of Hypnotherapy for Free

LogoPopular UK clinical hypnotherapist, founder of HypnoBusters, is giving away over $250 worth of professionally crafted hypnosis sessions. Jon Rhodes has been a clinical hypnotherapist since 2003, training at the London College Of Clinical Hypnotherapy. He has been helping people transform their lives online since 2007.

Chem-Tek Dimple Jacketed Mix Tank Now Available at Wohl Associates

Wohl Associates is proud to announce the addition of a Chem-Tek dimple jacketed mix tank to its inventory of high quality used products. Wohl Associates regularly adds new products to its inventory for the benefit of customers everywhere.

5 Things We Now Know About Ed Hale's Upcoming New Album

LogoIt's been a long road to the release of Ed Hale's long anticipated new solo album, this being his first in the double-digits -- his tenth -- and the pressure of coming off of the success of both his last album THE GREAT MISTAKE -- with supergroup Ed Hale and Transcendence -- AND his last solo album BALLAD ON THIRD AVENUE which spawned multiple Billboard Top 40 hit singles, including the uber-popular “Scene in San Francisco”. This was a project Hale and company first began working on in 2012, intended to be a quick follow-up to capitalize on the success Hale experienced from his first foray into the Adult Contemporary radio format – a strategy that worked out tremendously well for the singer/songwriter.

Stock Signature Homes Neopolitan Estate Model Residence Under Construction in Estaury at Grey Oaks

LogoUnderstated elegance and sophistication. These two elements immediately flash to mind when considering the new Stock Signature Homes Neopolitan Estate Residence underway in Estaury at Grey Oaks and it shouldn't come as a surprise.

Rock Solid Landscapes Offers Incomparable & Attributive Landscape Water Features at Affordable Range

LogoRock Solid Landscapes offers incomparable and attributive landscape water features at an affordable range. Everyone needs to relax after a hectic day and needs a place to calm down. Their professionals have the ability to create a water feature that can enhance any landscape. In addition, they also offer water feature maintenance services to make sure that one gains peace with no worries. Cities like Longmont, Lafayette and the surrounding areas are in their work area for which they provide exceptional backyard landscaping ideas and designs.

Miro Jewelers Announces Availability of Enduring, High End Engagement Rings

LogoMiro Jewelers announces the availability of the most enduring pieces of high end engagement rings. Among these pieces, the Venetian-5012-3 engagement ring from The New Venetian collection features 0.10 Ct of Pavã© set round brilliant-cut diamonds to enhance a round, oval or an asscher diamond center. Now, one can select an engagement ring that can truly help describe the style and personality of the individual. They are offering a range of styles with these timeless rings from classic to modern. Announces Availability of Pipeline Pigging Products in Diverse Styles announces the availability of pipeline pigging products in diverse styles such as drying, wiping and scraping to accommodate almost any application. In addition to this, some of the applications are oil and gas transmission, pulp and paper, and process piping systems. With over 60 years of experience in the field of manufacturing, research and application; their study of poly pigs is incomparable in the industry. Publishes Identity Theft Infographic to Show Users the Real Cost

Identity theft is no longer rare, with user data from online sources now the prime target for many of the most ambitious criminals, allowing them to use sensitive password data to access bank details and exploit these to spend other people’s money. Dealing with identity theft can seem overwhelming at first, as there is no obvious target to defend against. Free Score Report Gov has created a new infographic demonstrating best practices for dealing with identity theft in a fun and engaging way.

Filming Dates Scheduled for Upcoming TV Show: The Fashion Hero

LogoFollowing three arduous years of work, massive amounts of dedication and unlimited devotion, Beauty World Search is finally ready to proceed with finalizing the details concerning their upcoming TV show: The Fashion Hero. The pilot is filmed, and the production crew, newly returned from Mexico, are in the process of creating something captivating, touching and relevant to share with the world.

Louisville Portable Toilets Rental Offers Options for Sanitary Temporary Arrangements

Outdoor affairs are very common for official functions or family occasions. Most people select the outdoor venue for hosting different type of events when there is a need for elaborate and detailed arrangements which requires a lot of space.

Highly-Rated DenadaDenada Ice Ball Molds Going on Sale for Father's Day

DenadaDenada ice ball molds are an excellent choice for whiskey lovers, but the ice ball molds can be used to create ice balls for soda, tea, coffee, or milk. DenadaDenada ice ball molds are manufactured with high-quality, FDA-approved silicone, and they do not contain BPA. A safe, fun way to create a unique alternative to the ice cube, DenadaDenada ice ball molds are also easy to clean. The long-lasting ice ball molds are dishwasher safe, and they are made for repeated use. A lifetime guarantee is offered by DenadaDenada.

US Powerball Lottery Hits Jackpot of 173 Million Dollars Reports

The US Powerball Lottery has now reached a huge jackpot of 173 million dollars, a life changing sum of money that must be won. Unsurprisingly, people are rushing to buy tickets for the massive jackpot, but those buying tickets don’t even necessarily reside in the US. Thanks to services like, people from around the world can buy tickets to lotteries from around the world with a single click of the mouse. features a rolling countdown on the site so that individuals know when the time to buy a ticket is running out.

Frivaboo Redesigns Website to Make Finding Great Free Flash Games Easier Than Ever

Flash games are an immensely popular online activity, allowing individuals to have fun and waste a bit of time with simple games that hark back to the golden age of sixteen bit platforms. They offer fun animation and art styles, interesting game play and often involving stories. Frivaboo is a site that has been getting a lot of attention lately, it collates the best of these games from all genres into one place, so gamers have a go-to bookmark to find flash games. The site has just updated its website so users can get better access to more games and have even more fun.

Candy Crush Tuts Undertake Comprehensive Website Redesign to Better Serve Users

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most addictive, and often one of the most infuriating games ever created. It’s simple game mechanic, colorful display and fun sounds make the game surprisingly engaging and often incredibly difficult. In order to progress, many players need to seek advice on how to beat certain levels. Candy Crush Tuts is a resource center to address this very need, and it has recently redesigned its website in order to make it easier than ever for their thriving community to unlock the secrets to victory.

Baker, Bloomberg & Associates Offering Expert Debt Recovery Solutions at Best Prices

Baker, Bloomber & Associates is a Texas based firm with great experience, efficiency and expertise in dealing with issues related to the occasional problems with the cash flow that construction industry has. The company offers the best in class, effective yet economic bad debt recovery solutions to industries, organizations, corporate and individuals.

Results of End of Life Care Survey Published for Touch Screen Tablets

The results of a pilot survey focusing on the care of the dying have been released.

US Parkinson's Disease Drug Pipeline Analysis

LogoReportstack, provider of premium market research reports announces the addition of US Parkinson's Disease Drug Pipeline Analysis market report to its offering Parkinsons disease incidence has been on a rise in the United States in recent years and it most likely to continue rising in the near future. It has been estimated that at least 500,000 people in the United States currently have been diagnosed with this disease. The society pays a significant amount towards treating this disease in the country. It is estimated that the total cost to the nation exceeds USD 20 billion annually. The risk of this disease increases with age, thus implying that as the population in the US gets older, the impact of this disease on the financial and public health would also increase. Approximately 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson's disease each year, and this number does not reflect the thousands of cases that go undetected.

US Colorectal Cancer Drug Pipeline Analysis

LogoReportstack, provider of premium market research reports announces the addition of US Colorectal Cancer Drug Pipeline Analysis market report to its offering Among all the regions affected with colorectal cancer, the US would continue to account for a giants share owing to its huge population base. With regards to rates of increase, it is most likely that the US would witness a modest increase in the prevalence of the disease, mostly as a result of the country having already reached epidemic proportions of the disease. According to estimates, approximately 55,000 people die of this type of cancer in the US every year. In 2013, close to 142,820 people new cases are estimated to be diagnosed with colorectal cancer, including 102,480 case of colon cancer and 40,340 cases of rectal cancer.

US Cancer Vaccine Pipeline Analysis

LogoReportstack, provider of premium market research reports announces the addition of US Cancer Vaccine Pipeline Analysis market report to its offering Cancer vaccines are a viable option for treating many types of cancers which in the present day do not have effective treatments. With the approval of the expensive prostate cancer vaccine, Provenge by Dendreon, the field of cancer vaccines has received an unprecedented boost. Consequently, many companies are expected to enter this emerging and highly profitable field of preventing, treating, and potentially curing cancer. Mercks Gardasil, a Prophylactic cancer vaccine, along with GSKs Cervarix are some of the first vaccines to have gained attention globally with their blockbuster status.

Orphan Drugs for Cancer Pipeline Analysis

LogoReportstack, provider of premium market research reports announces the addition of Orphan Drugs for Cancer Pipeline Analysis market report to its offering A huge market opportunity is offered by small patient population which suffers from rare or orphan diseases. Among the category of new orphan drugs, Oncology account for the largest disease group in recent years. It has been observed that majority of the orphan drugs in the clinical stages are for rare cancer disease drugs, and are in the late stages of the pipeline. Some of the drugs are being developed for treating rare cancer diseases like solid tumor of the pancreas and thyroid, blood cancer, melanoma, and others.

Global Vaccine Market Pipeline Analysis

LogoReportstack, provider of premium market research reports announces the addition of Global Vaccine Market Pipeline Analysis market report to its offering The global vaccine market is characterized into human and animal vaccines. The segment of human vaccines is further sub-divided into four groups namely, pediatrics, adolescents, adults and elderly. Though the vaccines segment forms a very small portion of the global pharmaceutical drug sales(2-3%), the growth rate in this market has been extraordinary. This segment has grown at a high rate of 10-15% annually as compared to the overall pharmaceutical industry which grows at 5-7% per year.

Global RNAi Drug Pipeline Analysis

LogoReportstack, provider of premium market research reports announces the addition of Global RNAi Drug Pipeline Analysis market report to its offering Global RNAi Drug Pipeline Analysis by PNS Pharma gives comprehensive insight on the various drugs being developed based upon RNAi technology. Research report covers all the ongoing drugs being developed in various development phases. Each drug profiles include detailed information like: Originator, Owner, Collaborator, Technology Provider, Licensee, Development Phase, Development Indications, Mechanism of Action, Country of Development and detailed analysis on the development process. Insight for each drug profile in development phase enables the reader to identify and understand the RNAi technology associated with the various diseases.

South Korea Biosimilar Market Analysis

LogoReportstack, provider of premium market research reports announces the addition of South Korea Biosimilar Market Analysis market report to its offering South Korea has emerged as one of the strategic location for the development of biosimilars on the global level. Among the various emerging countries identified for development of biosimilars, South Korea is one of the most promising countries where pharmaceutical companies have identified huge investment potentials for the drug development process. One of the major reasons for the attractiveness of South Korea is the end of patent protection for some blockbuster drugs in the coming years and the need for novel therapeutics. Offering the advantages of favorable government and business conducive environment, the South Korean biosimilars market is poised for significant and rapid growth in the future years. There are many favorable steps undertaken by the government in this regard, some of them being tax holidays, tax concessions, cash grant, site location support and financial support for pharmaceutical companies investing in Korea.