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Baanto Granted Second Patent for ShadowSense Technology

On January 6, 2015, Baanto was granted United States Patent number 8,928,872, its second US patent for its proprietary ShadowSense technology. This technology was developed from the ground up, and eliminates many of the problems that touch screen users face today. This new technology possesses ambient light immunity and palm rejection, and manages to virtually eliminate accidental inputs by end users.

Haute Living Releases May-June Issues of West Coast Magazines

Haute Living, one of America's leading provider of rich information on the good life at 4 key cities covering eastern and western fronts of the USA, has released the May and June edition of their famed magazine for the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. LA cover features tennis superstar Roger Federer while the SF cover has David Pearson, CEO of Opus One, and a wine company. Lifestyle, people, fashion and beauty, jewelry and best luxury hotels are seen at Haute Living's magazine. The magazine has editions in NYC, Miami, LA and San Francisco.

Dr Penza, at City Optometry in San Francisco, Now Treats Binocular Vision Dysfunction

LogoDo you suffer from car sickness, motion sickness, headaches, lightheadedness, dizziness, disorientation or anxiety? Have you visited many specialists, had various tests, and still have not been given a diagnoses or a solution?

Get Unique Cake Cup and Muffin Cup Machines from Guangzhou Feng Da Machines

Muffins have always been a favorite with all - young and old. These are often served out of the tin can but are mostly served in a paper baking cup. While the muffin has a large number of names to it depending on the type and ingredients, such as French muffin, English muffin, American muffin, etc., it needs quality cup machine for being cooked. The machines are helpful in that they save a lot of time and the baking is just according to need. When there are other options available to bake a muffin or a cup cake, for instance, in the oven, people should truly wonder the reason for purchasing a muffin cup machine or a cup cake machine. The reason is that there are a number of advantages that the muffin cup machine has. Guangzhou Feng Da Machinery manufactures quality muffin cup machines. The moulds and cups can be created in different shapes and sizes.

QC Software Offers Enhanced Cloud Computing to Reduce IT Costs and Increase Reliability

LogoQC Software, an industry leader in providing innovative software solutions for order fulfillment and distribution centers, recently suggested methods to reduce IT costs without sacrificing productivity through enhanced cloud computing.

China Motion Controller Industry Report, 2013-2016 : MRRBIZ

LogoIn recent years, China has seen rapid development in machine tool, textile, printing, packaging, electronics, and other industries, which has boosted the demand for motion controllers. In 2006-2012, the demand for motion controllers in China presented steady growth, from 253,600 sets in 2006 to 754,500 sets in 2012. In 2013, the market demand for motion controllers in China still showed a relatively stable growth, at roughly 19%, to about 900,000 sets.

Global and China Optical Fiber Preform Industry Report, 2013-2016 : MRRBIZ

LogoAs the core material of the optical fiber and cable industrial chain upstream, optical fiber preform contributes about 70% of the whole industrial chain profits.

Potassium Chloride Market Is Growing at a CAGR of 10.8% from 2013 to 2019. by Transparency Market Research

LogoPotassium chloride market was valued at USD 21.67 billion in 2012 and is expected to reach USD 32.87 billion in 2019, growing at a CAGR of 10.8% from 2013 to 2019. In terms of volume, the global demand for potassium chloride was 51,000.0 kilo tons in 2012.

Global and China Isostatic Graphite Industry Report, 2013-2016 : Online at MRRBIZ

LogoAfter 2006, the rapid rise of the global PV industry quickly broke the original supply and demand equilibrium of the isostatic graphite market and made the supply become increasingly tight. In this context, isostatic graphite giants in America, Japan, Europe or other countries and regions started investing heavily to expand their production capacity, easing the shortage of market supply. In 2013, with the increased support and investment in PV industry in China, the global isostatic graphite supply and supply gap widened to 1,500 tons.

Global and China Animation Industry Report, 2014 : Now Online at MRRBIZ

LogoChina’s animation industry output value continued to grow and exceeded RMB90 billion in 2013, showing a year-on-year increase of around 21.0%. Despite the overall sustained growth, each link of the industrial chain is developing to varying degrees.

Financial Planning Firm Weighs in on How to Promote Financially-Healthy Marriage

A key component to any wedding preparation should be financial literacy, according to a new survey completed by Spectrem’s Millionaire Corner. A marriage can be seriously damaged by arguments, anxiety and anger associated with personal finances. With the summer wedding season in high gear, Prestige Wealth Management Group, providing financial planning in New Jersey, weighs in on the survey which looked at advice that should be given to marriage partners as they consider spending, saving and financial issues.

Slimwave Provides Electro Muscle Stimulations for Those Who Would Like to Lose Weight

A recently started company known as Slimwave Technologies is providing great solutions for those who are willing to try out EMS Slimming machines in order to lose weight and look better.

Introducing Page Turn Software: Create Digital Interactive Brochures from Static PDF Files

LogoFlip Builder is pleased to announce the introduction of a new page turn software which enables users to convert regular PDF files into flipbooks. The flipbook is more attractive and user-friendly in contrast to a regular PDF file and has many desirable features. Updates EzCheckPrinting QuickBooks Version and Guide

LogoCheck printing software developer released the new updates to ezCheckPrinting check writer to provide more flexibility for businesses. With this new edition, ezCheckPrinting users can also customize checks and also to write checks from multiple bank accounts for multiple clients or print checks on a different printer.

24SEVEN Dry Armpit Pads Announce Crowdfunding Campaign to Allow People to Keep Walking with Confidence

An important presentation. A job interview. A date out on the town. Just three situations where sweaty armpits can be an absolute deal breaker, and where conventional deodorants may not get the job done. Stepping up to solve this age old problem is the startup 24SEVEN who have recently launched a Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund their 24SEVEN Dry Armpit Pads product. These armpit pads could change the way people think about deodorant once and for all.

Airport Transportation in Stuart Is Offered at a Great Price Thanks to John Shirley Transportation's Summer Sale

Airport transportation in Stuart, FL is more affordable than ever thanks to a special summer sale offered by John Shirley Transportation. This limited time summer promotion saves new customers $5 off the airport transportation services of John Shirley Transportation and is only good for transportation to Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, FL.

Freeze Dried Emergency Foods Expand Range of Gourmet Foods to Help Survival Taste Great

Doomsday preppers have been the subject of fascination over the last year, with programs about them on the History channel and National Geographic, as well as articles in the Wall Street Journal and more. These are everyday people who are preparing for the end, creating shelters and stocking them with emergency survival stores. is the highest rated provider of emergency foodstuffs, and they have recently expanded their range of gourmet foodstuffs so that if nothing else, disaster can taste great.

Plumbing Lambert Offers 24/7 Plumbing Services at Affordable Price

For a comfortable everyday life, adequate supply of water with proper drainage system is regarded to be the most important need. However, this has not been the case for some parts of Paris. Reports show that the problem arises due to the absence of professional plumbing companies. Although households are handicapped without the plumbing industry, it has been noticed that the media gives less importance to such companies and people gives less attention.

Potus Visits Dc Tech Start Up Hub Queries Fanaticall CEO on Company Business Model

LogoIn what might be expected from an episode of the hit television show “Shark Tank,” President Barack Obama grilled Fanaticall CEO and Chief Innovation Officer, about the company’s newly released service, Expert Calling Networks, or ECNs, during a July 3rd visit to DC tech start-up hub

Seattle Architect's Recent Project Awarded the 2014 Vision 2040 Award by the Puget Sound Regional Council

Seattle Architect, Carl Colson,( has reason to celebrate. A recent project, Arbor Village, has just been awarded the 2014 Vision Award by the Puget Sound Regional Council. Arbor Village was selected for this prestigious award for contributing to the revitalization and redevelopment of a current city center, creating housing suited for public transportation, and expanding and advancing the quality of urban life.

Mobile Marketing in Fort Pierce, FL Now Offered at a Great Rate

Mobile marketing in Fort Pierce is being offered by Ocean Media Solutions at a discounted rate for a limited time. This discount is for new customers only and cannot be combined with any other promotions. Business owners can call (772)-266-7790 today or visit to take advantage of this new offer.

Now Get the Best DUI Defense with Law Offices of Bartholomew Baffuto, Leading DWI Law Firm in New Jersey

Adopting a client-centric outlook and proven methods, the Law Offices of Bartholomew Baffuto, leading DWI Law Firm in New Jersey, is devising the best DUI defenses and representing people charged with driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

City Edge Apartment Hotels Offering Affordable Accommodation in Melbourne for July

LogoCity Edge Apartment Hotels, an eminent provider of reasonable accommodation in Melbourne, has announced the best accommodation deals for the month of July, 2014. Since Melbourne has lots to offer to its visitors in the month of July, tourists can now rely for their comfortable accommodation on City Edge Apartment Hotels.

The RedZone ECO Systems: The Future Is Here

We have seen in today’s world the constant flux any business is thrust into because of failures at implementing ideas and business strategies at the right time. RedZone has the right technology that is a throwback to the bygone era of Industrialists and Innovators alike. After having created software based solutions for business houses, RedZone has now turned up with a futuristic model for productive and profitable business.

Prime Gold IRA Publishes American Bullion Expose After Investigating Customer Complaints

Paper currency is constantly subject to inflation, and devalues over time. Conversely, gold appreciates over time, becoming more valuable than it once was. As a result, a paper dollar can buy far less now than it could in 1970, where a dollars worth of gold from 1970 would now be worth over five and half times more. Because of this simple reality, huge numbers of people are looking to invest in a gold based 401k. Prime Gold IRA explains how people can do so safely, and regularly reviews companies offering these services so that investors can choose wisely.

Office Coffee Service Companies Used Across East Coast to Help Employee Performance

Recent research has shown that employees, who drank coffee during their night shifts, performed better with fewer errors than those who do not consume coffee during their shifts. With the 9-5 work day slowly evolving to longer hours, many offices in Philadelphia, New York City and surrounding areas are staying open late so their employees can get their full weekly work load accomplished. This can lead to employees becoming sluggish and fatigued over time, which is good news for office coffee service companies of New York City and Philadelphia.

ReferAFriend.CO Offering Cost Effective Personal Training Salon Software Online Solution

USA based ReferAFriend.CO has emerged as a reliable and reputable name in offering comprehensive software solutions to its humongous clientele base at the most affordable prices. The company is high on offering comprehensive and cost effective solutions and manage the business of its clients on consistent basis. The company not only assists in managing the existing clientele but also helps in garnering new clients.