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Unique Landscapes Takes Home Prestigious 2015 Best of Houzz Award

Unique Landscapes, a top landscape design and contracting company, received a "Best of Houzz" award for 2015 in the popular website's Customer Satisfaction category. The award was made in recognition of Unique Landscapes' industry-leading levels of customer service and job performance and follows upon a number of other distinctions the company has garnered over the years. Unique Landscapes is part of the Unique Companies family and often works closely with sister company Unique Custom Pools on backyard transformation projects that make the most of Arizona's unique features.

Deadline Upcoming in $ 3.5 Million Settlement in the Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners Inc (NASDAQ: CPRX) Investor Lawsuit

A deadline is coming up on February 2, 2015 in the settlement reached in the securities class action lawsuit filed on behalf of investors who purchased shares of Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners Inc (NASDAQ: CPRX) between August 27, 2013 and October 18, 2013.

977 Music Offers Alternative to Radio with New Range of Human Programmed Music Channels

Listening to music is a great way to focus, but when boredom strikes, the same old music in the same order can eat up time as individuals continually skip channels to find something stimulating. The radio provides an alternative by having a DJ organize new music in new combinations, but is interrupted by too many adverts. 977 Music provides a ready solution to this issue by creating human-curated music channels in a vast array of genres, which have been newly expanded to serve even more eager listeners as the site rapidly expands.

Introducing Dr. Barbara Stark Baxter - Allergy Doctor

Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Allergy-Immunology, Dr. Barbara Baxter practices in North Dallas. A Fellow of the American College of Physicians, American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, and American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, Dr. Baxter is a Clinical Associate Professor at UT Southwestern Medical College.

Covenant Security Solutions, Inc. Named to's Top 500 African American Owned Businesses in the US 2014, the nation’s leading multicultural social media site, has recently acknowledged Covenant Security Solutions as one of the United States’ “Top Businesses” for 2014. This exclusive ranking is a reflection of Covenant Security Solutions overall vision, leadership and economic accomplishments in moving our economy forward.

Tidy Building Services Expands the Reach of Their Services Throughout Nine States

Cleaning services have many advantages- the finish created by a professional cleaner can take a well-meaning business many additional hours, and investment in specialized cleaning products, to recreate for themselves. However, in order to hire a cleaning service, both businesses and homeowners need to have a high level of trust not only in the competency but the integrity of the company. That is why Tidy Building Services has risen to become one of the most prominent cleaning services in the southeast, now active in over nine states thanks to their handpicked teams and strict, quality-controlled expansion.

LuckyDresShop Announces Guaranteed Savings on Wedding Dresses Online, Prom Dresses & a Variety of Special Occasion Dresses

Finding the best wedding dress is not always possible. And finding a wedding gown at cheap prices is always difficult for many women. Now, women who are getting married can rely on the best wedding dress collections brought by LuckyDresShop. The online store brings a wide variety of cheap wedding dresses online, offering significant and guaranteed discounts. For example, one can save a guaranteed $5 for every order above $100, and for an order above $200, one can save $10.

Monroeville Matchmaking Service Is Providing an Interactive and Personalized Approach to Dating

Dating service in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Singles, is providing locals with a better avenue, a truly personalized approach, for finding true love and companionship—outdoing any dating sites around!

Nick Lanciano Looks to Raise Funds via Indiegogo to Make His Upcoming Film 'Mixer'

LogoNick Lanciano was born and raised in South Philadelphia. When he saw Rocky for the first time, he was truly inspired to become a great filmmaker & storyteller. He picked up a movie camera at the age of nine and never looked back.

AntennaDeals.Com Helps Get Rid of Cable Bills

HDTV antennas offer a great alternative to save on monthly cable bills, while enjoying high definition quality television programs. They prove to be affordable and offer various options that make watching television a great experience. offers options for all antenna needs whether indoor or outdoor. Offers the Most Reliable Extended Car Warranty Service is a dedicated and zealous company that positions itself as the car warranty specialists, especially dealing into extended auto and car warranty. To experience a tension-free drive every time one moves around in the car, it is imperative to own an extended auto warranty and with 5 star extended auto warranty it is always a peaceful experience. It offers an opportunity to extend the 3 year/36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty by the manufacturer that one’s car must have come with and this is done with the help of the many 5 star warranty plans available for an extended service contract.

Launch of Elegant Designer Watches Website Eases Budget Limitations for Cartier Fans

Recent economic studies confirm 46 percent of American consumers place a great deal of significance on a product's brand name. While almost 70 percent of those stand firm in the belief that products displaying a recognizable hallmark are of higher quality than those from less distinctive manufacturers, 43 percent consider high-end trademarks to be epitomes of superior economic and social status. Authorities in the fields of performance as well as prominence maintain both aspects are true of the Cartier name.

Challenges and Opportunities for the Wealth Sector in France 2014 Report by include new market research report"Challenges and Opportunities for the Wealth Sector in France 2014 " to its huge collection of research reports.

Researchmoz : HNWI Asset Allocation in France 2014 include new market research report"HNWI Asset Allocation in France 2014 " to its huge collection of research reports.

Ultra HNWIs in France 2014 Report by include new market research report"Ultra HNWIs in France 2014 " to its huge collection of research reports.

Check for All Antenna Needs

HDTV antennas prove to be an excellent option to get high definition picture quality without paying monthly cable bills. offers HDTV antennas that are compatible with both new and old television sets and offers clear picture quality with many additional features.

AverageHealth Unveils "The Average Person's Portal to Healthier Living"

LogoWith the launch of, anyone hoping to pursue a healthier lifestyle and develop better eating and fitness habits – with loads of support but without big monthly fees – can now can join a one-stop, on-line “wellness and fitness” center that is also a unique community of like-minded, average folks who share common goals. serves as a portal and pathway to healthier living by providing the motivation, the tools, the tracking, the latest products, and the peer support most people need in order to start and sustain the fitness and wellness regimens required to help them reach their goals.

From Shame to Infinite Worth: Raw & Empowering New Book Depicts Author's Journey from Lifelong Shame to the Loving Acceptance of God

Like millions of others, Logan Musil suffered unbearable shame that took over his life for many years. He felt like a failure in the eyes of God, as if God were squinting at Him from heaven in constant disappointment. However, Musil was rescued from shame as he came to experience God as his loving and accepting Savior and Father. With a powerful story to tell, Musil has put his life on paper in the hope of sharing this joy with others.

Apartment Finding Made Easy with Rentals Gone Wild

Finding an apartment without any help can be a gruesome task. People spend their weekends and after office hours searching for apartments but most of them fail to find a perfect place. Rentals Gone Wild is an online apartment finder that was created to make the apartment finding job easy for working professionals, college students, families and many others. It is not just a common apartment rental finding company but a company that goes an extra mile to help its customers make their moving very easy too.

The Leader in Limo Rentals New Orleans Has Arrived

As far as the choice for limo rentals New Orleans goes, there is plenty to choose from but, what customers have been looking for and are happy to find is the convenience of having all their ground transportation needs met under one roof. Louisiana Limousine Service brings to customers the comfort of selecting from the best fleet in town without having to pay a fortune.

Candles Wholesalers Launches the Largest and Most Varied Online Wholesale Candle Store

Candle light has actually been the primary source of artificial light for the vast majority of human history. Perhaps because candles allow us to control fire, they remind us of our mastery over the elements, provide light and a sense of peacefulness and safety. They are used everywhere from monasteries to theatres and now, in bathrooms, gardens and homes. Candles Wholesalers is a new e-commerce store that is the largest online repository of candles in the US, providing a one-stop shop for all candle needs, with market leading prices and free shipping.

Intermountain Transport Brings Help to Natural Disaster Victims

LogoWith the ultimate goal of helping communities devastated by natural disasters, Kraig Cutler has created a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe in order to fund his new company endeavor; Intermountain Transport LLC. The main focus of Cutler’s business venture will be on delivering important donated items such as fresh water, food, and household goods to disaster ridden towns and families.

The Real Secrets to Making Home Made Wine

The Full Illustrated Guide To Homemade Wine is among the leading Wine Making resources available today. It has been responsible for producing major advancements in quality for people making their own wine in the house. According to Hans Doehhler, the subject of winemaking at home attracts lots of inquiries daily. Therefore, it made sense to create an in depth but easy to follow resource showing the secrets to achieving a pleasing result with in house winemaking.

Lewis Cave Writes Humor and Short Fiction, Now Offering a Humor-Writing Tutorial

LogoLewis Cave is an excellent writer who loves to write short stories and thought-provoking flash fiction. With the love and passion of writing, Lewis built a website for his stories which will be creating sounds of joy for many readers. Often, visitors have trouble reading just a few stories they always want more.  Lewis Cave - The Words I Write is a website that offers lots of fictional stories ranging from murder mysteries to comedy or humor. Accessing this website is just a click away; there is no registration or signup process, just reading and laughing.

Lending Company Makes It Fast and Hassle-Free to Apply for a Loan Online

Even with the huge technological advancements that are currently being witnessed in the lending sector, there are companies that are still taking people through very complicated and stressing procedures. This is a situation that has managed to contain over the years and it has now made even some more improvements on the system in use to ensure that consumers are able to have some easy time.

Advertising and Digital Marketing in Florida Gets Easier with AMGW

To sustain in the marketplace, it is vital for any business to own a website and have a web presence since it delivers uncountable benefits of increased sales. It is also essential that your website is marketed efficiently to ensure growth in the industry. The traditional form of marketing is replaced by digital or internet marketing which is cost effective for the small organizations.

Xocai-Toxins Experts Warn That Chemicals Found in Average Chocolate Are Dangerous: MXI-Corp-Gunnar to Resolve Concerns

LogoAdam Paul Green, a MXI Corp Ambassador and Xocai toxicity expert has a warning that the chemicals which are found in average chocolate are risky. MXI Corp has recently hired a "MXI-Corp-Gunnar" to resolve the concerns which are perplexing XoLove consumers across the world.