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International Surrealism Now's Next Edition Will Be Hosted in the Historic Building of the 18Th Century Palacio Da Lousã Until Oct. 31, 2014

International Surrealism Now is a project by the surrealist painter Santiago Ribeiro, who has dedicated himself to promoting the surrealism of the 21st century, through exhibitions worldwide.

Valintry Announces Database of Technology Consultants Exceeds 100k in Under 6 Months

As employers search for more flexible solutions for completing their Information technology projects on-time and on budget, they have turned to outside consultants and contract labor. Valintry Services has positioned itself to be an industry leader. "In fact, we are proud to announce our database of technology consultants to source talent has exceeded 100,000 professionals in less than six months," said Brent Healy, Vice President of Valintry Services, based in Winter Park, FL.

CEO Spencer Trotter Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for the World's First Solar Powered, Collapsible, Fridge-Freezer Warmer

LogoThe world's first truly portable Fridge-Freezer-Warmer that is collapsible, solar powered, and can run all day while charging a lithium battery to run all night.

George Robbins Seeks Support via Indiegogo to Fund the Production Cost of Crowdfunding Television Show

LogoPeople start a crowdfunding project to raise money for their ideas. After launching their project successfully, they need people to know it is up and running and how to support them.

Mastery Ed Provides Tier 3 Support

LogoResponse to intervention (RTI) are all the rage among educators these days, especially in areas where students are not performing up to par on standardized tests. The RTI systems allow the administrators to see which students need the most help and direct resources to the areas where those students are going to be able to get the level of assistance that they need to be successful. Masteryed is an online company that is now able to provide Tier 3 support for school districts and parents.

Mastery Ed Tackles American Math Education

LogoParents are always worried about two things when it comes to their children: their health and how they are doing in school. Since most health issues are out of the parents’ hands, education is one area where they want to be hands-on. Students who have been underperforming in math have not always had the support that they need, and parents have put undue pressure on the students to perform at higher levels, even if the student does not have the foundational skills to make that possible. Masteryed seeks to fill in some of the gaps and make math education better for students. Provides Composite Volcano Information, an online portal providing vital information about the landforms around the world, enables its visitors to gather composite volcano information from its site. Helps Merge SugarCRM and Google

LogoIn the current internet and business climates, Google stands as the biggest player and most important tool that people use on a regular basis. Gmail, contacts, the calendar and so much more are things that many people feel that they cannot live without, and this has created a problem for a lot of customer relationship management companies. It is hard to convince people to use the CRM system if the system does not have Google support, and that leads to CRM systems that are underutilized by employees. Sugaroutfitters seeks to solve the problem of CRM adoption by merging the SugarCRM platform with Google functions. Offers Satisfaction Guarantee

LogoAs more and more business owners realize the importance of customer relationship management, they are adopting services like SugarCRM at an incredible pace. SugarCRM is used in many countries throughout the world, and their presence grows every day. Sugar Outfitters is a marketplace for SugarCRM modules, and they are proud to announce an extension of their 100% satisfaction guarantee. Announces a New Range of Batman Games for the Batman Fans

Batman is easily one of the most popular superhero characters of all times. Both kids and adults love this dark knight for its adventures, costume, gadgets and his undercover image. And, for all the Batman fans,, recently announced a new range of Batman-themed games, and some of these new Batman games include Batman Save Gotham, Batman Stunts, and Batman the Scarecrow’s Revenge.

MathYou Raton Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Fund His Project 'ICartoon: Be Individuality Video'

LogoMathYou Raton; raised in South Jamaica, Queens, New York. MathYou lived in a hardworking two parent household until he was six when his father deserted him and his brother leaving his mother a single parent. In shock of the whole situation MathYou began very violent in school and was suspended and expelled from numerous educational facilities in New York. Around the age of 12 MathYou's mother moved him and his older brother to Conyers, GA for a better life. MathYou soon found himself being a victim to a blind kidnapping at the age of 13 and left him traumatized and angry. For further years MathYou became more violent and due to his actions left him homeless at the age of 16. Once the love of music began to fuel him he replaced his anger with drive and motivation. He stopped all the negativity he was in and began to build his experience in the professional world. After getting his grades up and becoming a better person in the process MathYou is now in the works to start his career as an artist.

Christian Dating Singles Chat App Released: The Premiere Dating App for Christians

Nowadays, dating is pretty easy as people can easily find someone to meet and date in almost everywhere they go. However, this is not the case for Christians looking for fellow Christians to date. Fortunately, Christian Dating Singles Chat here. This is an app that can help Christian looking for partners easily.

Get Planter Fasciitis Relief Launches the 2014 Guide to Cure Planter Fasciitis

Planter Fasciitis has plagued many Americans today, and many urbanites around the world. While there are many causes that lead to this excruciating pain in the heel, not many remedies have been able to heal the ailing patients across the world. Some of the most extensively used remedies are acupuncture, insoles, ultrasound, physio treatment and painful injections. These remedies are not doing a very good job because patients across America are running from pillar to post, trying to be healed in spite of the varied options for treatment.

Now Customers Can Get Free Automobile Insurance Quotes in MNOffered byKaups Insurance

Kaups Insurance, a well-known insurance portal, now offers free automobile insurance quotes in MN forits customers. The key purpose of this portal is to help buyers get information about the various insurance options that are available on the market. The portal also helps clients understand the necessity of the insurance before finalization. Clients can get guidance about the automobile insurance quotes and other conventional requirements, as well. Offers an Extensive Variety of Dress-Up Games Online is one of the leading gaming websites on the internet with a great reputation amongst the online gamers. The website now brings a host of free dress-up games online to the fashion-savvy gamers.

Industry Level Music Group Explains when to Hire a Entertainment Lawyer

When navigating through all the twists and turns that the music industry has to offer, artists sometimes feel that hiring an entertainment lawyer should be the most secured bet. Having an entertainment lawyer to represent the artist or band to a label sometimes isn’t the right answer. Most labels do not respect a lawyers’ opinion on talent. We hear it all the time when a band or solo artist says that they are being “shopped” to labels by an attorney. Most of the time a deal never materializes and for these reasons: 1.) The lawyers that “pretend” to be music executives do not contain the ear or experience in choosing talent. Music executives “normally” do not rely on lawyers for new talent. This is the A&R’s job to do research for the executives.

Profaucetsdirect Offers a Huge Selection of Modern Kitchen Faucets at Discounted Rates

Profaucetsdirect is a one-stop destination for buying discounted plumbing and kitchen fixtures. The company has an extensive inventory of products from renowned brands including American Standard, Axor, Central Brass, Danze, Delta, Grohe, hansgrohe, Kohler, Moen, Newport Brass and Pfister. Whether you are looking for discount bathroom sinks, designer kitchen faucets, Roman tub faucets, or other discount plumbing fixtures, Profaucetsdirect has everything to suit your budget and needs.

Profaucetsdirect Offers Great Discounts on High Quality Kitchen & Bath Products

Profaucetsdirect, located in Michigan, is the most reliable, competitive and leading online retailer of excellent quality kitchen and bathroom products at highly affordable prices. The online retailer offers extensive collection of contemporary kitchen and bathroom products keeping in mind their customer’s needs, requirements, and budgetary concerns.

How to Heal Kidney Disease Program That Is Doctor Endorsed

Robert Galarowicz N.D. and Healthy Kidney Publishing is showing people in New Jersey and around the world how to heal kidney disease using his program called, “The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program” which is available online but Robert also has in office and phone/skype consultations for people who are not located in the area of New Jersey.

Steve Gower Introduces a Range of Loxley Bellissimo Wedding Albums

Bristol wedding photographer, Steve Gower, has introduced a range of Loxley Bellissimo wedding albums.

Local Women Are Finding True Love with Monroeville Matchmakers

It might’ve been up to men in the past, but local women are taking charge of their love lives with local Monroeville matchmakers! Creates Community for Sugar Users

LogoCustomer relationship management is vital to a growing business, especially in an age where companies have more information about their customers than ever before. SugarCRM is one of the most popular CRM platforms, offering customization and flexibility that other services cannot provide. Sugar Outfitters, a marketplace for modules for the SugarCRM platform, is working to create a community for developers and end users alike.

Xocai Child-Labor-Free Dark-Chocolate Update for Tampa, FL Consumers: MXI-Corp Team Elite, Adam Green, Reveals Hard Evidence of Clean-Cacao-Practices for Manufacturing Standards of Xo-Love Bites in Japan

LogoAs the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the true vision of Xoçai is to transform and improve individual lives worldwide through its exclusive and healthy chocolate products. One such unique element is XoVita™, a proprietary high-antioxidant blend of cacao, açaí berries and blueberries, an ingredient combination exclusive to Xoçai.

Texas Tutu-Du-Monde Girls Clothing Collection Admires KokoBlushandCompany Announces Discounted Designer Shirts for Outgoing California Children Boutique Models with Summer Cheer Competitions

LogoCongratulations to Koko Blush & Company for their award winning activities with Singer Lexi Walker (Utah) this past week on Good Morning America and The Queen Latifah Shows!

Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review - Say Goodbye to Herpes

Medications are available to lessen the symptoms of herpes in a person and make it less likely that they will spread the virus to a sex partner. Ultimate Herpes Protocol is one program which guarantees performance and makes use of pure organic treatment approaches that will help eradicate herpes from a person’s body. There are numerous guides and treatments available in the market today that claim to help cure herpes. It is however unfortunate that people spend money on these products and do not get the results that they desire for.

Paysafe Card Rising as the European Market Leader in Online Prepaid Solutions

Paysafe has emerged as the giant market leader of prepaid solutions online in the entire continent of Europe. This prepaid card is extensively used and accepted I many places, and henceforth easily available in as many as 450,000 sale outlets in the continent. This is a great and secure alternative for individuals without a bank account or a credit card.

Mastery Ed Announces New Partnership

LogoMath education has always been a sore spot for schools. Everyone wants the scores to be higher, but it does not matter how much money the school dumps into math education, the scores never seem to get any better. There are a lot of reasons why scores seem stuck in the same place year after year, and Mastery Ed is a math education support company that can generate long lasting results for schools. Now Mastery Ed is pleased to announce their new partnership with Math-U-See.