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Ventura Recovery Center: Recovering from the Intoxicating Nightmares from Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Through Psychotherapy

As what have been documented in global statistics, the number of substance abusers seems to continuously increase with time. There have been quite a lot of deaths that have been attributed to the use of illicit drugs and consequently, a large number of fatal and catastrophic road accidents have also been related to the abusive consumption of alcohol.

War on the Rocks Looks to Raise $100,000 via Indiegogo to Expand Digital Platform on Military Issues and Foreign Policy

War on the Rocks is a unique platform where multimedia content on foreign policy and national security issues are analyzed and debated in a realistic way. The platform features articles and podcasts contributed by current and former military personnel, former government officials, ex-intel analyst, and scholars that have served and/or worked in war zones. Because of this rich mine of experience, War on the Rocks stands apart from other similar media outlets.

Biopreservation Market Estimated to Reach USD 5.69 Billion by 2019: Transparency Market Research

LogoAccording to a latest market research report published by Transparency Market Research, a U.S-based market intelligence firm, a continuous rise in research activities in the field of biomedical sciences, rendered by the rising global demand for new medicines and medicinal therapies, will be one of the major factors leading to the growth of the global biopreservation market. As research activities increase, there would be an added demand for the procurement, preservation, processing and banking of biospecimen. This will lead to added demand for storage facilities that are adequate enough to accommodate the samples as well as to retain their stability. This will lead to additional demand for equipment such as refrigerators, freezers, liquid nitrogen tanks and consumables, along with media and laboratory information management systems (LIMS).

Building Materials Markets in China

LogoChina's demand for building materials has grown at a fast pace in the past decade. In the next five years, both production and demand will continue to grow. This new study examines China's economic trends, investment environment, industry development, supply and demand, industry capacity, industry structure, marketing channels and major industry participants. Historical data (2003, 2008 and 2013) and long-term forecasts through 2018 and 2023 are presented. Major producers in China are profiled.

Prudential Beazley Real Estate Announces Winners of 2013 Achievement Awards

LogoOn Thursday, March 27th Prudential Beazley Real Estate held its annual banquet at West Lake Country Club where the winners of the 2013 PREA and PBRE Awards were announced. Prudential Beazley Real Estate recognizes the importance of rewarding excellence and is pleased to congratulate the winners on their achievements within the company.

Winter Storm Keeps Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc. Busy

LogoWith big snow storm in the mid-east, the New Year has provided plenty of work for Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning Inc. The flurry of activity has kept Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning busy as they get closer to their spring season transition.

Universal Life Church Releases Ordination Vocation Guide

LogoWanting to be ordained as a minister is a great deal because being a minister is a noble calling and it is a true journey in faith. While it is a much talked about and needed profession, especially for those needing to get married, getting ordained may take several steps and can take quite long, depending on the denomination or faith a person wants to get ordained into. This is why many people now seek Online Ordination Made Easy from non-denominational churches such as Universal Life Church, which is one of the largest non-denominational churches and religious organizations in the world.

Concrete Machinery Pro Launches New Website Offering China's Finest Concrete Machinery

China made headlines in the nineties for reportedly buying up the vast majority of the world’s concrete as its rapid industrial and economic expansion required every ounce of the material to build mines, factories and more. It is no surprise then that in the twenty years since they have become the world’s foremost experts in the substance, its manufacture, storage and maintenance. Zhengzhou Changli Manufacturing has been exporting Chinese excellence in this field for the last five years and has now established a web presence to sell globally through the power of online sales.

Molly's Music Offers Lessons with All Types of Instruments

Molly’s Music is well known for their expert teachers and individualized voice lessons in Orange County at, but Molly’s Music is quickly becoming renowned for something else: the vast array of music instrument lessons available. Molly's teachers come from a varied musical background, giving them the ability to teach music lessons in Orange County at with almost any instrument imaginable.

Offix Solutions Introduces Plans as Low as $59.99 Per Month

Office space in Miami, like any large city, is expensive. However, less expensive alternatives are now available to both Miaim businesses, and business around the world. Offix Solutions offers virtual office services ( ) which supplies small businesses with corprate-style amenities. Such amenities include a physical and prestigious business address, as well as mail management and conference space. Now, businesses can appear more professional with a physical, yet virtual office in Miami ( ) with plans starting as low as $59.99 per month.

Electronic Incentives Starts a New Incentive Program to Help Companies Increase Revenues and Employee Retention

Companies and businesses around the globe are suffering on different levels of employees and customer retention, revenue generation and sales. This is mainly said to be happening because the traditional methods of marketing are no longer effective. Addressing the issue, Electronic Incentives recently started their own incentive program, which aims to help businesses boost their sales and revenues by improving the retention rates.

Allworx Reach Software for Mobile Connectivity with Allworx 24x or 48x Phone Systems Now Available on, leading industry telephone systems provider, offers the Allworx reach software for mobile connectivity, which enables users to stay connected from anywhere in the world, to their Allworx phone system.

Custom Premium Drink Coasters Printed on Ultra Thick Papers Available on for Spring Events and Weddings

LogoProfessional printing leading company 4OVER4.COM announces a new elegant option for event decorations and party favors. Custom printed drink coasters are available in prestige paper, an ultra-thick quality paper collection that makes products stand out from the rest.

The Free Online Dating Sites Launches a fast growing and well established online dating service has now re-launched a collection of varied online dating sites following a recent transformation of the websites. offers a variety of conventional, niche and casual dating sites for people of diverse age, ethnicity, cultural background, religion, lifestyle and social interest.

GEEO Announces Summer Travel Opportunities to Costa Rica

Planning a trip often requires negotiating a long list of choices. Secluded mountains sound refreshing and peaceful, while tropical beaches offer glamorous relaxation. The invigorating rhythm of a fast-paced city promises excitement and relentless fun, while an exotic rainforest begs for adventure. Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO) is thrilled to offer teachers all of these choices and more with summer travel to Costa Rica.

Kairos Jewellery Launches New Trollbeads 2014 Collection

Kairos Jewellery has just launched their Spring 2014 collection which features an assortment of trollbeads such as the Sun Moon Stars, Snake, Jewel Fairy Basset and Falcon, each of which has a distinct feature and style. The release of the new collection is in addition to the others already available as well as related accessories. Aside from the new collection, Kairos Jewellery has a Trollbeads Beads of the Week that highlight one of the many pieces in their collection. With this feature the jeweller aims to make it easier for a customer to find the most appropriate beads to suit individual styles and preferences. Kairos Jewellery also has an extensive collection of Chamilia beads, with art glass, crystals, stones and silver charms among the biggest sellers. Their Chamilia beads collection also include Murano Glass, Tiger’s Eye and urban Links. According to the company, their extensive collection of beads will help customers find the right look for any occasion or season. Apart from those, Kairos Jewellery also offers a wide array of men’s jewellery, pendants, necklaces and leather bracelets. The Kairos Jewellery collection is not limited to those above, as their Chamilia line include earrings, necklaces, and the Chamilia season 1 2014 collection featuring Light Pink Swarovski, Heart Filigree, Her Gift of Family and many more In addition, the jeweller carries other major brands such as Heartbreaker by Drachenfels, Jo for Girls, Buddha to Buddha and Roberto Giannotti. About Kairos Jewellery Kairos Jewellery is one of the leading independent jewellers in Brampton, Cambria. For many years now the company has been renowned for providing top of the line jewellery brands at affordable prices. In addition to selling jewellery, Kairos also have repair services for jewellery, watches and clocks. The jeweller is also known for their extensive children’s and ladies’ jewellery sets. Contact Details: Sophia Howells 21 High Cross Street, Brampton, Cumbria CA8 1RP

Books, Authors, and Artists Releases New Suspense/Thriller Title

Publisher Books, Authors, and Artists has today announced the official release of Fast Escape, by author Bonnie W. Vause, Ed. D.

Letters from Within Launches Kickstarter Campaign with Goal of $16,360

LogoToday, Letters from Within, a film project focused on documenting off-the-beaten-path parts of the world through volunteer opportunities, launched a Kickstarter campaign to support its first official project in Nepal in Fall 2014.

Celebrity Dummies Launches New Website

Celebrity Dummies, located on the web at , offers a complete collection of vintage ventriloquist dummies that have been loved throughout the ages. Now, the company is taking its collection online with a new website that highlights the incredible versatility of form represented by the ventriloquist doll. The complete lineup of celebrity ventriloquist dummies can be seen at Announces New Incentives for Affiliates and Introducing Brokers

Binary options broker announced substantial enhancements to its thriving affiliate program. One of the most successful binary options affiliate programs in the industry, the initiative was originally launched to ensure the widest possible profile for trading platform. The new revisions to the partnering program include higher revenue / CPA sharing of up to 40% / $400 and more for affiliates, as well as simplified and more effective marketing and tracking tools.

Merchant Cash Advance Applicants Enjoy Unprecedented Advantages

Restaurant Cash Advances, one of the foremost providers of assistance in the food service industry, announced that it is continuing its efforts in offering unsecured business loans to potential and current restaurant owners. Traditionally, restaurants always need a large amount of ready cash in order to operate smoothly or to grow. The ongoing slowdown of the economy has hurt the cash reserves of many restaurant owners, and today many of them are in dire need of additional infusions of cash.

Log and Timber Frame Home Show Returns to Lake George

LogoResidents of the Lake George area and its surrounding communities who've always dreamed of living in a log or timber frame home or enjoy the rustic lifestyle and simple, elegant furnishings they afford are invited to spend time with the industry's top log home and timber frame companies and builders along with industry experts at The New York Log Home and Timber Frame Show at the Lake George Forum, May 16-18.

Wedding Fair Minnesota Updates The "Perfect Wedding Guide"

LogoPlanning a wedding takes a lot of time and patience, and knowing what needs to be done to get the day to run smoothly is not always easy. New brides can have trouble deciding which steps they need to take, and how to order the decisions so that they have everything they need for the wedding day. Wedding FairMN helps couples to prepare for their wedding day by bringing together all of the vendors that they need to speak with under a single roof.

New Study Shows Benefit of Musical Movement

One of the big draws for group fitness classes is the opportunity to work out to music. Many classes are choreographed revolving around certain songs or types of music, and people often find that musical selection can enhance the benefits of their exercise program.

Ogden UT Reports Inaccuracies with Review Comments Surrounding Dr. Drake Vincent's MD Medical Credentials: Vincent-Surgical-Arts Deserves Cosmetic Surgeon Safety Award for Breast Augmentation, Body-Contouring, and Rhinoplasty

LogoDrake Vincent, MD is a cosmetic surgeon with an impressive list of academic and professional achievements. He is a honored Member of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, the ONLY board dedicated exclusively to cosmetic surgery and is also certified in Maxillofacial Surgery by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

China Hazardous Waste Disposal Industry 2013-2016-Market Growth,Trends,Size, Share and Forecast

LogoChina is a big producer of industrial hazardous waste. With the issuance of environmental protection policies, technological upgrading, etc., China’s utilization and standardized disposal of hazardous waste has been significantly improved over recent years, with the stock of hazardous waste substantially reduced. It was estimated that China produced 40 million tons of industrial hazardous waste in 2013, representing an increase of 15.4 % over the previous year; the waste utilization volume hit 24 million tons, up 19.7 % year on year; the disposal volume rose by 1% year on year to 7.05 million tons; and the inventory reached 8 million tons, down 5.4 % from last year.

Corpus Christi, TX Based Team-Healthy-Chocolate News: MXI-Corp-Product Top Sponsor, Adam Green, Announces International Expansion of Xocai Xophoria Anti-Aging Serum Into Gukeng Yunlin County Taiwan

LogoAs the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the true vision of Xoçai is to transform and improve individual lives worldwide through its exclusive and healthy chocolate products. One such unique element is XoVita™, a proprietary high-antioxidant blend of cacao, açaí berries and blueberries, an ingredient combination exclusive to Xoçai.