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Atlanta Music Education, LLC Celebrates New Studio Space at the Kingfisher Academy

Atlanta Music Education, LLC is pleased to announce their new studio space in downtown Tucker, Georgia at The Kingfisher Academy, in addition to their continuing of in home music lessons. The music studio is a modern take on music lessons, providing private lessons, music camps, recitals, musical outings and open mic nights, all designed to inspire young people to make music. The innovative music school moved into their new home after four years of teaching music lessons in students' homes and other Atlanta studios. Members Flood Site with Testimonials After Success in the Executive Job Market

Job opportunities can be hard to come by in a slow economy, but as individuals near the summit of the power pyramid in a company, the opportunities become fewer and farther between. This can be a real problem for ambitious executives looking to step up, who are traditionally underserved by jobs websites that focus on entry-level and mid-level positions. is a job search website that focuses explicitly on executive-level positions, and has been overwhelmed with testimonials from CEO’s, VPs and Executive Recruiters themselves after a recent update to the site was published.

New Opportunities Arising in Manufacturing and Services as Saudi Arabia Changes Focus from Oil

The government of Saudi Arabia has a vision for its nation, in that it is attempting to diversify away from oil-based economy and create opportunities elsewhere, such as the construction industry. Among other ideas, it has developed the Saudi Railway Master Plan, projected to cost SAR 63.0 billion (US $17 billion) and to be completed by 2025. The forecast-period outlook for construction in Saudi Arabia remains positive due to population growth, increasing levels of disposable income and urbanization, improving consumer and investor confidence, and enhancements in regional and global economic conditions.

Concrete Protection Systems West, Inc. Promotes Commercial Epoxy Flooring Choices

Abuse continues to be a problem when it comes to commercial and industrial flooring, and companies specializing in commercial epoxy flooring realize this. Thanks to heavy human traffic along with machinery and equipment which may be used in business applications, floors need to be able to withstand a great deal of stress and use. "When the time comes to replace a floor in a business, many turn to CPS West for assistance in choosing the perfect flooring for their particular needs," Craig Hunt of Concrete Protection Systems West, Inc. declares.

Comic Jumps Launches Campaign to Keep San Francicso's Kids Active

The Center for Disease Control has announced that, “childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past thirty years.” The affects of this increase of obesity amongst young people is troubling as it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high blood pressure later in life. “In a population-based sample of 5 to 17 year olds, 70% of obese youth had at least one risk factor for cardiovascular disease.”

ZOFT Gum Extends Range of Gum, Mint and Candy Contract Manufacturing for Business

Of all the brands, the most powerful are those we use every day. In recent times this has grown to include things like YouTube and Facebook- services we access. However, for the longest time they have always been the brands that we carry upon our person from childhood to adult hood- candy and chewing gum. Brands that are not in the confectionary industry can now benefit from creating these products as tie-in marketing opportunities, thanks to ZOFT Gum’s private label manufacturing services, which can create custom candy, gum and mint blends replete with branded packaging.

Southern Irrigation Announces Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installations This Winter

LogoWhen the summer weather arrives, many residents in the Nashville, TN area illuminate their yards to relax when the sun goes down, or to showcase when guests arrive. There is no better way to put the yard on display than with high quality, affordable landscape lighting. This winter, Southern Irrigation is announcing their services for installing landscape lighting to their valued customers. As a premier landscaping service, the company is able to install light in obscure locations throughout the yard, such as in a tree or flower beds to make the house stand out.

J & L Paving Concepts Now Offering Parking Lot Maintenance in Montgomery County This March

LogoWith the cold temperatures that the greater Philadelphia area has experienced this winter, many heavily traveled roads have suffered cracks and potholes have appeared in the asphalt. As the winter temperatures begin to fade, and the spring weather moves in, many townships are preparing to fill the potholes and maintain the concrete to provide a safe and secure driving experience for their customers. When a parking lot is filled with uneven pavement and cracks in the asphalt, J & L Paving Concepts is pleased to announce they are offering their services for parking lot maintenance in Montgomery County this March.

Veterinary Ultrasounds Offers Great Deals on Bovine and Equine Ultrasound Equipment

Ultrasound has nowadays become a standard procedure in many veterinary settings. More and more veterinarians are using ultrasound as standard, non-invasive diagnostic tool to monitor and diagnose the animal patients. It is important for the veterinary practitioner to have the right tools and equipment in their clinics. If you are looking for ultrasound equipment for small animals or farm animals, you can always count on Veterinary Ultrasounds for quality and competitive prices. An online division of KeeboMed Inc., Veterinary Ultrasounds is a renowned supplier of new and used animal ultrasound equipment from leading brands like SonoScape, Chison, Kaixin, Mindray, Landwind and many more.

Women Can Have the Latest and Trendy Hairstyles by Chris MacMillan Salon and Can Go Stylish

A hair style is attained by organizing hair by using combs, hair gels, or additional items. For the most part civilizations, men have hair that's not the same as women’s. For many centuries the hair is a signifier of cultural and social class. Their hair styles have been used by upper class people to show status and wealth. The hairstyle of Middle class people is generally professional. Lower class individuals have tended to be practical and simple. - A Secure Online Portal for Buying Event Tickets

A number of people enjoy the feeling of attending a fantastic concert. Live music could be a very exciting knowledge; specifically for music lovers. One neat thing that has happened is always that buyers will have to be capable of obtaining seats from the comfort of their residence. Individuals had to waste an entire day outside, either rainfall or sunshine, to have fantastic chairs for upcoming concerts but those days are gone.

Photo Rental Company Dazzle Photo Booth Wins WeddingWire Couples Choice Award for 2014

The WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards™ 2014 recognize the best wedding professionals in the WeddingWire Network. The annual event is a major milestone in the wedding industry calendar, with 20 categories from venues to decorators, photographers to planners. The Couples Choice awards are voted on by real newlyweds who share their experiences with WeddingWire, and Dazzle Photobooth were proud to receive the Photo Booth Rentals Award for Orange County.

The Kore Landscaping Group Announces Landscape Development Services This Winter

LogoBusinesses and residents that move to a new property must take into account how their landscape is going to look. This winter, before the spring temperatures arrive, The Kore Landscaping Group is announcing their landscape development services in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area. When looking for landscaping companies in Nashville, TN that keep their clients’ interests in mind when installing or re-designing an existing landscape, The Kore Landscaping Group provides a blueprint of the property design, incorporating any input from the client to provide the ultimate landscape.

A Step Above House Cleaning Now Offering Cleaning Services in West Chester This March

LogoWith the long and dreary weather the greater Philadelphia area has experienced this winter, many homeowners are tired from shoveling the outside of their home that they just want to relax when the job is complete. This can result in the interior of a home becoming full of dust and dirt. A buildup of dust can lead to allergies and sinus infections for members of the household. This March, as the winter weather turns to spring, A Step Above House Cleaning is pleased to announce they will now be offering their services for house cleaning in West Chester, PA this March.

Tri-State Water Restoration, Inc. Now Offering Mold Cleaning and Removal Services This March

LogoWith the amount of moisture and precipitation that has hit Philadelphia and surrounding areas this winter, many homes and buildings are experiencing water damage. Whether the water is entering the home through the basement, roof, or other areas where a leak is occurring, it can take some time before a homeowner realizes there is any damage. If the problem persists long enough, homes can become susceptible to mold growth, causing an unhealthy living environment. As a premier company for water damage restoration in Philadelphia, Tri-State Water Restoration, Inc. is announcing their services for mold cleaning and removal this March.

Furnace Prices Introduces New Website Designed to Make the Purchase Process Easier

Furnace Prices proudly announces the launch of a new website for homeowners looking to purchase heating and cooling appliances. Designed with Ontario in mind, the website helps all Canadians by offering information on prices, quotes, government rebates, furnace manufacturers and more. "No matter what type of heating or cooling appliance one is looking for, Furnace Prices is the place to start one's search as the site is so comprehensive, the search will end here also," Simon Paulson of Furnace Prices ( declares.

OrientalPearls.Net Announces to Have a Special Sale for a Strand of Large 9-10mm Round Pearl Necklace in 14kt Gold for Less Than $100

LogoSan Diego California based C. D. Plus, Inc. just announced to have a special pearls sale for a strand of large 9-10mm Round Pearl Necklace in 14kt Gold for less than $100. This is a special sale because this strand of pearl necklace is not semi-round or potato shaped as others selling for cheap, they are made of truly round pearls finished with fine jewelry store’s high standard.

DemoFlick Announces 2013 Explainer Video Highlights

Explainer video producers DemoFlick have announced 2013’s Highlights in Explainer Videos. Highlighted videos spotlight some of the funniest, smartest and most innovative videos produced by DemoFlick in 2013, including those featuring Office Depot, Brother and Tommy Bahama.

Best Circus by Sam Edelman Boots for Women in 2014 Are Featured at

The New Fashion have just been looking through some of the women's boots that are available to buy in 2014, and have focused specifically on the boots that are available from the Circus by Sam Edelman collection because there are lots of really attractive boots to choose from.

Online Ticket Shopping Is Secure and Avoids the Hassle of Waiting in Queue

The hours of waiting in a queue all through the night in the rain to purchase tickets for one’s desired event are over with the coming trend of online ticket buying. Today, one can purchase concert tickets or Massey Hall tickets or any other sport event via internet. From the comfort of one’s home, people can search a myriad of concert tickets, blue jays tickets including soccer tickets and hockey sport tickets for sale as well as for buying them online.

Finding a Good VoiceOver Artist Makes for Effective Web Videos for Businesses

LogoVoiceovers aren't just for movie trailers or department store commercials anymore. A perfect tone of voice completes the story of an audio commercial or sales video. Many hundreds of voiceover professionals exist in every part of the country ready to lend just the right tone to the smallest business's marketing efforts. The cost is low. The benefit is high.

Women Can Enhance Their Looks with Attractive Hair Style via Chris McMillan Salon

Every woman is always eager to improve her beauty by using the beauty products that are available in the market. Hair performs a substantial part in one’s look, therefore it needs to be handled with the best treatment. Within the society youths utilized to exhibit themselves so distinctive in order to attract the interest of others and also to improve their beauty. The beauty of the ladies mainly lies in hair, which means this may be the major reason why when comparing to others all of the people take care of their hair as a great deal.

No.7 Wholesale Center Manufactures and Exports Football Kits and Jerseys

Soccer and Football are both a popular sport across the world today. The number of fans crazy about the sport is larger than any other sport in the world. There are local teams as well as groups who wish to have their own jerseys and kits to play the sport themselves. Besides, the professionals who also need these products there is a list of huge number of people who buy products for their local games. Although, the options which are available to people is vast in number not all have the capacity for making the best quality jerseys or offer protective gear.

Search Engine Optimization - A Proven Technique Efficient in Popularizing a Online Business

Search engine marketing has been developed as a young business recently. SEO providers entice several small scale and large scale companies to advertise their business. The world wide web is the greatest route for the marketing of global companies and to focus on mass audiences. Having a quick raise towards alignment of small and medium scale companies, need of nearby SEO or localized SEO has been elevated recently, that raise the improvement of social networking services and online marketing.

Turbial, A Marketing Company Chooses to Specialize on Marketing for Small Businesses of Specific Sectors

Instead of offering broad marketing services to any business Turbial has chosen to be specialized and tailors marketing services to the specific industries. The first industry that Turbial successfully penetrates is a limousine business industry.

The Learn to Trade Course Meets the Demand of the 23% Online Traders Worldwide

According to the Reports of the Survey conducted by the International Marketing Companies, there have been a significant rise in the demand of the Online Forex Trading Courses all over the world, mainly including the 45% of the share from the Developing Nations of the World. However, the reviews of the people revealed that out of 5, every 4 online trading courses focus on the boring Theoretical Concepts, with no Practical Knowledge of Forex Trading. However, the Investhansa course has emerged as one of the top notch online Trading Courses for those who really want to learn to trade the market. The Experts revealed that this special course has successfully served the purpose to more than 23% of the online traders worldwide, giving them the potential to trade the Forex with pro like skills and valuable experience.

Accelerated Business Tactics Seminar Series & Tour Schedule Announced!

LogoDenver, Colorado’s leading business coaching service specializing in other companies’ growth in business credit, corporate identity, corporate identity repair, owner mindset management, marketing and more, ISG3 Seminar Director has today announced a new business credit development seminar - the Accelerated Business Tactics - and tour schedule.