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A Fresh, New Pet Boutique Opens in the Pearl District - Just in Time for Small Business Saturday

Oregon native, Jill Mahnane opened her doors to Urban Dog City Kitty last week, just in time for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Located in the heart of the popular Pearl District, the shop features "gifts and gear for pets and people." The shop is located at 1019 NW 11th Avenue.

Randall Cloud Starts Kickstarter Campaign for His Upcoming Role-Playing Party Game "The Village."

The Village is a role-playing party game inspired by the popular game Mafia. This upcoming game from Randall Cloud will be available in two versions named Werewolf and North Pole.

Furnishing Homes Offers a Variety of Furniture Online

Furniture is that element which makes a house a home. Beautifully crafted furniture with desired durability is the need in every house. However, not everyone can hire carpenters and designers to get customised furniture according to ones requirement. Therefore, the chances of finding the right piece or set of furniture is the greatest when there is ample variety to choose from. Furnishing Homes is an online furniture store that has satisfactory varieties of all kinds of furniture. The furniture retailer is based in the UK and provides good quality furniture at affordable prices. In fact, none of the competitors of the company have bettered the price that Furnishing Homes offers.

Enterprise Collaboration Market Poise $70.61 Billion by 2019

LogoThe report "Enterprise Collaboration Market [Solutions (Telephony, Unified Messaging, Conferencing, Collaboration Platforms, Enterprise Social), Services, Deployment, User Types (SME, Enterprises)] - Global Advancements, Worldwide Forecasts & Analysis (2014 - 2019)" defines and segments the Enterprise Collaboration market into various sub-segments with an in-depth analysis and forecasting of revenues. The report also identifies the factors driving this market, various restraints and opportunities impacting it along with the technology roadmap and adoption trends.

Wond Offers Its Infograhic Design Services to Clients Across the World

It is a well known fact that visual data is more appealing as compared to plain text. In fact, it helps in conveying the message in the best possible manner to the target audience in an effective and captivating way. The infographic services offered by have earned huge recognition and appreciation throughout the United Kingdom. They are simply passionate about their work and always put in their whole-hearted effort to meet the requirements of the clients. They have been part of this industry for over quite a period of time and offer clients with different packages based on their requirements. Clients can choose the type of infographic service they require and the rest is taken care of by the company.

The New Compac Quartz and Arenastone Worktops Colours for UK Consumers Are Here

Worktop Factory is a popular online distributor of natural stone worktops and countertops for different residential and commercial applications. The company guarantees customers of the highest quality natural stone worktops especially quartz worktop stations. This is because of the company’s direct partnership with natural stone manufacturers which ensures their customers low prices and high quality products all year round.

The Superb Benefits of Silestone and Caesarstone Worktops

Worktop Factory is one of the leading natural stone distributors online. It has one of the largest selections of natural worktops, countertops and work surfaces that consumers may ever find anywhere online. Residential and commercial consumers regard Worktop Factory as a supplier of high quality products that meet the stress of every day worktop use. Regular stresses like temperature changes, scratches, dents, mould growth, mildew growth and so many more are just some of the most important factors that must be considered in the choice for the ideal material for a worktop.

Worktop Factory Explains How to Buy the Best Kitchen Worktops

Worktop Factory is an online distributor of quality and reliable worktops and kitchen work top materials. It is an online site where customers may shop and may also find tips on how to purchase different kinds of building materials for their projects. Lately, it has provided visitors and customers with a post on how to buy Kitchen Worktops and a guide to kitchen tops to help consumers with their shopping needs.

The Premier Supplier of Granite and Quartz Worktops in London Dramatically Increases Product Range

Worktop Factory serves London and the surrounding areas with the widest selection of worktop materials suited for residential and commercial purposes. It is one of the companies that offer the highest quality worktop materials in the UK this is why or more and more London residents and business owners trust Worktop Factory for their worktop solutions.

Director Sam Prudence Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Complete His Short Film Project 'Jack Queen King.'

Logo'Jack Queen King' takes place during the ten minutes after a small crew return to the London apartment they are using as an operations base after carrying out a heist. It follows the story of Carly (the seductive mastermind), Jake (the hardened career criminal) and Neil (their naive accomplice) in the aftermath of their final job. When Neil and Jake return from the job, Carly already has passports, tickets and suitcases lined up by the door, ready to split the cash and run. However when Carly finds that their final haul isn't as large as expected she refuses to settle for less than what she's entitled to and will do anything to get her 'fair share' of the take. Seeks Funding via Kickstarter for Stretcher Print, the Recycled Bottle Wall Art

LogoStretcher Prints are made from recycled plastic bottles. wants to up cycle 140,000 bottles & transform them into unique wall art.

Worktop Factory Reveals Why Granite Worktops Are the Best Kitchen Countertops

Worktop Factory reveals why granite worktops are regarded as quality worktops not just by homeowners but also by top contractors and professionals. It provides information about what granite is and about selecting the ideal granite worktop for kitchens and other areas of a home or business.

Worktop Factories Marble and Granite Kitchen Worktops Service Now Stretches Across the UK

Worktop Factory shows its best selections of Marble And Granite Kitchen Worktops for residential and commercial installations. Worktop Factory is an online distributor of the widest selection of natural stone materials for worktops, countertops, floors, walls and other home or business applications. It has a vast catalogue of the finest natural stones for kitchen worktops like marble, slate, limestone, sandstone, slate, basalt and onyx however it is mostly known for its large variety of granite kitchen worktops.

Worktop Factory Reveals Striking Slate and Stone Worktops

Worktop Factory is an online natural Stone Worktops distributor that has made its name in delivering high quality and affordable stone worktop solutions for businesses and residential clients. It has a large catalogue of the most in-demand and beautiful natural stone materials that will suit any kind of commercial or residential application.

Worktop Factory Reveals Why Cimstone Is Perfect for UK Kitchen Work Surfaces

Worktop Factory is a company that supplies natural stones and other worktop and work surfaces material for homes, business establishments and commercial centres. It is proud of its partnership with quality manufacturers which ensures that every worktop material has the highest quality possible and has the most affordable price.

Holiday Apartments and Villas Now Available at Cheap Prices

Individuals these days are becoming highly interested in going for vacations every once in a while. One of the biggest perks of going to a short or a long-term vacation is the fact that individuals can easily rent houses or apartment as the perfect accommodation during the entire length of their stay at their destination. When it comes to the important matter of finding the best holiday rentals, the task can be quite a time consuming and difficult one. However, with the right knowledge and a good amount of online research, it can become fairly easy.

Enchanting Granite and Quartz Worktops in Leeds from Yorkshire's Number One Supplier

Worktop Factory is an online distributor of worktop materials in the country. It has one of the most exciting collections of Granite And Quartz Worktop Of Any Suppliers in Leeds varieties that you can ever find online. Worktop Factory is ready to help residents and customers from Leeds and nearby locations in finding the ideal worktop material solution as well as more information about granite Leeds and quartz worktops.

Shanklin Automatic L-Sealer/Heat Sealer Now Available at Wohl Associates

Wohl Associates announces the newest addition to their used processing and packaging machinery inventory with the Shanklin Automatic L-Sealer/Heat Sealer. A well-respected leader in the machinery industry, Wohl Associates continues to expand their product lines to meet the growing needs of industry clientele in a consistently changing global environment.

Dr. Dale Wong to Speak at Shomerei Hamashal Institute Event

LogoDr. Dale Wong, principal founder of the Texas-based Shomerei Hamashal Institute, will speak at an upcoming event on March 27, 2014.

Buying the Best Kitchen Worktops Direct

Worktop Factory is an online distributor of quality natural stones used for worktops and work surfaces. It is a company that delivers the best selection of natural stone worktops that are suitable for homes, businesses and commercial establishments. Most of its customers are homeowners seeking the right kitchen worktops for the most affordable price and when it comes to true value, tested craftsmanship and the best materials for kitchen worktops, Worktop Factory recommends purchasing kitchen worktops online.

Carrill Bicci Offers Various Comfortable and Fashionable Cycling Jerseys

The cyclists in the modern times are being particular about their dresses when cycling. Cycling causes exertion which in turn causes the body to sweat profusely. So, this requires the cyclists to put on such clothes that should not just absorb the sweat but would also allow free circulation of air. Apart from these features, there is another feature which is as important. The clothes worn during cycling should not be loose and neither should they be so tight as to cause trouble in bending. The jersey should therefore be such that the cyclist can move his body freely in it. As it is that strenuous cycling for hours requires a bending posture, it is important to make sure that clothes are comfortable. Carrill Bicci, the online store for jerseys, offers quality cycling jerseys which are available in varied designs and styles.

Choose from the Collection of Cycling Jerseys Available at Maillot Cycliste

Cycling is an adventure and the activity requires cyclists to be in a comfortable dress. The cycling enthusiasts have discovered that no other clothes can be as comfortable and suitable for cycling as cycling garments. These are clothes made for the purpose and are designed in a way so as to enable free movement which is most important when one is cycling. Apart from keeping it comfortable, the cycling jersey also helps to keep the body cool. They are made of such clothe materials as would help fast absorption of sweat and thereby would help keeping off the heat from the body. Malliot Cycliste offers an extensive collection of jerseys for the cycling enthusiasts. The jerseys are available in varied designs.

Bedding Sale - Elinens Announces Huge Bedding Clearance Sale

Elinens have announced a huge online bedding sale with massive savings to be made of up to 75% off the original price on their website.

Epos Now Announces New Features and Improvements to Its Epos Range

The market-leading company, which is based in Norwich, has audited its epos solutions to ensure everything is EC Test Certified and compliant with the National Measurements Office.

A Comprehensive Text Your Ex Back Program Review

LogoPeople who have undergone a break up often desire nothing more than a reconciliation with their ex, but are unsure how to achieve this. Fear of pushing the ex partner further away often precludes any form of contact, while constant contact by one party can alienate the other, with the consequence a reconciliation never takes place. Text Your Ex Back has been created to ensure that a reconciliation happens.

Home Security Market Worth $51.77 Billion by 2020

LogoAccording to a new market research report “Smart Homes Market - by Products (Security, Access, Lighting, Entertainment, Energy Management Systems, HVAC, and Ballast & Battery Pack), Services (Installation & Repair, Renovation & Customization) and Geography - Analysis & Forecast (2013–2020)".

Higher Education Market Expected to Reach $65.83 Billion & Grow at a CAGR of 7.5% by 2019

LogoThe report "Higher Education Market [Software Solutions, Content & Collaboration, Data Security & Compliance, Campus Technology, Student & Curriculum, Performance Management] - Worldwide Market Forecasts and Analysis (2014-2019)" defines and segments the global Higher Ed market into various sub-segments with an in-depth analysis and forecasting of market sizes. The report also identifies the factors driving this market, various restraints and opportunities impacting it along with the adoption trends.