Lookedon Launches New Improved Website Design


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/18/2014 -- Lookedon, an online platform that allows users to view Twitter pictures, is pleased to announce the launch of their recently redesigned website. The new design offers an easier and more convenient way to browse Twitter pictures, stay current with the latest celebrity news, and engage with your friend’s pictures. “Our goal with the redesigned website was to provide our users with a much more enjoyable experience. When they come to our website to browse Twitter pictures and keep up with the latest trending celebrity news we want them to enjoy the time spent on the site. The response so far has been great and our users love the changes we have made,” explained Aaron Stolle of Lookedon.

The new website design allows users to perform a Twitter picture search on any device, including tablet devices. “It was important that we made our website perform excellent across all devices. With so many people using their tablets and iPad’s to access social media and the web we knew that we needed to have a website that looked great on these devices,” stated Lookedon’s Aaron Stolle.

Several Lookedon users utilize the platform to view celebrity pictures. Aaron added, “Imagine if you were a big fan and wanted to look at the Twitter pictures that your favorite celebrity has posted. Going through their profile to pick out the pictures is not convenient. Simply entering the name of a celebrity would instantly pull up all of the celebrity’s pictures. It is easy to access all of the Sofia Vergara pictures, for example, that she has uploaded on her Twitter profile and view them all in one place. This eliminates all of the other tweets and replies and gives the user exactly what they want to look at, which are the pictures. For more information or to start searching Twitter pictures, visit the website link below.

About Lookedon
Lookedon is an online resource that allows users to browse Twitter pictures and monitor friends activity, hot trending news, and engage with pictures that are posted by those users the individual is following on Twitter. The website is completely free to use and does not require a sign up. The website recently went through a complete overhaul, launching a more user friendly design and layout, which creates a more enjoyable user experience. For more information or to sign up please visit http://lookedon.com/.