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Love Your Garden and Conserve Water with Hornet Device


Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2014 -- The change in climatic conditions in today’s world has been raising an alarm for each one to contribute and save the environment. This means reducing the amount of pollution, planting more trees and making it a better place to live in. In recent times, it is observed that Australia is becoming hotter and drier. This has also given rise to water problems in the country. Now the question is about how would one manage to plant trees and also conserve water at the same time.

This is the reason that makes people think twice before they plan to set up a garden. Many a time’s people tend to waste water while they are watering the plants. There are some who prefer not maintaining a garden so that they can save the water used in watering the plants and the turf. But, introduction of a water irrigation system helps schedule the watering of plants. This helps in considerable reduction in the wastage of water.

But, it is less realized that the water supplied by irrigation systems also gets wasted as the limit is stated assuming that it would be enough. Sometimes, it is found that the soil already contains enough water content and there is no need for more water to be supplied. The Hornet Device introduced by the Hornet Central is produced with the ability to perform soil moisture monitoring that offers accurate information to an irrigation system about the amount of water that needs to be supplied.

The device ensures accurate monitoring of the soil moisture levels and helps in conserving water while maintaining a fresh green garden. With the help of this device connected to the irrigation system, one can supply enough amounts of water that may be needed for a plants growth and also avoid overwatering that may cause wastage of water.

The introduction of this device has given a reason to one to love his garden and thus take care of the lush green lawns with the lovely plants around. Thus, the introduction of the hornet device is a boon for environment lovers and also for those who would love to maintain greenery around their home.

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The Hornet has been developed by KISS Monitoring. A company that devotes its expertise to developing innovative technologies for turf and horticulture.