Health Dangers Also Linked to Low Blood Pressure

Blood pressure that's too low may also lead to health complications.


New York City, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/19/2013 -- While it is commonly known for high blood pressure to be a dangerous and fatal condition, having low blood pressure can also be a serious health condition. Experts suggest a regular blood pressure check in order to avoid health complications arising from either high or low blood pressure.

Contrary to hypertension, low blood pressure or hypotension has more noticeable symptoms. Without these symptoms, low blood pressure may not be considered as an imminent condition that needs to be addressed with an individual.

“Blood pressure has become a highly relative measure of wellness. Some people may find a blood pressure of 85/55 too low, while some may still feel completely normal with it,” said Frank McDonald of High Blood Pressure Support.

Among the common low blood pressure symptoms that call for urgent medical attention includes: fainting, blurry vision, nausea, shallow breathing, and fatigue. Minor symptoms may also include dizziness, constant and unusual thirst, and inability to concentrate for a prolonged period. These symptoms are found out to be more common among pregnant women, especially during the first quarter of pregnancy.

According to McDonald, severe cases of low blood pressure are often attributed to pre-existing conditions and are rarely caused by lifestyle choices. Some of the top conditions that have been linked to low blood pressure are endocrine problems, nutritional deficiency, and heart conditions.

“Certain medications may also cause the blood pressure to drop too low, especially diuretics and treatments for Parkinson’s disease,” McDonald said adding that low pressure is usually treated by simply addressing the pre-existing condition that caused it.

With this, McDonald insists that people be more wary of developing hypertension than hypotension, since the former is a permanent condition which may also lead to fatal health complications. There are still more natural methods to lower blood pressure, and prevent it from developing into more severe health conditions.

“Living with a normal blood pressure is mainly about committing to a healthy lifestyle. Even if you have already been diagnosed with the condition, it does not mean that reverting to healthy living will no longer pay off,” McDonald said.

Several studies have already proven that a meager 10-minute exercise can already lower a hypertensive person’s blood pressure. This can be further complemented by observing a healthy diet. Nutritionists specifically point out the dangers of salty food to a person’s blood pressure.

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