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Magic Mesh Magnetic Screen Door - An in Depth Look

Magic Mesh is a magnetic screen door that can be easily installed on any standard door frame quickly and easily without the use of tools. It works effectively at keeping out insects while letting in the fresh air from outside. Find out why Magic Mesh has become a popular As Seen on TV seller.


Toronto, Ontario -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/12/2013 -- Magic Mesh is a revolutionary screen door that has been featured As Seen on TV in Canada and the United States that has become a big seller in select stores and online. This magnetic screen door magically snaps together by 18 strategically placed magnets. It features two easy to install panels that are installed with a series of hook and loop strips.

"During the summer we were getting annoyed with insects coming into our home when we were at or cottage. Since we didn't have an air conditioner our cottage could get very hot. When I first saw the advertisement for the Magic Mesh I knew I had to get one. My order included 2 for the price of 1 which was perfect since our cottage has two entrances. Installing it didn't take long and I can honestly say it's made staying inside or sleeping at night more tolerable since we can just keep one of the doors open to let in the cool air. Magic Mesh is a great product!" -Nancy Gayland

As stated in the infomercial, Magic Mesh is perfect for the warm months as it lets the fresh air in and keeps the bugs out. Pet owners can enjoy this magnetic screen door because it allows pets to freely move in and out of their homes. Also perfect for carrying trays of food outside without having to open and close the door.

"We have two dogs that always bark at the door when it's time to do their business. The Magic Mesh provided a way for them to go outside whenever they want without one of us having to open he door for them. After such repeated use I'm impressed that it's withstood the whole summer with no wear and tear. We also find it useful for transporting trays of food to our backyard during summer cookouts. I would highly recommend buying it online because you'll get a better deal." -Mark Lubovic

Installing a screen door can be quite costly especially if you have to pay a professional company to install it, however with Magic Mesh you can enjoy the convenience of having a screen door at a fraction of the cost. It can be installed in just minutes without the use of tools. Magic Mesh fits single doors, sliding doors, RVs and more. It can fit any standard door frame measuring approximately 84 inches x 19.5 inches. The doors are made from a high quality and durable polyester mesh material that even the smallest insect couldn't penetrate.

Magic Mesh is typically used during the warmer months where mosquitoes and other insects usually make their way through the doors and can be taken down, stored and put up at a desired time. The main selling point of the Magic Mesh is it's ability to provide cool air during the day and an even cooler breeze during the evening time. As a result it can can also help reduce cooling costs by allowing a homeowner to simply open the door rather than running a fan or the air conditioner.

Magic Mesh has become a popular As Seen on TV product and it seems that customer reviews are almost unanimous in favor of this product. Few similar products have been able to compare to the quality and design of the Magic Mesh.

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