Make Women Want You Review: Important Information Released

Great news for men who long to have their dream girl, but have never managed to make it happen! Today's announcement is about making men's wildest fantasies come true by making all the moves that get women to beg guys to sleep with them.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/02/2014 -- It is no great secret that guys often fantasize and lust after women that they often can't have in real life. Perhaps it's another man's wife, or a best friend's girlfriend, or maybe someone at work they've been craving to get into bed with. Well guys - there's good news today! In today's Press Release, Jason introduces the true secret to Make Women Want You Now!

With so many guys fantasizing and lusting over women they find hard to get, today's announcement brings great news that getting those women into bed isn't hard at all. All it needs is the determination to learn Jason's "Honey Trick", a secret that he today unveils to the world in this Press Release.

Paraphrasing what Jason says about who these instructional videos are ideal for:

- If guys want to desperately have sex with a girl (or even several of them - separately or together!) of their dreams; or

- If men want to make women fall desperately in love with them and have passionate sex lives... then the "Honey Trick" videos are ideal. It doesn't matter if the girl or woman in question is older/younger, is married or currently dating, is someone that's beyond a guys "league". Jason's techniques are tailored to work every time.

While extremely informative in its content, these "Honey Trick" videos haven't become popular without stirring their share controversy. Already banned in 3 countries, with another 3 hot on the heels of pursuing banning them, these videos reveal startling insights into a woman's psychology, and shows guys in intricate detail how to exploit those psychological traits to make women lust for them. It is no wonder then that countries banning them are doing so to "protect their vulnerable women population!"

With over 120,000 guys across the globe successfully using "Honey Trick", and tested on over 1,000,000 girls and women Jason is extremely confident that, if used correctly, guys will have the women they lust for calling them up at 2.00 AM to have sex with them. And based on what guys who have used these techniques to score big time say, "Honey Tricks" works almost instantaneously - just like honey attracting bees!

"Honey Tricks" is not something that has just been pulled off the internet, or clobbered together from books and magazines. It is deeply rooted in evolutionary science studies about how a woman's DNA is hard coded to be sexually attracted to guys. It exploits primal "attraction triggers" in a woman that makes her subconsciously lust for a guy. Those involuntary hormonal and chemical changes are what make women uncontrollably attracted to a guy to the extent that she craves to have sex with him.

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About The Author
Jason, the creator of the world famous "Honey Tricks" series of instructional videos, shares his secret technique to get women to desperately want guys to have sex with them. Through over 5 years of research and personal experimentation, Jason was able to perfect his technique and initially used it to get his best friend's hot girlfriend to leave him (his friend!) to have a passionate sexual relationship with Jason.

From there on, the "Honey Trick" video series has been enhanced and perfected and practiced by thousands of guys the world over. Jason has himself successfully used these techniques to wow, seduce and have sex with many hot women, including a famous pop star in Hollywood - in under 10 minutes! And today, Hollywood actors are amongst those that consult with Jason when it comes to getting the women they crave for.