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Manage Pet Osteoarthritis- PREVICOX


Hialeah Gardens, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/01/2014 -- Our bones are an incredible organ of the body. Our bones give the body structure, strength, and ability to move. The bones grow as we age and repair themselves when they are broken, but what happens when the bones stop growing? The bones are a strong organ but this strength does not last forever. As a pet age, the bones become brittle and weaken causing conditions we know as osteoarthritis. Arthritis can be painful and is incurable but through uses of NSAIDs such as Previcox, the condition can be managed.

Ailment Associated with Product:
The bones are the strongest organs of the body as it is our supporting structure. The bones are calcified formations which adapt to the bodies growth and age. The long bone is composed of three main portions; the distal epiphysis, Diaphysis, and Proximal epiphysis. These three portions are covered by a protective coving called the periosteum. This protective covering is supplied with nutrients through the adjacent arteries and perforating fibers. Inside the bone contains the compact bone, spongy bone, endosteum, yellow bone marrow, and articular cartilage. Although we believe the bones are our strongest component of the body they become weakened due to illness and age. As the body ages, the spongy inner layer of the bones containing red bone marrow, transforms to yellow bone marrow. This yellow bone marrow is mainly fats as the bone is no longer growing, it does not require red blood marrow. This yellow bone marrow causes the bone to be more susceptible to damage and to develop arthritic qualities. Arthritis can affect a dog or cat in a number of ways. Common ailments associated with arthritis include; bone breakage, joint stiffness, difficult movement, and inability to sit or stand.

Product to cure ailment:
Previcox works by reducing the inflammation of accumulated fluids surrounding the weakened bones. This medication also reduces pain and is a commonly prescribed medication for patients after painful surgeries. The dosage which is prescribed for canines is 2.27 milligrams of medication per pound of the dog’s body weight. Pain relievers are an excellent option for controlling pain but all medications have their risk factors. Side effects of Previcox have been noted in some patients. Side effect of Previcox include; sudden loss of weight, irritation of the skin, polydipsia, change in urinary odor, coloration, and frequency, jaundice, behavioral changes, and stool changes.

Commonly affected breed, Breed description, & other aliments to affect this breed:
Osteoarthritis is an aliment of older pets. Dog and cat breeds beyond age 7 to 9 are at a high risk to develop arthritis. Pet owners are advised to take good care of older pets with good nutrition, exercise, and proper rest. A pet owner can reduce the affects of arthritis through basic pet care and regular veterinary exams.

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