Manufacturing Press Releases

PDP Solutions President Louise Dickmeyer Presents Next Week at Manufacturing Executive Conference

PDP Solutions' President Louise Dickmeyer presents next week at the NWPCA's (National Wooden Pallet & Container Association) Annual Leadership Conference, March 13. Dickmeyer will discuss how company leaders can address multi-generational issues and effective employee retention strategies. NWPCA members with significant HR background will provide insights and lead discussion on how to improve these critical elements of effective pallet industry communication management. Panel members will include Howe Wallace from PalletOne, and Kathleen Dietrich from Commercial Lumber & Pallet.

Anuj Kapuria CEO of Indian Robotic Company Meets Press at ProMat

Anuj Kapuria CEO of Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz will be meeting with members of the media during ProMat 2015 in Chicago next month. Bringing low-cost AGV robotic solutions to e-commerce and omni-channel retailing operations is a huge growth opportunity for the company based in India. Many journalists have already compared this robotic solution to Kiva used by Amazon.

Lloyd Industries Has Set a New Benchmark on Residential Safety That Revolutionizes the Construction Industry

LogoConstructing a building is as much an art as any other. Cement and bricks alone can’t make a house remain strong forever. Instead, there are factors to be considered to increase the life span of a building. Normally buildings constructed using bricks are a lot stronger than structures made of concrete blocks. Additionally a brick building has more life than houses built with other building materials. Yet, to sustain the strength of the building, certain precautions are taken such as developing vents alongside the walls.

Jingtaikeda Manufactures and Supplies Furniture for Restaurants

Furniture and interior decoration define the purpose of any place. Furniture is of immense significance in order to make any place efficient according to its purpose. Offices, homes, factories, restaurants and every place need to have furniture according to the operations that is carried out there. Jingtaikeda restaurant furniture manufacturer is one of the top names in this field. It is a Chinese company and produces diverse range of tables and chairs to meet the ever-growing creativity in dining and hospitality. It manufactures furniture exclusively for restaurants, cafes, bars and eateries. There is significant variety in terms of shape, size, weight and colour of furniture.

Hong Kong Tin Plate Company Announces Availability of Supreme Quality Electrolytic Tin Plates & Tin Free Steel Sheets for Industrial Use

In modern industries, tin plates have a wide variety of applications. This is the reason why several companies look out for high quality tin plates for their industrial, packaging and supplying needs. All such companies can now benefit from the all-time ready stock of tin plates and tin free steel coils and sheets, maintained by Hong Kong based Mirach Metallurgy Company. The company has a high-capacity manufacturing base and delivers high-quality electrolyte tin plates in bulk quantities.

Vexor Custom Woodworking Tools Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary

LogoSpecialist manufacturer and supplier of easy woodworking tools solutions, Vexor Custom Woodworking Tools is celebrating one of their biggest milestones yet, and impressive 30 years in business.

NexPCB Announces Free Trial of PCB Manufacture Online Track to Help Run Enterprise Productions Faster & Better

The leading PCB board manufacturing and PCB layout service company, NexPCB announces to offer a free trial of their work order system that is aimed at helping organizations to get more organized and keep a track on their ongoing work orders. The PCB manufacture online track can also be used to check the status of the completed work and this will enable organizations to run their productions in a faster and better manner.

Manufacturing Big Data Experts from System Insights Part of CIRP Conference Next Week

System Insights, a leading global supplier of manufacturing software, is sponsoring and attending the 6th CIRP International Conference on High Performance Cutting next week, June 23-25, 2014 at the University of California, Berkeley, CA. The International Academy for Production Engineering takes its abbreviated name from the French acronym of College International pour la Recherche en Productique (CIRP).

Private-Label Supplement Co-Packer News as Adam Green Sanctions Utah Business Plan Focus for Equity Laboratory Production Expansion

LogoG3 Development and Wasatch Contract Manufacturing Founder, Adam Paul Green, has just announced he will speak with Wasatch Liquid Contract Manufacturer. Wasatch Contract Manufacturing is a private label nutritional beverage co-packer providing the most responsive and flexible service in the industry and has a diverse clientele ranging from leading global companies to virtual and emerging entities. Adam will speak with them on his weekly webinar, which is hosted from from his virtual office in St. Louis, Missouri . Adam plans to address the Utah Business Plan Focus for Equity Laboratory Production Expansion. The webinar will take place on July 2, 2014. New call number: 1-888-998-7766 New virtual office login site:

Seegrid Robotic Leader Focuses on Lean Management

LogoSeegrid Corporation, the leader in robotic vision-guided automated guided vehicles (AGVs), recently continued the staff expansion to meet product demand. The Pittsburgh-based robotics leader welcomed Tim Chiocchio as the new lean project manager.

News for Wasatch Liquid Contract-Manufacturer as Adam Green, Ratifies Wasatch New Supplement Technology

LogoMr. Adam Paul Green, the G3-Development Founder, has just announced he will speak with Wasatch Liquid Contract Manufacturer and Nutritional Supplement Supplier Lab, concerning their "801- Anti-Aging Technology" on his weekly webinar, which is hosted from from his virtual office in Corpus Christi, TX.

Shenzhen LongFeng Yuan Industrial Company Limited Manufactures Server and Chassis

Computers have become as essential an entity in the present age as electricity. They are used in offices, shops, hospitals, schools and everywhere. Besides, digital communication has become extremely popular in 21st century. All the online functions of computers are possible because of the servers into which the data is stored. Shenzhen LongFeng Yuan Industrial Company Limited caters to the need of placement of servers. It manufactures chassis for servers and rackmount. It is one of the best rack mount and server chassis manufacturers in China. The company has more than a decade of experience in production of sheet-metal items and manufactures diverse range of efficient chassis.

Ultriva CEO Presents on Supply Chain Visibility at ISM Institute July 10th

LogoNarayan Laksham, founder and CEO of Ultriva, will be presenting at the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) of Silicon Valley on Thursday, July 10, 2014 from 11:30-1:00 pm (PST) in Cupertino, CA. Laksham will be addressing how part shortages affect production schedules and customer shipments, as well as charges of inventory reduction by management. Salient topics such as how well are suppliers performing and if business is encountering late and partial shipments will also be addressed. Laksham’s presentation will cover the importance of Supply Chain Visibility and how it results in improved inventory and service levels.

Introducing New Money-Saving 3D Printing Consumables by Canada Powder

LogoDigital Sign Technologies announces the release of new cost-effective and durable 3D printing materials for Zcorp, ProJet x60 and other powder-based 3D printers.

Outdoor Contracting Season Raises Tailgate Security Concerns

LogoDynoLock Products wants to remind pickup owners, contractors and mobile construction crews that tailgate theft is an avoidable nuisance when working onsite during the warm weather months when outdoor jobs are more prevalent. Working onsite often means traveling to new places where security and surveillance aren’t guaranteed. During the summer months many construction and contracting jobs are done outdoors while the long days permit tasks that can’t be done in the winter months. This means that contractors and crews who travel with their tools in tow expose themselves to tailgate and truck bed theft when those expensive, critical tools and implements are left outdoors for long shifts, or even overnight. Many workers will secure their tools in a bed-mounted safe or tool box, but opportunistic thieves will remove these boxes altogether or cause severe damage to the truck body in the process of trying to extract the valuables.

Paige Carswell Named Marketing Specialist for Hytrol Conveyor

Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturers of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions, welcomed Paige Carswell as Marketing Specialist. To accommodate Hytrol’s growth Carswell will draw from a background in communication to compose press releases and create written content for the Hytrol website and social media pages. Carswell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from Southwestern College.

No Risk Automation Prevents Manufacturers from Choosing Wrong AGV Vendor

No Risk Automation (, founder John Hayes explained that vendors and their salespeople get paid to sell their equipment and their solutions. There is a vested interest from the vendor’s point of view to sell noted Hayes, “Very few vendors care about the 'Square Peg/Round Hole' analogy when selling equipment, because they sell hammers and when you sell hammers everything looks like a nail.

Distribution Centers Increase ROI Turning to Automation Says Founder of No Risk Automation

No Risk Automation (, founded by John Hayes, was developed to inform and protect automation decision-makers. Hayes advocates that the manufacturing sector is the most common prospect for his services. Manufacturing is defined and predictable with a steady state flow of raw materials in and finished product out. The pick and drop locations are well defined and there is an easily defined facility process.

Ideal Application Solutions for AGVs Defined by Edison Award Recipient Seegrid

LogoThere are many advantages of having a flexible automated guided vehicle (AGV) solution. Evan Rago, Seegrid’s Applications Engineer, explained the ideal applications for AGVs in the Seegrid company blog.

Hytrols ABEZ Conveyor Innovative Accumulation Zones Extracting Power from a Flat Drive Belt

Hytrol’s model ABEZ is a horizontal belt driven live roller conveyor, integrated with the patented EZLogic® zero pressure accumulation system. This conveyor is designed for applications that require accumulation of products without a build-up of line pressure. The ABEZ is manufactured in 11 widths over-all and comes equipped with a standard centralized drive unit that fits all widths. The ABEZ is available in 12, 18, 24, 30 or 36 inch zone lengths and able to convey loads of up to 150 pounds per linear foot of conveyor.

Tow and Farm Is a Range of Mowers, Collectors and Dispersers by Metalform

Farming and gardening is need for some and lifestyle activity for some. However, it is an easy job for either kind of people. Those who engage in gardening as lifestyle activity often have small areas to take care of while farmers and commercial gardeners have vast expanses to care for. Metalform is a sheet metal engineering company that has manufactured a range of equipment, named Tow and Farm, for all kinds of farming and gardening. It is a range of towable mowers, collectors and dispersers that make caretaking of farms convenient at all level of responsibility.

China Based Aspire Refrigeration Introduces Gelato Maker & Ice Cream Machines for Consumers & Resellers All Across the World

Ice creams are all-season favorite desserts that are liked by people of all ages. Restaurants, ice cream parlors and food joints report about ever-increasing sales of ice creams from all nook and corner of the world. Now, China based Guangzhou Aspire Refrigeration Equipment Company brings the opportunity to be part of this ever-increasing ice cream business. The company is now introducing their high quality and affordable ice cream making machinery for the worldwide ice cream sellers. They have a wide variety of machines and one can procure one(s) as per their business requirements.

Ciqem Offers a Platform to Chinese QEM Certified Manufacturers to Display Products and Grow Their Business

China has a large manufacturing base. As per an estimate, there are around 400,000 manufacturers in China that produce a large variety of products for exporting to global retail businesses. But only 70,000 of them are QEM certified manufacturers that have been identified by the Chinese government bodies for supplying high quality products. Now, Ciqem, a leading Manufacturer to Business platform in China, offers all these certified manufacturers a platform to showcase their products to reach the global buyers.

Dinosaur World Offers Dinosaur Models, Replicas & Skelton for Dinosaur Exhibition & Amusement Parks

Dinosaurs have always been an object of curiosity for the humans. People of all ages, from children to grownups, want to learn more about these gigantic animals of the Jurassic age. This is the reason why amusement parks with huge replicas of dinosaurs witness a heavy footfall on a daily basis. Now, China based Zigong Dinosaurs World Science & Technology Company offers dinosaur models, replicas, skeleton and other items that can be showcased in exhibitions and amusement parks. They also offer dinosaur costume that is always a hit among children.

Private Label Skin-Care Co-Packer News as Adam Green Endorses Utah Business Plan Focus for Equity Laboratory Production Expansion

LogoG3 Development and Wasatch Contract Manufacturing Founder, Adam Paul Green, has just announced he will speak with Wasatch Liquid Contract Manufacturer. Wasatch Contract Manufacturing is a private label nutritional beverage co-packer providing the most responsive and flexible service in the industry and has a diverse clientele ranging from leading global companies to virtual and emerging entities.

Injury Reduction in Direct Store Delivery Critical According to Magline

LogoWhen looking at the total system involved in DSD, one must consider three key elements: the health and safety of workers, product damage and quality of service, and the most cost-effective way to deliver products.

Chris Glenn Vice President for Hytrol Conveyor Leads Engineering Team with Lean Principles

Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc. manufacturers of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions, continues to grow in great part to the leadership and lean manufacturing practices. Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering Operations at Hytrol is Chris Glenn; he is responsible for manufacturing, logistics, and leading the engineer to order team and the systems team.