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Mariners Pest Control Offers No-Charge Inspections to Determine Termite Infestation in Orange County represents a termite exterminating service based in California and serving the LA County, Orange County, San Diego and San Bernardino Counties.


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/09/2014 -- offers complete termite control services in Orange County, CA and performs thorough inspections at no charge.

Pest control Orange County services seize the termite issue of the region. Termites eat out the wood in buildings and deteriorate the structure, which results in big repair costs. The company ensures professional inspection, extermination of termites, long term prevention and also a plan to encompass all these services for several years' time.

The service is concerned with the drywood and subterranean living termites. It can handle localized treatment, as well as methods which imply whole structures. A licensed inspector will determine the type of infestation. Mariners Pest Control has inspectors with many years of experience, who will recommend the most appropriate method to get rid of termites. The inspection comes at no charge.

The pest control Orange County CA service specializes, besides termite extermination, in a series of connected works: construction repair, fumigation and tenting, prevention and escrow inspection. The employed techniques ensure that no recurrences will happen. The company works only locally, being specialized in the region's own profile, its specific issues and demands.

The California termite exterminators inspect houses, apartments, commercial properties, office buildings, condos, schools, hospital, churches etc. Because infestation is not always obvious due to termites living underground or inside the building structure, an inspection is necessary. Property owners may schedule an appointment when they have become suspicious or have deal with termite issues in the past.

The termitides used by the Orange County pest control service are of botanical origin. The most frequently used is the Orange Oil. Another solution, Boracare, is made of mineral salts. All the substances can be injected into the infested wood, but also into voids in the walls. Termite management is based on a combination of techniques and measures. The preventive methods are based on solid biological knowledge concerning the termite survival capabilities. All the techniques used pose no health hazard to humans, nor do these do any harm to the environment.

The company's inspectors observe the joints and the cracks in concrete, remove the mulch, isolate the structure from infiltrating water and make sure that the foundation is as per the requirements. Also, the inspectors will check how water is being directed away from the foundation and that no wood is found underneath. The team can treat bare wooden structures in attics, garages and other such structures. The wood is chemically dried, because any moisture retained would attract termites.

The Mariners Pest control actions do not require the home occupants to move out. The process is quick and non-toxic. Very serious infestations will be treated with fumigation. The company strives to minimize the inconvenience for its clients.

About represents a termite exterminating service based in California and serving the LA County, Orange County, San Diego and San Bernardino Counties. The company was founded in 2005.

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