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Mark White Contemporary Art Introduces Javier Lopez Barbosa

Oil painter Javier Lopez Barbosa's premiere as an artist for Mark White at the Grand Opening of Mark White Contemporary Art, a brand new gallery in the Railyard district.


Santa Fe, NM -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/24/2012 -- If anyone asks Javier Lopez Barbosa where he learned to paint, he's almost sure to give a humble little smile.

“No one taught me,” he says. It's hard to believe him, especially when anyone is standing in front of one of his euphoric abstract expressionist paintings in oil. Barbosa is the newest member of artist and gallery owner Mark White's stable, and will be showing some of his latest work at Mark White Contemporary Art's Grand Opening on September 28th.

“I knew, since I was a little boy, that I wanted to become an artist,”Javier says. He grew up in Monterey, Mexico, a place “full of art, color and music” that inspired him to fill the walls of his bedroom with vibrant murals. He could always be found toting colored pencils or crayons, but he never took an art course.

“I never thought it was necessary to attend art classes,” Javier says. “I always felt that I just needed to let my soul and spirit speak for themselves, reflecting waves of true emotion and love into my work.”

Javier moved to Santa Fe more than twenty years ago, and to the United States not long before that. In his time here he's had phenomenal success that allows him to continue learning. His classrooms are the internal world of his emotions and the vibrant color fields that spring from it.

“I simply start with the first color that comes to mind and let the magic begin. I just let my talent and my will for creativity take over my physical body and do what it has to do,” he explains.

Viewers often find faces and other forms in Javier's paintings, but he maintains that none of them are purposefully painted. Part of the joy in watching others interact with his works is to see this process of discovery. It's a very personal experience, as though the viewer is participating with him to finish the work.

“I think all of us are put on this world for a reason,” says Javier. “Mine is to speak out loud with my colorful paintings full of love, passion and best wishes for all those who admire them as well as for those who don't.”

Come see Javier Lopez Barbosa's paintings at the Grand Opening for the brand new Railyard gallery, Mark White Contemporary Art. The event is on September 28th from 5-7 pm, and also features new, cutting-edge works by Mark White, Alvin Gill-Tapia and Siri Hollander. Mark White Contemporary Art is located at 1611 Paseo de Peralta, across the street from SITE Santa Fe.

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