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MARQ1T127 Marquis (15% W/w Ponazuril) - Saves Pet Horses from Protozoa


Hialeah Gardens, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2014 -- Medication of horses is very important in keeping the away from equine protozoal myeloecephalatis.This protozoa also known as sarcosystis neurona,attacks the horses nervous system .This protozoa is present in the grass which contain feces of animals which gets entered into horse when they intake grass .

There are different and wonderful products available in market today. You can choose MARQ1T127 Marquis(15% w/w Ponazuril) often referred for horses in keeping away from harsh attackon the horse nervous system. Notice the symptoms carefully since they are similar to some other diseases. It is better to refer the pet to the vet. This product will help in killing equine protozoaand keep pet horses away from muscle loss, loss of coordination spasticity and ataxia.

If you observe such type of symptoms in your horse you can try this product. This product will definitely brings better results.

This medication is syringe based and given according to the weight of the pet horse.The dosage is brought into the syringe and into the mouth of horse. The owner should keep in mind that the dosage is injected behind the teeth and tongue of the horse’s mouth so horse head should be tipped upwards to insure that the medication goes down.

No side effects are noticed till now but little care should be taken while giving the medication.

Avoid giving this product to the pregnant horses,lactating horse.The owner should keep in mind that this product must not be used for the gastric ulcerations.Avoid it from the use humanconsumption,

Major active ingredient used in this product is 15% Ponazuril.