Masöz Expert Services Launches New Massage Website Featuring Licensed Professionals in Turkey

Providing a bridge for massage providers and customers, is a new online portal that showcases the best of Turkish massage, performed only by locally licensed and professional masseurs and masseuses.


Kadiköy, Istanbul -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/19/2012 -- Each day, the body toils like there is no tomorrow. Not enough sleep, processed food, chemically treated water, poor quality air and abundance of stress make up the perfect concoction for an unhealthy, sickly and tired body. For modern people who are trapped in the daily grind, experiencing body pains is almost like a daily struggle, but they tend to shrug it off, thinking that they can ignore the pain and it will go away.

Alleviating the stress of wear and tear of the body, massage therapy is well-known in Turkey for providing relief from common aches and pains. Massage – or masöz in the Turkey – is a service that people turn to in order to to de-stress, relieve common ailments, reduce stress, improve their blood circulation and flush out the body's toxins to make them truly comfortable, healthy and productive.

Despite the many types of massage techniques and expert massage specialists who promise to deliver the best results, finding the most ideal professional is increasingly becoming a daunting task. As such, it is always suggested to be informed and do in-depth research about whom to call for competent massage service.

Founded in 2012 in Istanbul, ProMasöz assists customers find professional masseurs and masseuses located in Turkey. Detailing the services of ProMasöz is its recently launched website, It serves to help customers to find a local professional and licensed massage services. The website also features providers who offer consulting services to individuals in health and fitness industry. notes that it features massage experts utilize who a variety of Masöz ilan or declared massage techniques to cater specifically to a customer's need. The website focuses on information, guidance to community on professional massage services at main cities in Turkey including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya.

For those businesses looking to increase their online visibility, works with individual professionals in the sector by providing them advertisement services and establishing and maintaining a quality customer base. The website ensures that it is linked to licensed massage businesses who flaunt highly skilled therapists.

To learn about the masöz or massage providers in Turkey, visit for more information.