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Matrix Trade Sentinel Automatically Replicates Forex Profit Matrix That Made 100.27% Gain in the Surefire Trading Challenge!

Matrix Trade Sentinel EA automatically replicates every rule of the Forex Profit Matrix System. Forex Profit Matrix system beat hundreds of other trading systems in one of the most grueling online forex competitions.


Lahore, Pakistan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/04/2013 -- Wesley Govender announced today that as part of the Forex Profit Matrix launch, he will be giving away Matrix Trade Sentinel EA as an extra bonus to anyone who purchases his Forex Profit Matrix System. Matrix Trade Sentinel EA automatically replicates every rule of the Forex Profit Matrix System. Forex Profit Matrix system beat hundreds of other trading systems in one of the most grueling online forex competitions. Forex Profit Matrix System made a return of 100.27% in the Surefire Trading Challenge one month live round. Matrix Trade Sentinel EA has been developed by one of the lead programmers Tudor Ceban.

This s what Mark McRae a professional forex trader from South Africa and the main person behind the Surefire Trading Challenge has to say about the Matrix Trade Sentinel: “What rich traders know you don't? 100% plus monthly gains while watching TV…Change your life in 4 hours flat with this automated trade signaler that could make you an income for life. Today I am going to tell you about a new and super effective method for trading Forex that nobody has ever seen before… but first let me tell you this quick story.

There is a German children's story call "Fortunatus and His Purse". It was written around 1400, and it tells the story of a boy in his youth who meets the goddess Fortune after killing a bear. She gives him a choice. He can choose between any one of these - wisdom, strength, long life, riches, health, or beauty? The story goes that Fortunatus, who hasn't eaten for a few days, picks riches, because nothing will fill his belly faster. On hearing his request the goddess of Fortune gives him a magic purse filled with gold that never goes empty. Well, I believe I have something for you that is every bit, if not better than, Fortunatu's purse. It's called the Matrix Trade Sentinel.

Matrix Trade Sentinel is an automated version of the most successful system in Forex right now. As you may remember, Forex Profit Matrix made 100.27% per month and won two rounds of the biggest trading competition in the world. Here's what it does: The programming genius Tudor Ceban (regarded as a genius even by other MT4 programmers) coded one of the most intricate systems ever seen, to come up with an Expert Advisor that can automatically replicate every rule of the Forex Profit Matrix.

- This is like asking Mike Tyson to have a word with the teenager who gave you lip in the local grocery store. It is so powerful and deadly accurate in finding profitable trades, it will scare you.

- Like I said, it's automated. Now that I have seen both Forex Profit Matrix and the Matrix Signal Sentinel, it really hard so say which is more brilliant. Forex Profit Matrix is by far the best system I have told you about in years. Put both these things together and it's like the best thing since Charlie Munger became partners with Warren Buffett. You don't need to do anything, it will signal when there is a trade – you just have to decide if you want to take it.

- It's effectively a machine. It never sleeps, it never makes a mistake. You could be working at home, reading a book, watching T.V., or whatever and if Matrix Signal Sentinel is plugged in, you know you won't miss a beat. It will alert you when it finds the highest probability, most profitable trade with the lowest risk. It's just astonishing.

There's no doubt that Matrix Signal Sentinel works and could produce cash like an ATM machine, but there two problems:

1. You can only get the Matrix Signal Sentinel when you buy Forex Profit Matrix. There simply no other way you can get it. It might be exactly what you are looking for, but it only works with Forex Profit Matrix.

2. There were only a limited number of copies made of Forex Profit Matrix. The majority of them have already been sold. I know this is mind blowing, but wait…

This May Be Incredible But It's True, You Get All These Bonuses Too:

* Private webinar with Dr. Alexander Elder. World renowned trader and author of Trading For A Living. Value $250

* The Forex Profit Encryption system. Reputed to be the most accurate system in Forex. Value $500

* Forex Profit Boost does exactly what it says. If your trading is not going well, just stop and start using this. Value $500

* Tudor Ceban, head programmer of Surefire Trading Challenge, will share what he has learned looking at over 10,000 systems. Value $250

* Forex Trendisimo - If the trend is your friend, then this system will be your best buddy. Value $500

* Hidden Code Forex - Your key to the magical hidden code held within every chart. Value $500

Forex Master Level (174.38% in one month) – The information contained within this system could make you a fortune. This was designed by a master trader who made so much money that he went underground. This is one of those systems you hear about, but never get to see. Value $750.

So you get $3,250 just in bonuses, PLUS the Matrix Signal Sentinel. I personally think that it's worth $1,000. Don't miss this, it's the quickest, fastest way I can think of drastically changing your financial position. The competition doesn't stand a chance with this system. Or put another way, you won't stand a chance if you don't get this system. Using software that won't make a mistake is the future, and best of all, it's easy to use and install."

About Mark McRae and Wesley Govender
Mark McRae and Wesley Govender are the two main persons behind the Surefire Trading Challenge. Wesley Govender is the Tournament Director of Surefire Trading Challenge. While Mark McRae is the person who had started holding this Surefire Trading Challenge. Over the past few years, both have worked hard to make it into one of the biggest online forex competitions.

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