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May Is National Moving Month - Roadrunner Moving & Storage Cleveland Company Offers Experts Advice


Highland Heights, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/28/2014 -- May is a month when one most of the Americans prefer to relocate their homes. Like many other states and cities, Cleveland also sees a lot of people moving into new homes. Since this month is part of the spring time, it is observed that people consider it to be a convenient option to move while they are continuing with their spring cleaning.

This is the time that one would find a number of moving companies coming forward to show their readiness to help. There are many that are genuine and many others that are fraudulent companies. The month of May has always brought in a large number of inquiries for moving companies. People are on a look out for reliable and trustworthy moving services at reasonable costs. The moving companies in Cleveland and other surrounding cities have made it a point to be a part of trusted groups and associations such as Better Business Bureau (BBB) and American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). People have been looking up to these groups to look out for trusted moving services. According to these associations, a few tips that people should pay attention to are:

Know the Movers well: The mover should be a registered professional. All interstate moving companies usually are assigned a unique motor carrier number by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). One should make sure that the moving company that he is planning to hire is licensed by the FMCSA. The unique motor carrier number can be verified at

Obtain at least 3 moving quotes: Hiring a moving company can at times be expensive. There are many companies who are ready to provide their services. An individual should make sure that he visits at least 3 companies and asks them to quote his move. This will give him a better idea and will also give him options that he can select from. Moving quotes that seem to be very low may seem to be good but they are the unrealistic quotes that one may just use to fool you.

Know your rights: It is important for an individual to know what rights he holds while he is moving. When one is scheduling an interstate move, he can refer to the booklets given to him or the matter mentioned online by the FMCSA. This will give him an idea of what are his rights towards the moving company.

Full Value Protection: This might seem to be a bit more costly. But, it guarantees the safety of goods and thus reduces stress. There are many expensive things that would need to be carried across into the new home. There are high possibilities that things may get damaged or lost at the time of the move. In order to cover up these losses, one could opt for a full value protection while the quote is being prepared. This states that any damage or loss caused during the move would be replaced, repaired or paid for by the moving company.

Following the above tips that are stated by BBB and the AMSA will help in scheduling a safe and reliable move. Moving companies in Cleveland have come forward and agree upon these points as they too do not want their esteemed clients to fall prey of any such fraudulent companies.

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