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MD Diet Offers New Programs That Result in Healthy Weight Loss in Utah

As more of their clients find success among the many programs they offer, the demand for the company’s new programs have skyrocketed in recent years.


Salt Lake City, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/16/2014 -- For many, losing weight is not an easy goal. From crash diets to hours at the gym, some are unable to achieve results, despite dedicated efforts. However, MD Diet is a nutrition and fitness center that is making healthy weight loss in Utah a reality for anyone. Proven to get results, this HCG diet center in Salt Lake City has a variety of different program options for their clients to choose from.

The professionals at MD Diet believe that weight loss is a journey that should be taken seriously. Because of this, their medical program is monitored by medical professionals that provide support and solutions. This medical program is monitored by a medical professional throughout its duration and uses medications in conjunction with a healthy nutrition and exercise plan to put a halt to cravings and to jumpstart their clients’ metabolisms. The results that this program gets don’t lie. Due to the current success of the company, over 95 percent of their new clients are referrals and unlike other medical programs, the success of their client isn’t just left to them. When new clients come into MD diet, they are provided with an informative nutritional information class, an individual assessment with a nutritionist, a bio-analysis of their body, weekly coaching sessions and vitamin injections, and more. The experts at MD Diet believe that health goals cannot be achieved simply by changing one factor in a person’s lifestyle alone and because of this, their medical program focuses on all aspects of fat loss; ensuring noticeable and lasting results are achieved.

The clinic also specializes in as an HCG diet center in Salt Lake City. Like the medical weight loss program, this program is also proven to get drastic results. In some cases, clients of MD Diet that take advantage of the HCG diet are able to lose up to one pound a day. The success of this program is based upon the use of the HCG hormone, which is a natural hormone that is produced during pregnancy. This hormone helps the body create lean muscle mass and attack areas of the body where there is abnormal fat storage.

The medical weight loss program and the HCG diet are just two of the weight loss solutions that MD Diet offers to their clients. To find out more about the other programs that MD Diet has to offer, visit