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Mehow's 3 Second Attraction Review: MUST Read Report

A breakthrough announcement for men who want to sleep with almost any girl they want. A ground breaking announcement that will have men become the "hunted" in a stunning role reversal! This Press Release sheds light on a 3 second technique used by many mind readers, magicians, celebrities, cult leaders and states people, to make individuals and groups hang on to their every word.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/03/2014 -- It is no secret that entertainers and talk show hosts use this trick openly while on stage. Yet it is the most well kept secret ever since it was invented - until today. Through today's Press Release, Mehow proudly unveils his Three Second Sexual Attraction secret to getting guys to get any girl they desire want to have sex with them!

It is well known that women who dump guys for other guys seldom provide a reason for leaving. And that's the way it is. So unless guys have a way to stay engaged, sound witty and look attractive to girls, it is likely they will be dumped and never know why. If girls can't relate emotionally to a guy, they will likely dump him sooner rather than later!

And in making today's announcement, Mehow shares the one secret that women always respond to - Emotional Spikes. The secret 3 Second technique is based on psychological studies about women, and the process called "Serendipity Engineering", that defines how they react to various situations.
- It doesn't matter how good-looking a guy is!
- It makes no difference whether a guy dresses up cool and flashy!
- Regardless of how rich or how famous someone is...

If a girl likes a guy "emotionally", he makes them FEEL wanted. And that's the secret to getting women to give in and get intimate with a guy.

The "Magic formula" that's being shared through today's announcement has been well tested and proven to work. Like any successful formula, Three Second Sexual Attraction secret is something that can be successfully repeated - EVERYTIME - so guys can get attractive, hot women to sleep with them. Men all over the world are using this formula successfully, and have testified to its efficacy.

Psychologists have found that many guys struggle with sexual situations when it comes to women they desperately crave. They get tongue tied. They become awkward. They get nervous. They ultimately give up. Psychologists have also revealed that a woman's DNA is hardwired to react to certain situations that trigger a subconscious urge for sexual stimulus. When they are put into those situations, women are absolutely powerless to resist a guy's sexual advance.

But knowing how to approach a girl, and exactly what to say and do - step by step - to create that stimulus and make her sexually attracted to a guy is something that's not readily taught. Every man wants to know the secret, but there are few credible sources that will offer the secret for guys desperate for sex. And today's Press Release is all about sharing that secret with any guy that wants to take advantage of it.

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About The Author: Mehow
Mehow is the creator of the Three Second Sexual Attraction - a revolutionary program that teaches guys how they can get any woman of their dreams to consent to having sex with them. He has been teaching his "Magic Formula" to men all over the world through private coaching sessions and live workshops. He is also the host of a popular internet show "The Girl's Game", boasting over 10 million viewers.

While growing up, he was well below the "average" teenager when it came to a love life - freely admitting that he "...dated a new woman once every 2 years!". And sadly for him, the only women he got to be with were those that just happened to like him. It was only after his wife cheated on him and dumped him that it dawned on Mehow that something was definitely wrong!

Following a 10 year period of intense research and discovery, Mehow perfected the Holy Grail that women are addicted to - Emotional Spikes. And that's what's behind Mehow creation of Three Second Sexual Attraction - the secret to unlocking every mans sexual fantasy!