Mentor Capital, Inc. (MNTR)

Mentor Capital CEO Contractually Limits His Stock Sales

MNTR Stock Price Gains 600% Since August 2016 Contract Limit Set


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/20/2017 --Mentor Capital, Inc. (OTCMKTS:MNTR) CEO, Chet Billingsley reported that since August 15, 2016 he has contractually limited his stock sale orders to a level 13,500 to 16,000 shares in any given week and the Mentor share price rose 600%. For the preceding thirteen years he had sold zero shares. Since 2014 this was emphasized by placing his shares in a contractual lock box escrow. The recent activity falls under the SEC 10b5-1 safe harbor. Not all orders sell because they may never be placed at the BID price and are administered in a steady state fashion by an independent third party.

"Both when there are zero sales by the executive or modest but level sales under contract, shareholders are assured there is no dumping going on. I will never sell all of the shares in the company I founded in 1985, but this current rate of leaking shares into the market is less than 1% of our daily volume and could continue steadily for more six years," explains Billingsley. "I find the approach we are taking at Mentor is virtually ideal for shareholders. The CEO has a comparatively low $104,000 annual salary with the possibility of bonus based on the share price, and he is all in the business with no outside investments. As founder he has a block of shares but does not receive more. This argues strongly against dilution and in favor of a strong share price. I have to say I find it motivating," Billingsley concludes.

The Company has reported on the 10b5-1 Plan before but wanted to draw attention to and more fully explain details because of an anomaly in the SEC reporting system. If a less responsible CEO makes a large stock sale at an opportune time it is reported once as a small paperwork item on one SEC Form 4. If the Mentor CEO 10b5-1 administrator makes small sales over time to minimize price impact in the market each individual day of sales, even if just 500 shares, must be reported to the SEC on a Form 4 within 48 hours. The potentially misleading result is a massive sale can appear small and small sales can appear massive. Mentor expects in good times and in bad that it will continue to report a number of smaller transactions for its CEO on a level basis.

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