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M&G Insurance Group Offers Competitive Quotes for Senior's Guaranteed Life Insurance Policies

ALifetimeInsurance.com belongs to M&G Insurance Group brokerage, founded by Michael Sycle, who started working as an agent in 1990.


Toms River, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/10/2014 -- ALifetimeInsurance.com helps seniors search for the best insurance policies available, get accepted and eventually save up to 40% on the following types of insurance: funeral, senior life insurance, no medical exam life insurance and especially on the guaranteed issue life insurance.

ALifetimeInsurance.com represents the M&G Insurance Group and aims to offer competitive quotes for individuals of all ages, but especially to senior and for people about to retire. The successful approval age limit is 85. Because the senior population segment would often face non-approval, companies now have to provide the guaranteed issue policy for elders, which only questions the age. Besides the age and health concern, the company also addresses another main issue – that of the high costs. For this reason, it paves the path to the cheapest policies of the kind.

The site caters to the guaranteed issue life insurance type, which is one of the most sought-after products for seniors. It represents a policy which is being offered to an applicant regardless of their health condition and medical history. It is a product conceived for individuals with a pre-existing condition, a category which is not served by many insurers. The company is obliged to issue the policy if the individual pays the premiums.

Because a guaranteed life insurance normally has a high premium value, M&G makes it easier to compare and reach a most convenient price. Asking for a quote will reveal the better options to potential buyers. Another characteristic trait of such policies is the small amount for which they are issued. A guaranteed issue policy has a death benefit that can range between $5,000 and $50,000.

To get a competitive quote and a life insurance policy through the site, one has to fill in the form with the essential data, which is very brief. Each insurer provides different rates, depending on the applicant's age, health and gender. The only lifestyle question involved is the one regarding tobacco use. The guaranteed acceptance life insurance is not a difficult one to obtain, but one needs help with finding the best rates, since it tends to be a very expensive product. The service is guaranteed at Alifetimeinsurance.com.

The M&G Insurance Group works with more than 65 life insurance carriers – the best ones in the country. The application process ultimately depends on the insurer’s speed. When clients request a quote through this company and even purchase a policy through M&G, they are being handled by a specialized, professional team. There is specially appointed staff to answer emails and phone calls and provide all the needed attention to each client.

About ALifetimeInsurance.com
ALifetimeInsurance.com belongs to M&G Insurance Group brokerage, founded by Michael Sycle, who started working as an agent in 1990. The company has been mostly catering to the senior market and provides selected quotes.

To find out more, call 888-826-6021 or go to www.alifetimeinsurance.com.

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