Michoacan Gourmet Mexican Restaurant

Michoacán Restaurant Calls People to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo Weekend with Mario Olivares Band

Michoacán Gourmet Mexican Restaurant announced about the upcoming Cinco de Mayo festival in a recently held seminar.


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/25/2014 -- Like every year, Michoacán has organized a big bash for their special annual event - Cinco de Mayo this year too, and this is going to be the biggest Cinco de Mayo festival of Las Vegas. Though Cinco de Mayo is celebrated at many Mexican restaurants, Las Vegas, it is always special with Michoacán Gourmet Mexican Restaurant. As disclosed by the professionals of Michoacán, the festival this year is going to be held from 2nd May to 5th May. Apart from offering a wide variety of Mexican food in Las Vegas, the restaurant also plans to enthrall the guests with musical performances of the Mario Olivares band, reminiscent of the Mexican culture and tradition.

Before going on to talk about their Cinco de Mayo celebrations in detail, the professionals of Michoacán Gourmet Mexican Restaurant said a few words about the event. They talked about 5th May, the day when Cinco de Mayo is celebrated, and how the festival signifies the victory of the Mexican Militia over the French army in 1862 at the Battle of Puebla. They went to add that this is a regional holiday that’s celebrated in Pueblo and throughout the state of Mexico along with the U.S. cities that have huge Mexican population. They even mentioned a trivia tracing back to around 1967 when a group of students at California State University first celebrated Cinco de Mayo in order to celebrate Mexican pride and heritage, and how that was when the modern celebration began.

Next, they mentioned how Michoacán Gourmet Mexican Restaurant – one of the premier Mexican restaurants, Las Vegas, makes it a point to celebrate Cinco de Mayo every year with special food and drink as well as lots of entertainment, and that this year would be no different. A special attraction this year would be the performance of the Mario Olivares band. The band has planned to play beautiful Latin hits from the past fifty years to enthrall the audience and help them experience a slice of Mexican music and culture. The band may also play music fusing Spanish, Latin and Caribbean flavors, which would be made all the more special with a touch of flamenco and jazz stylings.

The power-packed performance by Mario Olivares band would ensure that guests can enjoy it with their family as well as friends. Along with the delicious drinks and Mexican food in Las Vegas, one will also get to enjoy rocking performance by Mariachi bands with Michoacán Gourmet Mexican Restaurant , giveaways, dancing and many other exciting things at the Cinco de Mayo weekend celebrations hosted by Michoacán Gourmet Mexican Restaurant.