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Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/05/2014 -- Mike Chang and his team are proud to put out this Press Release today, offering fitness aficionados some tremendous advice about getting real benefit from their workouts. Research has shown that most people eager to burn fat and lose weight are convinced that strict diets and extensive workouts are the way to achieve their goals. But through this Press Release, the Afterburn Fuel team offers some revealing insights into why that approach doesn't work.

Through personal experience, world famous workout guru Mike Chang learned that it is not always possible to stick to a rigorous workout schedule. Often, well intentioned individuals start off with gusto, and within a few weeks, that enthusiasm fades away. What used to be a daily ritual gradually becomes into something done every other day, then once a week, and then relatively infrequently.

Researchers have shown that rigorous workouts leave individuals tired and worn out. In many cases, once they stray from their workout plan they often start putting on the pounds again! And that's exactly what Mike Chang experienced when he tried to burn fat and get in shape. And once he discovered exactly what the issue was, Mike started searching for a solution. And today's Press Release is meant to share that solution with anyone finding themselves in a similar situation.

Most large pharmaceutical and sport supplement manufacturers lead people facing similar dilemmas to believe that their "miracle pills" are the answer. However, while conducting their own research Mike's team discovered that many of the chemical compounds used in those drugs could potentially be harmful to the body. Many "branded" pre-workout supplements contained harmful stimulants which were unsuccessful in delivering real nutrients to the muscle for growth. As a result, instead of helping people lose weight and get fit, often the opposite happens.

Mike's creation, Afterburn Fuel, has been scientifically developed without the use of banned substances like prohormones, which are clinically proven to cause permanent damage to the body. As a result, using Afterburn in conjunction with a realistic workout schedule will promote fat-burn and stimulate weight loss.

Individuals anxious to lose weight tend to over-compensate by increasing the time they spend in the gym. As a result, tiredness and fatigue often drains them of stamina to face the rest of their day/night. And through today's Press Release, Mike and his team are pleased to offer their unique solution to this common challenge.

Afterburn Fuel has been especially formulated in a way that does not cause energy crashes that leave fitness lovers exhausted or with a feeling of sluggishness as a result of their workouts. Packed full with natural vitamins, amino acids and other high-energy giving nutrients, instead provides much needed energy to motivate users during their workouts, leaving them with the muscular bodies they've always wanted.

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About Mike Chang
World renowned fitness expert and creator of the famous pre-workout Afterburn Fuel supplement, Mike Chang, has a personal story to share through today's Press Release. Through his personal experience he has come to realize that not all pre-workout supplements are healthy. And it was those realizations which lead Mike to the path of inventing his own pre-workout supplement. Mike has been an inspiration and mentor to thousands of young men aspiring to lose weight and build the ideal body. And through Afterburn Fuel, fitness lovers now have the opportunity to get clean, focused energy, motivating them to work out, and make their workouts much more intense.