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Mike Scantlebury's Latest Story Is out on His Blog Now

His latest post on Blogger is out now. The story mentions some people's perception about traditional publishing and internet publishing.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/07/2014 -- Latest story by Mike Scantlebury is out on his blog now. The story mentions about the perception of some people regarding traditional publishing and internet publishing.

The story on his Blogger page precisely points out the silly mistake that some people generally make while differentiating processes and rules of traditional and internet publishing. The writer mentioned about those people who log on to the internet to check out books on sale, and puts their opinion on what is right and what is wrong.

According to the writer, “These people are judgmental for no reason. They tend to goof up while deciding between online and traditional publishing methods. That is why, most of them try to justify their choices and pinpoint the flaws that they come across any other publishing processes over an online platform. My latest story simply describes people’s perception on the entire issue.”

The story on the blog compares internet-publishing process similar to operations of eBay. The system certainly adheres to the concept where a certain person’s rubbish turns out to be the treasure of another person. The online platform has opened up avenues to publish and offer almost everything for people to choose according to their requirements.

The blogger also mentioned, “Several people start blaming the online publishing process and compare them with traditional publishing process, which certainly turns out to be flawed in every step. Everyone searching through the internet platform certainly knows that their duty is to check all stuffs before they make up their mind and select one.”

The blog also states that online publishing does not follow the same rules of traditional publishing. No one should interfere with anybody on issues regarding online publishing and learn to restrain from expressing a personal opinion.

Anthony Gomes, an author, says, “I am a budding writer and willing to publishing my book. However, I was checking out all publishing provisions and unable to make out anything related to online publishing. In the mean time, this blog from Mike Scantlebury has helped me to clear the confusion between these varieties of publishing platforms.”

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