Minbox Fast File Sharing App Offers Alternative to WeTransfer


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/15/2014 -- With thousands of file-sharing apps available today, one of the newest high-tech California-based companies proves to be worth the try with almost limitless features. Minbox is a freakin’ fast free file-sharing app that boasts of its capability to send and transfer large files online.

The file-sharing industry was pioneered by Dropbox, which initially allowed users to share and store up to 2GB of files for free. The technology also introduced the cloud storage system to computer and mobile users. Since then, cloud services took off and several developers followed Dropbox’s lead, including WeTransfer that made it huge in 2009.

Minbox, which was launched just last year, is a Mac app that promises the fastest file sharing technology to date. Majority of the app's features also come free and they put no limits on how much or how often you send.

In a statement made during the launch, Minbox founder, Alexander Mimran emphasized that a large component of Minbox's feature is focused on easy and fast file sending, which is a priority for more and more users. Additionally, Minbox has the same file syncing features that are available from most of it competitors.

"Some people are tired of being asked to upgrade in order to cater to larger files. The 2GB limit has become too limiting in this cloud computing age. Minbox is definitely the better alternative for people who are constantly sending, storing, and exchanging large files," explained Keith Smith in his Minbox review blog.

Smith also made remarked that Minbox is faster than WeTransfer, one of the most commonly used file-sharing apps to date. Making sure that the app is user-friendly, all uploaded or stored files can also be readily accessed by any device, such as mobile, tablets, and desktop computers.

"All these features and more apparently make Minbox better than WeTransfer, one of the app’s top competitors. Minbox undoubtedly offers so much for a free app," Smith added.

In a WeTransfer comparison made, it was revealed that Minbox has free integrated collaboration tools for users, which allows senders and recipients to leave comments while sharing files. Another feature that is currently not available to WeTransfer that Minbox is offering for free is a file management tool.

Although Minbox still has some features left in store for those who will upgrade, users are already treated to more than enough from the free version of the app, considering the generous features offered. The Minbox Blog takes a closer look at the actual user experiences of the app, as well as specification comparison with other available file sharing apps.

About Minbox
Minbox is a SaaS product that’s becoming the new standard for how SMBs send files. The app is designed for external file sharing instead of internal intra-company sharing and collaboration that Dropbox and Box already do well.