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Ministry of Renewable Energy Target for Solar Power Generation of 1,000 MW Each


Pune, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/07/2014 -- It was about 2 months ago that the Indians experienced a change in the Government. A few days later, the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi spoke about the power needs and the enormous power consumption in the country. With an increase in the number of industrial belts and also the residential areas, the citizens of India have been experiencing an increase in the power needs within the country. The Prime Minister along with a few supporters has stated that the installation of solar power plants that will help in solar power generation will succeed in satisfying most of the country’s power needs.

Taking this point quite seriously, the government has recently proposed the building of four giant solar power plants within the country. The location of these plants is decided to be in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. Each of these power plants is estimated to be about 1000MW. The introduction of these plants will promote solar power generation and will make sure that each household and an office will receive adequate amounts of power.

The change in the government has been considered to be a positive turning point for the power needs. The Ministry of Renewable energy is working hard to bring out this dream project in reality. It will surely increase the availability of power at much lower rates and reduce the amount of power cuts. The ministry also proposed that these four plants will majorly focus on solar power production that will eliminate the other polluting methods of electricity production.

Keeping in mind the delay that is always observed in implementing larger plans, the ministry has already begun surveying various sites and cities in search for the perfect place to build such plants. The research and study that is being carried on in order to make this project t a success has thrown light on the efforts that the governments is putting in to bring brighter days into the country. Generation of solar power within the country will not only help the common man by cutting the power cost, but will also benefit the industrial areas where there would be no more power cuts.

The government has also asked for a change in the Electricity Act that was passed in 2003. There was a statement that mentioned the solar power generation is an expensive way to generate electricity. The government has now stated that this form of power generation can be made inexpensive by increasing the demand for the panels and the equipment required within the country.

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