Miracle Fat Burner Green Coffee Becomes a Hit Among Dieters After Being Hailed by Weight Loss Experts

Green coffee seems to have simplified weight loss since it is clinically proven to work and ensure weight loss even without lifestyle adjustments.


New Delhi, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/13/2013 -- Green coffee seems to have taken the world by a storm because of its ability to boost fat burning and ensuring weight loss without diet or exercise.

“This is something that has never been heard of until now. Green coffee is clinically proven to make body lose weight without lifestyle adjustments. Green coffee extract is proven bust fat in the body. Not just this, it is also known to prevent fat built up in the body. It is able to do so by slowing down sugar release into the bloodstream. It suppresses appetite too and is abundantly rich in antioxidants. It can help flush out toxins from the body and also combat free radicals offering some amazing anti-aging benefits” says a spokesperson.

Green coffee is enriched with chlorogenic acid. It is the main constituent that makes it work exceptionally well as a fat burner. It natural occurs in raw coffee beans but most of it is lost when green coffee beans are heated at a high temperature to obtain brown coffee.

Green coffee been termed as the “miracle fat burner” by fitness experts and this seems to have made it even more popular. Green coffee diet pills are a big hit with dieters and some of them have been reviewed by the popular weight loss site conducted a Green Coffee Diet Pills Review and some of the main points highlighted include the following:
- GCB Max or Green Coffee Bean MAX is the top rated diet pill with a high concentration of green coffee extract and chlorogenic acid. This is a pill that contains 800 mg of pure green coffee extract with at least 50% chlorogenic acid. This makes users get better results as compared to other competing brands that come with a measly 20-40% chlorogenic acid level in them. GCB MAX not only increases fat burning but also helps suppress appetite. It is also known to prevent fat built up in the body. It has no known side effects and people have been getting great results with it.
- Green Coffee Extract from Evolution Slimming is also a good supplement but with less strength. It contains 200 mg of green coffee extract with 20% chlorogenic acid. The optimum dose required is 3 pills a day
- Nuratrim is yet another great diet pill that not only contains green coffee extract but also a couple of other ingredients such as glucomannan, locorice extract and capsicum extract. It is proven to burn 380 calories in a day.

GCB MAX is the most sought after green coffee diet pill. User reviews for this brand are excellent. It is known to ensure even faster weight loss results when combined with diet and a regular workout” says a spokesperson.

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